Sunday, June 26, 2016

Getting Back At It!

Joseph Herrin (06-26-16)

Hello! Er, um, excuse me. I am getting back at it. I know it will come as quite a shock for some people, but I am really getting back to things. The picture was taken today. It is really me.

Ok. It took me twenty minutes to find where the picture is being stored. It took me longer than that to type this little missive. But getting back to former speed includes getting back to much tamer speeds first.

I wanted to let the readers of this blog know that I am coming back. I also wanted them to know how I am doing it. As you can see I am pecking away at the computer. I have gotten a newsletter out. A newsletter is one of the mailings I send out to men in prison. It took me three days to get the newsletter out. It included a brief letter notifying readers of writing blocks. I am fine, but not yet.

I am also fine with the writing of the blog, but it will take me some time to get around to it again. Typing is with two hands, but they are one steady hand and one not so steady. My left hand never lost its flare for typing, but my right hand did. Just as of last week I am back to two handed typing. It is not like my former mode of typing, but I can see a difference in it. It is coming back.

My right foot never completely lost its ability to carry me around, but it has been needing a little help from my left hand. I give my right leg a modest boost with my left hand on a crutch to get going. Well, I have done more than that. For the first three weeks I gave myself a boost with a walker. I almost forgot about that.

It has now been about 7 weeks since I got out the last newsletter, so it is a good bit of progress this week. I have notified the 230 men on the mailing list that newsletters will be coming by-weekly instead of weekly. That should give me time to get back in the driver’s seat.

I expect that offering an e-mail like this will draw a good bit of mail. I want to offer to people here my best hand of writing. I know people will expect me to write them back, but let this letter be my reply. It is very hard to write just now. It has taken about 60 minutes to type up this letter. I am also very tired of typing now. Please know that I do read your mail with interest, though I am not always available to type up a solid reply. I find that my selection of words is limited to about 1/3 of the limits I previously had. This will return. It is like everything else. It just takes time.

Good-bye for now. May Yahweh grant you peace and understanding today.

Joseph Herrin

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