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Babalon Working

Note: This is a somewhat lengthy post, but it contains information critical to this series of writings. I encourage readers to be patient and read it to the end.

Scene from The Shining (Click on image to view larger)

Once my eyes were opened to perceive the occulted message Stanley Kubrick wove into the fabric of The Shining it became impossible to look at the film and its images without seeing that his role in faking the Apollo lunar missions was in actuality the main theme of the movie. The image above exemplifies a magnificently crafted form of communication using images rather than words. This one photo encapsulates the Apollo space program in a single snapshot.

The setting is The Overlook Hotel, representing the United States which is possessed of a malevolent spirit, a nation built upon the graves of slaughtered Native Americans. Outside it is winter time with snow piled on the ground, signifying that this is the time of the Cold War. On the wall to the right above the fireplace we see the images of the rockets. Beneath the rockets there is a fire burning brightly even as a rocket would have a fiery exhaust below it. Just in front of the fireplace on the floor is a large bearskin rug signifying that the Russian bear has been flattened, trodden under foot by the triumph of America’s space program.

The character Jack Torrance sits at a German typewriter manufactured by Adler, the Nazi and/or American eagle, where he works on a screenplay. Over and over he is writing “A-11 work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” In this we are shown Stanley Kubrick’s role in crafting the audio-visual presentation for the Apollo moon missions which would be aired to a global public. Flying proudly from the wall at the back of the room is the American flag, a prop which was to become a centerpiece of the Apollo missions as it was carried to the Moon and repeatedly planted in the lunar soil.

Even the title of the movie, The Shining, has significance. In one sense the Apollo moon missions were crafted to be viewed as a shining example of America’s technological prowess. Additionally, one of the ancient terms used to refer to the Sun god Apollo was “the shining one.” Richard Leviton, in his book The Geomantic Year writes the following.

Bel, the deity of Beltaine, was also called Belenus, the Continental Celtic god whose name meant “The Bright or Shining One.” The Romans equated Belenus with the Greek Phoebus Apollo known similarly as the Shining One or the Sun-god - a solar divinity radiant with flames and fires. Thus the fires of Beltaine were his.

Beltaine is commonly celebrated on May 1st. In the movie The Shining Jack Torrance discusses his contract with the hotel manager Stuart Ullman. It is disclosed that Jack’s service ends on May 1st, the very date that the fires of Beltaine/Apollo are lit. In other words, once the Apollo 11 mission has ascended into the heavens in fiery glory and safely returned to Earth, Stanley Kubrick’s service as crafter and caretaker of America’s secrets would no longer be needed.

Having studied the film 2001, A Space Odyssey, and observing in it a skillfully crafted retelling of the age old Luciferian idolatry which has manifested through the centuries through many names and in various disguises, it became evident that Kubrick is well acquainted with occult and pagan beliefs. So too have key figures within NASA been acquainted with the ancient Luciferian doctrines. Those who were high level Freemasons would have been instructed in the esoteric beliefs of the organization, beliefs which are hidden from members of lower degrees. Those who have been considered the sages of Freemasonry, men like Albert Pike (Morals and Dogma), Albert Mackey (The Symbolism of Freemasonry), and Manly Hall (The Secret Teachings of All Ages) have disclosed the ancient occult beliefs which Satan has preserved to this present hour.

It seems fitting, like the ancients who labored to construct the Tower of Babel, a monument of men which would enable them to ascend to the heavens, that NASA should be possessed of the same anti-Christ spirit. That NASA is an occult organization is revealed in the names it has so often affixed to its works: Apollo, Gemini, Mercury, Saturn, Orion, ISiS, Aquarius, Phoenix, and many others.

Before there was NASA there was a federally funded organization named JPL, or the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. One of the initial founders of JPL was Jack Parsons. Insiders have often referred to JPL as Jack Parsons Laboratory. JPL was formed in the mid 1930s under a different name as two budding rocket enthusiasts consulted with academics at California Institute of Technology. The group adopted the name Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1943 in the midst of America’s involvement in World War II. The government funded their research and contracted with them for military hardware. Eventually JPL was folded into NASA when the space agency was established by Congress in the year 1958.

Examining the roots from which NASA sprang forth can be revealing. It is an exploration into darkness and great evil. Few would imagine how two things as seemingly disparate as rocket science and Satanic worship could be blended together at the birth of the American space program.

Jack Whiteside Parsons is unknown to many, an enigma to others, and a cult icon to a remnant. He was born Marvel Whiteside Parsons on October 2, 1914, named after his father Marvel H. Parsons. At home he was called John, or Jack. Jack Parson’s mother filed for divorce when her son was 5 months old, having discovered that her husband was visiting prostitutes. The spirit of sexual immorality would later surface in Jack’s own life. His mother’s parents moved to California to be with their daughter, who was now a single mother. They were wealthy and bought a mansion on Orange Grove Avenue in Pasadena, a street which was locally known as “Millionaire’s Mile.”

