Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Comet Lovejoy Picture

Art, a brother in Christ who has the Newine blog, posted a comment on the article I had listed on Comet Lovejoy. If you missed that article, you can find it here:

Comet Lovejoy

When I went to Art's blog site to read what he had posted I found two pictures of the comet as it was approaching the Sun. These pictures add one more affirmation to the parable found in this heavenly sign. A very evident shape of a cross can be observed in these photos taken on December 15th, two days before the comet made its closest approach to the Sun.

Revision of Sarah's Children

For those who are willing, I would request prayer for direction and an anointing to write as I proceed on the revision of the book Sarah's Children. At this moment I am leaning toward doing a major revision, even giving the book a new title. So much is bound up in the truth that woman is the glory of man (I Corinthians 11:7), that I am led to incorporate this thought in the title, and to use it as the central theme of this writing. Following is a cover page I worked up last night. The artwork is titled l'innocence by William Bouguereau.

(click on image for larger view)

It is my desire to encourage, instruct, and inspire the daughters of God through this writing. The book addresses a broad and important subject in which there are many diverse opinions among the saints today, and no lack of contention. I desire your prayers that I might know the clear guidance of the Father in this work.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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dc said...

I think that's a lovely photo to compliment an 'honoring' title!
To truly see this in the way God would have us understand the beauty He prescribes to 'womanhood.' I pray He 'inspires' your words to convey His loving and purposeful meaning.
Also Joseph, this is an important topic in this world today and to uphold what is Holy to Yahweh.
His Will & Truth.

Hanniel Kohen said...

Did you reconsider uploading this for Amazon Kinde users? I was wondering why all the book weren't available through that source. I'm sure it requires time and effort but wanted to be sure I didn't overlook them.

Joseph Herrin said...

Hello Brother Richard (Hanniel Kohen),

I changed the name of this writing. You can find it posted on the Heart4God website under the name "No Apologies." It is on the Book page.

I have not converted all of my books to Kindle format. However, Kindle does allow for PDF files to be loaded on the Kindle and read. I am reading someone else's book that way right now and it works pretty well.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days,