Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Joseph Herrin (07/26/2016)

I am pleased to give an update today. It has been a month since the last update. I will give a report on my stroke rehabilitation. I am happy to report that I’ve not had too many e-mails to answer in the past month. E-mails are a real task, though they are getting easier. All the hunting for various keys to press is a tribulation. I am pleased to report that e-mailing is getting easier, but it is not yet at the point it once was. I suspect that in a little more than a month it will be alright.

I am mailing out newsletters to men in prison. I have found that the mailing routines are a good source of exercise. I can tell each time I have to create new material that it is getting easier to do. The number of men on the list is now above 230. I have done the newsletter 3 times since the last blog. I really appreciate those who are continuing to give financially during this time when not much is being printed to the blog. It does make taking care of personal needs possible, as well as ministering to the men through the newsletters.

I have had some things to do which have been very good indicators of my progress. I started mowing the grass a couple of weeks ago. We have a riding mower for the task. Over a week ago it said it was time to replace it. The front wheel came off again, not being able to steer it. I already had the piece to replace it, as I had to do the other side about a year ago. I was not able to replace it, however. It was locked on pretty good. I sprayed it with some rust dissolver and put in a call to Nicholas to come help me with it. The mower had just been returned from the shop. The shop had said part of the noise up front was due to the transmission being about to go out. They said I could ride it until then. I had bought the mower at the beginning of last season, and it did not cost enough to replace the transmission.

My daughter and I had gone to town last weekend for some lunch and grocery shopping. I had told her about the mower then. She told me about a John Deere lawn mower she had used to mow the lawn while the mower was in the shop. She also knew another family that had a John Deere and they seemed to be well built mowers. I told her I had been looking at them on Craigslist.

John Deere D105

As we were driving home we went past a pawn shop that had a John Deere lawn mower outside. We stopped and looked at it. It was only $100 more than the ones I had seen on Craigslist, and it was brand new. It had only 5.1 hours on the gauge. I was able to purchase it for 60% of the cost of a new one. We live in a military community and a lot of them get transferred off suddenly after making purchases. Anyway, I am very happy to make this purchase. It helps out my daughter tremendously. I live on her property.

I am now able to drive the mower. I am also able to drive my car. I live on dirt roads and I am driving down the dirt roads right now. I figure in a few more weeks I will be able to drive to town. Currently, Kristin is driving me to town. She is also carrying my newsletters to the post office. She is very sensitive to my driving ability. She would only let me drive on the dirt roads for now. It is a decision I am in agreement with. I can tell when I am riding in the car to town that I could manage in a bit. I imagine I will start out by driving to Montezuma.

Well, that is my update. I will look forward to posting again. I do imagine it will be about a month before I am back at it. You can write to me, but please don’t expect an answer to your e-mail at this time. I am really appreciating the patience people are showing in letting me get by without sending replies.

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