From his youth Jack Parsons exhibited a deep interest in science fiction, rocketry, and the occult. He was befriended by Edward Forman, an older boy from a working class family who defended Jack from bullies at school. In 1928, at the age of 14, Jack, along with Edward, began making rockets using gunpowder as a propellant, and launching them from the Parsons’ property, as well as in the nearby Arroyo Seco canyon. Around the same time, Jack developed an interest in the occult. He performed an invocation, inviting the devil into his bedroom, but being frightened that he might have succeeded, he ceased his occult activities for a time.

Jack did not do well in the public schools, so his mother enrolled him in  a private boarding school in San Diego - the Brown Military Academy for Boys. He wasted little time in getting expelled from the school by blowing up the toilets. In 1931, at the age of 17, Jack was enrolled in the University School, a private school with an unconventional approach to learning, where he finally began to flourish. He began working weekends and holidays at the Hercules Powder Company where he furthered his knowledge of chemicals and explosives. Jack continued to pursue his interest in rockets with Edward Forman, and the two corresponded with a number of famous rocket pioneers including Robert Goddard and Wernher Von Braun. Parsons spoke for hours with Wernher Von Braun on the telephone about their various experiments with rockets.

In 1934 Parsons and Forman attended some lectures at Caltech, hoping to gain access to the institution’s state of the art facilities and equipment. They made contact with a doctoral student, Frank Malina, who had the technical training the other two lacked. Together, these three gained approval to form a rocket research group at the school. It was called GALCIT, and served as the nucleus for what would eventually become JPL. The three men worked well together, with Parsons acting as the chemist, Forman the machinist, and Malina as theoretician. Parsons lacked the educational training and discipline of a typical rocket scientist, but this was offset by his productive imagination and intuitive sense of what combinations of chemicals and materials would work together.

By the late 1930s the three men were making progress developing a liquid fueled rocket engine and were joined by a couple more team members. They were allowed for a time to conduct experiments at the Caltech campus, but after a number of explosions which caused damage to buildings, they were banned from further testing there. They relocated their work site to the Arroyo Seco canyon under rather primitive conditions. Due to their penchant for unintentionally blowing things up, they gained the moniker “the suicide squad.” Jack Parsons, nevertheless, obtained a reputation as an expert in explosives and was called on to testify in a court case where explosives were used in an attempted murder.

Parsons... appeared as an expert explosives witness in the trial of Captain Earl Kynette, the head of police intelligence in Los Angeles who was accused of conspiring to set a car bomb in the attempted murder of private investigator Harry Raymond, a former LAPD detective who was fired after challenging corruption in the force. When Kynette was convicted largely on Parsons' testimony, which included his forensic reconstruction of the car bomb and its explosion, his identity as an expert scientist in the public eye was established despite his lack of a university education.

Jack Parsons Holding Model of Bomb Used by Police Officer

Parsons and his team struggled along until they received a contract with the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Army Air Corps Research to develop a Jet Assisted Take Off (JATO) system to allow military planes to take off from short air strips. By late 1944, the military was placing orders for 20,000 units per month.

The First Jet Assisted Take Off

Due to rockets having a reputation as being something from science fiction, and being viewed as fanciful play toys of dreamers by many academics and professionals of the day, the group avoided using the word “rocket” in their projects. Technically, this was a “rocket assisted take-off,” but the word jet was considered less controversial. It was this stigma against the word “rocket” that influenced the group’s decision to call themselves the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There was, however, a growing public interest in rockets. This was demonstrated when the August 1940 cover of the magazine Popular Mechanics featured an image of a rocket and an inside story of the rocket development work of Jack Parsons and Edward Forman.

Popular Mechanics, August 1940

Although not a universally well known individual, Jack Parsons was popular among certain groups such as science fiction fans and rocket buffs. It has been suggested that Marvel Comics modeled the character of Howard Stark, an early 20th century inventor, engineer, and military contractor, after Jack Parsons. In the recent Marvel television series Agent Carter, Howard Stark is played by Dominic Cooper. The resemblance to Jack Parsons is striking.

The character Howard Stark may be better known as the father of Tony Stark who is Iron Man. Since Jack Parsons was a rocket developer, and Iron Man flies around in a rocket powered suit, the association between Howard Stark and Jack Parsons is understandable. Added to the speculation is the fact that Jack Parsons’ first name is Marvel, and Marvel Comics owns these characters.

Jack Parsons would make some breakthroughs in rocket technology. Some of the technology would even end up in NASA’s Space Shuttles. One particular breakthrough by Parsons has struck me as significant, having a relationship to the history of ancient Babel as recorded in the Scriptures. Parsons believed solid fuel rockets had many benefits over liquid fuel, but solid fuel rockets had a reputation for being volatile and would explode spontaneously when stored for any length of time. Parsons had an epiphany while observing workers spreading molten asphalt on a roof to be used to secure tiles in place.

Frank Malina, one of the original members of the JPL group, years later recounted in a speech that Parsons immediately saw the potential of using asphalt as a binding agent for the volatile chemicals in a solid rocket motor. The new fuel Parsons developed was known as GALCIT-53. It was markedly less volatile than earlier solid rocket fuels while also providing 427% more power than its predecessor, GALCIT-27. In the book The Occult World of Jack Parsons, a biography written by John Carter (a pseudonym), the author relates that this development “changed the future of rocket technology.” A Wikipedia entry on Parsons includes additional information.

...the thermoplastic asphalt casting - durable in all climates - allowing for mass-production and indefinite storage of the Group's invention and transforming solid-fuel agents into a safe and viable form of rocket propulsion. Plasticized variants of Parsons' solid-fuel design - invented by JPL's Charles Bartley - were later used by NASA in Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters and by the Strategic Air Command in Polaris, Poseidon and Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles.

What struck me as significant is that tar was required to hold the bricks together to construct the Tower of Babel, and it requires molten asphalt, a tar-like substance, to create the solid fuel rockets used to send men and warheads into the heavens. The first mention of Babel/Babylon in the Bible tells us that the city was founded by Nimrod. Later we are given this further information.

Genesis 11:1-9
Now the whole earth used the same language and the same words. And it came about as they journeyed east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar and settled there. And they said to one another, “Come, let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly.” And they used brick for stone, and they used tar for mortar. And they said, “Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name; lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.” And Yahweh came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. And Yahweh said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them. Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.” So Yahweh scattered them abroad from there over the face of the whole earth; and they stopped building the city. Therefore its name was called Babel, because there Yahweh confused the language of the whole earth; and from there Yahweh scattered them abroad over the face of the whole earth.

Babel/Babylon represents the pride of man and his attempts to reach into the heavens through means of the things he builds. I have found it interesting that the Genesis account mentions the role of tar being used as a binder for what the workers were constructing. The words of Solomon are true. He wrote:

Ecclesiastes 1:9
That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So, there is nothing new under the sun.

History continues to repeat, and man commits the same transgressions over and over again. Tar  played a critical role in the construction of the Tower of Babel, and it would subsequently play a central role in man’s attempts to ascend into the heavens via rockets. Yet, even as Yahweh stymied man’s efforts to ascend into the heavens 4,000 years ago at Babel, He has thwarted their efforts to traverse beyond their own planet through the use of rockets and spaceships. In fact, JPL was instrumental in discovering the barrier Yahweh has placed in man’s way, preventing him from conquering the heavens. This barrier is space radiation.

In 1958 Explorer 1, the United States’ first satellite, was launched atop a JPL Juno rocket, which was itself a modified Jupiter rocket. Juno is the name of a Roman goddess, and queen of the gods. The name for the rocket was proposed by William Pickering, head of JPL from 1954 to 1976. William Pickering, incidentally is Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and a Member of The Order of New Zealand. The organizations awarding these honors have direct ties to Freemasonry.

Pickering, Van Allen, and Von Braun Holding a Model of Explorer I

James Van Allen was a space scientist. He oversaw the design of Explorer 1’s equipment to test for radiation in space. He is credited with discovering intense bands of radiation which encompass the Earth. Radiation is trapped in space by the Earth’s magnetic field. This magnetic field protects the Earth from a lethal bombardment of highly energetic electrons and other polarized particles, but also concentrates these particles in immense bands of radiation which act as a barrier, preventing humans from traveling through them to space beyond. This barrier, known as the Van Allen Radiation Belts (VARB) proved to be far more intense than scientists had suspected. The VARB begin approximately 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) above the surface of the Earth and extend to 37,000 miles (60,000 kilometers). The Moon is approximately 240,000 miles from Earth, requiring that anyone traveling to the Moon traverse the VARB on both their outbound and return journeys.

Aside from the Apollo Moon missions of 1969-1972, no man has ever claimed to have entered or passed through the VARB. The International Space Station orbits the Earth at an elevation of 249 miles, well below the beginning of the radiation belts. Similarly, the Russian space station Mir orbited the earth at an elevation between 184 miles (296 kilometers) and 262 miles (421 kilometers) above the Earth. This is referred to as “Low Earth Orbit.”

I acquired a copy of the March 1959 edition of Scientific American in which an article is found by James Van Allen, discussing the discovery of the radiation belts surrounding the Earth.

Our measurements show that the maximum radiation level as of 1958 is equivalent to between 10 and 100 roentgens per hour, depending on the still undetermined proportion of protons to electrons. Since a human being exposed for two days to even 10 roentgens would have only an even chance of survival, the radiation belts obviously present an obstacle to space flight... A "space station" must orbit below 400 miles or beyond 30,000 miles from the Earth. We are now planning a satellite flight that will test the efficacy of various methods of shielding.

The hazard to space-travelers may not end even when they have passed the terrestrial radiation belts. According to present knowledge the other planets of our solar system may have magnetic fields comparable to the earth's and thus may possess radiation belts of their own. The moon, however, probably has no belt, because its magnetic field appears to be feeble. Lunar probes should give us more definite information on this point before long.
[Source: Scientific American, March 1959, Radiation Belts Around the Earth, James A. Van Allen]

A Wikipedia article on the VARB has a section titled Implications for (Human) Space Travel.

Spacecraft traveling beyond low Earth orbit leave the protection of earth's geomagnetic field and transit the Van Allen belts. Beyond these, they face additional hazards from cosmic rays and solar flares...

Solar cells, integrated circuits, and sensors can be damaged by radiation. Geomagnetic storms occasionally damage electronic components on spacecraft. Miniaturization and digitization of electronics and logic circuits have made satellites more vulnerable to radiation, as the total electric charge in these circuits is now small enough so as to be comparable with the charge of incoming ions. Electronics on satellites must be hardened against radiation to operate reliably. The Hubble Space Telescope, among other satellites, often has its sensors turned off when passing through regions of intense radiation.

NASA has not until recent years attempted to perform a detailed mapping of the radiation levels of the VARB. The earlier Explorer and Pioneer missions were only able to obtain information from small slices of the VARB which they traversed. Thus, when NASA reportedly sent 9 manned missions to the Moon and back, each of which had to traverse the VARB twice, they did not know the actual radiation levels the men would face. This fact is made evident by a recent promotional video published by NASA.

In 2012 NASA launched two probes to study the VARB. Following is an excerpt from the overview provided by NASA of this mission.

Launched on August 30, 2012, the two Van Allen Probes spacecraft operate in the harsh conditions they are studying. While other satellites have the luxury of turning off or protecting themselves in the middle of intense space weather, the Van Allen Probes must continue to collect data, and therefore, (sic) been built to withstand the constant bombardment of particles and radiation they will experience in this intense area of space...

The Van Allen Probes will help scientists to understand this region and to better design spacecraft that can survive the rigors of space.

Hmmm... Why not just design spacecraft similar to the Apollo Command and Lunar Modules? NASA has been telling mankind for more than 40 years that the astronauts traveled through the VARB repeatedly, and with no negative consequences to human health or to the functioning of electronics. Added to this, the Apollo missions occurred during a period known as a “solar maximum” when the radiation from the Sun is at its peak.

NASA has contended since the Apollo missions that the astronauts were able to travel through the VARB without harm due to the brief amount of time they were traversing it. Such a statement contradicts the remarks in the video above on the Orion Program. Additionally, since the Apollo astronauts would have been outside of the protective barrier of Earth’s geomagnetic field which prevents high energy electrons and other charged particles from striking the Earth, they would have been exposed to this dangerous radiation during most of their mission time, including while on the surface of the Moon. Each of the Apollo missions lasted 8-12 days. That is a lot of time for men to be exposed to space radiation without the benefit of adequate shielding.

NASA has stated that Moon rocks can be identified in part by their radioactivity. Because the Moon lacks a strong magnetic field, and has no appreciable atmosphere, cosmic radiation bombards the surface of the Moon continually. This causes Moon rocks to become radioactive. I will repeat an excerpt taken from one of NASA’s websites that I cited previously in this writing.

Just as meteoroids constantly bombard the Moon so do cosmic rays, and they leave their fingerprints on Moon rocks, too. “There are isotopes in Moon rocks, isotopes we don't normally find on Earth, that were created by nuclear reactions with the highest-energy cosmic rays,” says McKay. Earth is spared from such radiation by our protective atmosphere and magnetosphere.

Even if scientists wanted to make something like a Moon rock by, say, bombarding an Earth rock with high energy atomic nuclei, they couldn't. Earth's most powerful particle accelerators can't energize particles to match the most potent cosmic rays, which are themselves accelerated in supernova blastwaves and in the violent cores of galaxies.

It stands to reason that if Moon rocks are being exposed to “the highest-energy cosmic rays,” then so too would be any man who is standing on the Lunar surface. In 1998, the Space Shuttle Discovery on mission number STS-95, ascended to a higher orbit than typical for Shuttle missions. Most Shuttle missions did not pass much beyond 200 miles elevation above the Earth’s surface. NASA lists STS-95's orbital elevation as 310 miles, but various reports state that it exceeded 350 miles. At that elevation the astronauts aboard the Shuttle Discovery reported seeing flashes of light with their eyes shut which they described as “shooting stars.” This phenomenon was caused by space radiation penetrating the shuttle’s shielding, their space suit shielding, passing through their skulls, and striking the retinas of their eyes. CNN reported on this event, stating the following:

The radiation belt surrounding Earth may be more dangerous for space-walking astronauts than previously believed. Scientists say the phenomena known as the Van Allen Belts can spawn killer electrons when the Earth’s magnetic field changes. These electrons that are being studied could have an important effect not only on satellites, which has happened in the past, but could also effect the astronauts by creating large doses of radiation that could influence their health. The electrons can penetrate through various materials, including spacesuits and can pass through, in fact, the walls of the space station and can create high charges deep inside of these objects.
[Source: What Happened on the Way to the Moon?]

Note that the Space Shuttle Discovery astronauts were still hundreds of miles away from the normal boundary of the Van Allen Belts. Yet at this distance they were able to experience radiation penetrating their bodies and causing flashes of light on the retinas of their closed eyes. During the early Explorer missions, radiation levels inside the VARB were so unexpectedly high that they saturated the measuring instruments causing them to fail. James Van Allen recounts the following in the Scientific American article.

By early February, working with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, we had converted this apparatus for use in the Explorer II satellite. The first attempt to get it into orbit failed. A second rocket placed Explorer III, carrying identical apparatus, in orbit on March 26. This satellite fully confirmed the anomalous results of Explorer 1. At altitudes of 200 to 300 miles the counting rate was low. When the satellite went out to 500 to 600 miles, the apparent rate ascended rapidly and then dropped almost to zero.

One day, as we were puzzling over the first tapes from Explorer III, McIlwain suggested the first plausible explanation for their peculiar readings. He had just been calibrating his rocket instruments, and called our attention to something that we all knew but had temporarily forgotten: A sufficiently high level of radiation can jam the counter and send the apparent counting rate to zero. We had discovered an enormously high level of radiation, not a lack of it. As Ernest Ray, a member of our group, inaccurately but graphically exclaimed: “Space is radioactive!”

Very little was mentioned to the public about the dangers of space radiation during the Apollo era. The spaceships NASA claims the astronauts used to traverse the VARB had walls constructed of two thin layers of aluminum. In more recent years information has been published revealing that aluminum is a poor choice for radiation shielding of spaceships. Not only does it not block enough of the harmful radiation, but this type of passive shielding is prone to producing secondary radiation. When a high-energy electron or proton smashes into the atoms of the aluminum shell, secondary reactions occur. In an article on NASA’s website discussing the benefits of using non-metallic material for shielding, specifically polyethylene, the material that trash bags are made from, the following information is shared.

Protecting astronauts from deep-space radiation is a major unsolved problem. Consider a manned mission to Mars: The round-trip could last as long as 30 months, and would require leaving the protective bubble of Earth's magnetic field. Some scientists believe that materials such as aluminum, which provide adequate shielding in Earth orbit or for short trips to the Moon, would be inadequate for the trip to Mars.

Barghouty is one of the skeptics: "Going to Mars now with an aluminum spaceship is undoable," he believes.

Polyethylene Spaceship

Plastic is an appealing alternative: Compared to aluminum, polyethylene is 50% better at shielding solar flares and 15% better for cosmic rays.

Cosmic rays crash into matter, producing secondary particles.

The advantage of plastic-like materials is that they produce far less "secondary radiation" than heavier materials like aluminum or lead. Secondary radiation comes from the shielding material itself. When particles of space radiation smash into atoms within the shield, they trigger tiny nuclear reactions. Those reactions produce a shower of nuclear byproducts - neutrons and other particles - that enter the spacecraft. It's a bit like trying to protect yourself from a flying bowling ball by erecting a wall of pins. You avoid the ball but get pelted by pins. "Secondaries" can be worse for astronauts' health than the original space radiation!

Ironically, heavier elements like lead, which people often assume to be the best radiation shielding, produce much more secondary radiation than lighter elements like carbon and hydrogen. That's why polyethylene makes good shielding: it is composed entirely of lightweight carbon and hydrogen atoms, which minimizes secondaries.

I hope you did not miss the opening sentence of this excerpt from NASA’s own website. “Protecting astronauts from deep-space radiation is a major unsolved problem.” Just how did the Apollo astronauts deal with all that radiation out in space? How did they cope with all of the secondary radiation caused by cosmic rays smashing into the aluminum hull of their spaceship? The article further stated, “"Secondaries" can be worse for astronauts' health than the original space radiation!

So the Apollo astronauts traversed the VARB twice, being exposed to radiation levels hundreds of times higher than a medical x-ray; they were surrounded by aluminum which would cause secondary nuclear reactions, showering them with energetic particles more dangerous than the cosmic rays themselves, and it was simply a non-issue during the Apollo Missions. There is much reason for an intelligent person to view the Apollo Missions with great skepticism and incredulity based on this one issue alone. Also, don’t expect NASA to be building any polyethylene spaceships to take men to Mars and beyond anytime soon. The article goes on to admit that any shielding material must also meet other criteria, such as those relating to heat resistance and flammability. Polyethylene is highly flammable and melts at moderate temperatures, so the material would require much development in order to become suitable for spaceships.

Even if they could produce a sufficiently strong, heat resistant, non-flammable form of polyethylene, NASA admits “Some ‘galactic cosmic rays are so energetic that no reasonable amount of shielding can stop them,’ cautions Frank Cucinotta, NASA's Chief Radiation Health Officer. ‘All materials have this problem, including polyethylene.’” To state the matter succinctly, there is no material known to man that can adequately shield him from highly energetic space radiation. This is why NASA is also exploring active shielding. If technologists can create an artificial magnetosphere around a space ship, they might be able to accomplish the same thing that Earth’s magnetosphere does so well - trapping and slowing down high energy radiation. NASA is currently experimenting with high-temperature superconducting magnets to create artificial magnetic shields.

All this time and money NASA is investing in overcoming the very serious space radiation problem only serves to reinforce the flaws in the Apollo Program narrative the government has been propagandizing the masses with for the past 4-5 decades. A trip to the Moon and back in an aluminum spacecraft is not survivable. The radiation exposure would kill all who attempt to traverse the VARB, and living outside the protection of Earth’s radiation shield is not viable. Yahweh designed the Earth to be man’s habitat. No other world is conducive to human life. The following Scripture passages reveal the divine limits established for man’s dominion.

Genesis 1:26, 28
Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth...” And God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Acts 17:24-26
“The God who made the world and all things in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands; neither is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives to all life and breath and all things: and He made from one, every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times, and the boundaries of their habitation...

Even as Yahweh stymied man’s attempt to reach into the heavens at Babel, so too has He confounded man’s modern efforts to become rulers of the heavens. He has done so by making the environment of space outside of man’s native planet to be irremediably inhospitable to human life. This truth, however, will not prevent foolish men from attempting to defy the limits imposed by man’s Creator. Nor will it stop Satan from seeking to deceive men regarding what is possible for them to achieve. From the very first recorded words of Satan to man, asserting that man could become like God, Satan has been lying to humanity.

Let us return now to the life of Jack Parsons and observe how he embraced Satan as his master, and how his dream of using rockets to send men into the heavens was an extension of the Satanic vision imparted to him. At the time Jack Parsons was advancing the field of rocketry at JPL, he was also pursuing a very different interest. Jack married Helen Northrup in 1935. In 1939 the couple were invited by some acquaintances to attend the Church of Thelema in Hollywood. Thelema is a religious belief system established by Aleister Crowley, a Satanist who has often been described as “the wickedest man in the world.” Parsons was intrigued, already having some familiarity with Aleister Crowley. He and his wife began attending this church of Satan. Due to Jack’s devotion to Thelema’s principles and his evident intelligence, he was soon advancing among the hierarchy.

Parsons began performing magic rituals, especially sex magick, and the invocation of demons. Aleister Crowley led the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O; Order of Oriental Templars). Those familiar with Freemasonry may recognize the name “Templars” and know of their association with Masonic history. Originally, the O.T.O was intended to be modeled after European Freemasonry, but under Crowley’s leadership it was reorganized around the teachings of Thelema. The O.T.O. might be described as Freemasonry which has come out of the closet, openly disclosing their allegiance to Satan. In 1941, Parsons and his wife joined the Agape Lodge, a local chapter of Crowley’s O.T.O..

Parsons impressed the members and leadership of the O.T.O and he began communicating directly with Crowley who lived in England. Such was the extent of Parsons’ embrace of this Satanic organization that he was soon being considered as an eventual replacement for Crowley who was advancing in age. Aleister Crowley spoke openly of his favorable impression of Parsons and his prospects at taking over the position of Frater Superior (Father Superior) of the O.T.O..

Soon after joining the Agape Lodge, Crowley suggested that Jack take over leadership of the local group. The previous leader was persuaded to step aside under pretense of being promoted to the status of a god, and Jack became the leader of this Satanic Lodge. He promptly moved meetings to his mansion, a home he had inherited on “Millionaires’ Row” in Pasadena. The group practiced pan-sexual relationships, believing that sexual jealousy was unbefitting of advanced minds. The Crowleyan  motto for Thelema was “Do what thou wilt.” This edict was declared to be the sum of the Satanic law.

Parsons’ mansion and property on Orange Grove Avenue had been a laboratory for his rocketry experiments, but it morphed into a laboratory for every form of Satanic activity, including black magic. Parsons converted the rooms in his mansion into 19 apartments, and invited only the degenerates of society to come and take up residence there. Anyone with moral scruples was forbidden from moving onto the property. One resident named Alva Rogers stated in a 1962 article in an occultist magazine that in the ads Parsons posted for his apartments he specified “that only bohemians, artists, musicians, atheists, anarchists, or any other exotic types need to apply for rooms - any mundane soul would be unceremoniously rejected.” The reason was obvious, for Parsons and his associates were heavily into drunkenness, illegal drugs, all manner of sexual degeneracy, and Satanic worship.

The Agape Lodge soon came under investigation by both the Pasadena Police Department and the FBI. Both had received allegations of a "black magic cult" involved in sexual orgies; one complainant was a 16-year-old boy who claimed that he was raped by lodge members... Having been a long-term heavy-user of alcohol and marijuana, Parsons now habitually used cocaine, amphetamines, peyote, mescaline and opiates as well. He continued to have sexual relations with multiple women...

Parsons immoral behavior included having sexual relations with the fiancee of a young Caltech student he had persuaded to embrace Thelema. Parsons paid for the young woman to have an abortion, which ended his friendship with the young man. Jack’s use of all manner of illegal drugs was becoming well known. In the February 21, 1943 edition of the O.T.O. journal which the Agape Lodge published, Parsons published the following poem which he authored.

I height Don Quixote, I live on peyote,
marijuana, morphine and cocaine,
I never know sadness, but only a madness
that burns at the heart and the brain.
I see each charwoman, ecstatic, inhuman,
angelic, demonic, divine.
Each wagon a dragon, each beer mug a flagon
that brims with ambrosial wine

Parsons’ life had become one of tremendous dissipation. He had cast away self-control and moral restraint, and was living a life of manic licentiousness. By December of 1944, the Caltech linked employees of JPL forced Parsons out of the company, deeming his occult activities to be a disgrace, and his debauched lifestyle a reproach on the company. In the following years until his mysterious death in 1952 at the age of 37, Parsons would work in an array of jobs. For a time he was able to continue obtaining government contracts in the field of rocketry, but the FBI was hounding him and he eventually lost his security clearance due to his “subversive character” and his advocacy of “sexual perversion” in the O.T.O..

He would fall on hard times financially, eventually selling his mansion to a developer with the agreement that he could continue to live in the apartment above the garage. He made bootleg nitroglycerin to earn money, worked as a car mechanic, took employment as a manual laborer at a gas station, and for two years was a faculty member at the University of Southern California’s Department of Pharmacology. The only consistent thing during these latter years of his life was his continued involvement in Satanic practices.

Still involved in Thelema in 1945, and remaining in possession of his mansion, Jack Parsons continued his dark lifestyle. When his wife Helen, also a willing participant in their Satanic lifestyle, went out of town for a time, Jack began having sexual relations with his wife’s 17 year old sister Sara. When Helen returned Jack told her that he experienced a greater sexual attraction to her sister. Since jealousy was considered incorrect behavior for a Satanist, Helen sought solace elsewhere. She began a relationship with the former head of the Agape Lodge and they moved away while Jack supported them financially.

The relationship between Jack and Sara would not last. Around this time L. Ron Hubbard, science fiction writer and eventual founder of the Church of Scientology, took up residence at Jack’s mansion. Hubbard not only cheated Parsons in a business deal, but when he left he took Sara with him. A greater story of sordid debauchery and moral corruption could hardly be imagined. Yet things were to become even more bizarre.

Jack Parsons had studied Crowley’s writing titled Moon Child. He became fixated on bringing forth a moon child who was supposed to be an incarnation of the goddess Babalon.

Sigil of BABALON

In an essay titled Freedom, Jack Parsons wrote of BABALON.

She will come girt with the sword of freedom, and before her kings and priests will tremble and cities and empires will fall, and she will be called BABALON, the scarlet woman... And women will respond to her war cry, and throw off their shackles and chains, and men will respond to her challenge, forsaking the foolish ways and the little ways, and she will shine as the ruddy evening star in the bloody sunset of Gotterdamerung, will shine as a morning star when the night has passed, and a new dawn breaks over the garden of Pan.

If the name “Gotterdamerung” seems familiar to the reader, they may recall that I wrote about a movie by this name in association with the recent terrorist events in the city of Paris.

In order to bring forth a moon child into the world, Parsons would have to perform sex magick with a Scarlet Women. Parsons corresponded with Crowley on this matter and was informed he should seek a red haired, green eyed woman. Parsons began performing magic rites as an act of summoning a Scarlet Woman. Parsons described this magical operation he entered into as “Babalon Working.” L. Ron Hubbard participated in these Babalon Working rituals, serving in the role of an amanuensis, or scribe, who would observe and describe what he was observing. Much of the ritual was too perverse to describe in this writing. The last ritual of the initial stage of Babalon Working, where Parsons sought to summon a Scarlet Woman, took place in February 1946 in the Mojave Desert.

Parsons abruptly decided that his undertaking was complete. On returning to the Parsonage he discovered that a woman named Marjorie Cameron - an unemployed illustrator and former Navy WAVE - had come to visit. Believing her to be the "elemental" woman and manifestation of Babalon that he had invoked, in early March Parsons began performing sex magic rituals with Cameron, who acted as his "Scarlet Woman," while Hubbard continued to participate as the amanuensis.

Marjorie Cameron

Marjorie Cameron was a red haired, green eyed woman. Jack would eventually divorce Helen and marry Marjorie, instructing her in the teachings of Thelema and the workings of magic. Marjorie Cameron accepted the role of the Scarlet Woman in the sex magick rituals and would later be described as a magnificent witch. It is ever the practice of those allied with Satan to take those things which Yahweh detests and turn them into objects of worship and adoration. In the Holy Scriptures the scarlet woman is spoken of with condemnation.

Revelation 17:3-6
And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness; and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a gold cup full of abominations and of the unclean things of her immorality, and upon her forehead a name was written, a mystery, “BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the witnesses of Yahshua.

The rites that Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron performed were called BABALON Working. Their intent was to call forth “BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS.” It was inevitable that Parsons would adopt an attitude of hatred and enmity toward Christ and His church. Later on Parsons would take the “Oath of the AntiChrist.” During this oath Parsons claimed to be possessed of an entity named Belarion Armillus Al Dajjal, the Antichrist, “who am come to fulfill the law of the Beast 666.” Jack Parsons viewed this oath as the completion of the Babalon Working.

It is little wonder that numerous books and articles have focused on this man whose life was one of such extremes.

The cover of the magazine above shows Jack Parsons with the Sigil of Satan on his chest. He is embraced by a Scarlet Woman. Rockets are seen flying through the heavens behind him. The title article is “ROCKET MAN. The Extraordinary Story of Jack Parsons: Playboy, Anti-Christ and Missile Messiah.”

If you have been patient enough to read this far, I will explain the relevance of sharing this information. As I mentioned, JPL was a precursor to NASA and is now an integral of NASA. Jack Parsons was the leading founder of JPL. Beginnings are significant. JPL and NASA have been peculiarly staffed in leading positions by men who were former Nazis (Nazism also has deep ties to occultism), Freemasons, members of secretive orders, and Satanists.

I have previously mentioned the association between Parsons solid fuel rocket breakthrough, tar, and the construction of the Tower of Babel. There appears to have been a fallen angelic being guiding Parsons, an assumption easily sustained in light of his involvement with Satanic practices, including the invoking of demons and spiritual powers of wickedness in high places. No doubt the inspiration for his Babalon Working came from a dark spiritual entity. In numerous writings I have taught that Satan is seeking to bring forth Babylon on the earth once again. Babylon is symbolic of the kingdom of Satan, a kingdom in which he is openly worshiped. Babylon is the opposite of Zion, the Kingdom of Christ Yahshua. Whereas Christ proclaimed a message of holiness, righteousness, and self-control, Satan encourages his disciples to live unrestrained lives, pursuing every evil desire and passion of the flesh.

One part of Babylon arising in the Earth is the formation of a single global government. Some have referred to this as a New World Order, but it is in fact a very ancient world system. The last place all men were united together under one leader was Babel, a city founded by Nimrod. We can observe on every hand that Satan is advancing his plan to bring forth political Babylon once more on this earth. Nations are abandoning their distinctiveness as migrants are flooding into their borders. Multinational political associations such as the European Union, the United Nations, and other organizations are leading to an abandonment of national sovereignty and an embrace of a unified global government.

Yet, political Babylon is merely one aspect of Satan’s kingdom. There is also a religious facet to Babylon. The keepers of this ancient religion have been known under many names throughout the centuries. In the Dark Ages one name was Alchemy. In more recent years it has been the Knight’s Templars, Freemasonry, and Kabbalah. The O.T.O. is one of the most open and authentic manifestations of religious Babylon in all its gross darkness.

Isaiah 60:2
“For behold, darkness will cover the earth, and deep darkness the peoples.”

Acts 26:18
To open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God.

Spiritual darkness is synonymous with the dominion of Satan, which is Babylon. If you deemed the description of Jack Parsons’ life to be exceedingly dark and evil, you are correct. I found it to be a burden to delve into the darkness of his life in order to present a summary of it. When men turn from the worship of Yahweh, their Creator, to the worship of idols and Satan, the result is that mankind is debased and degraded. He takes on the nature of a beast, driven by fleshly lusts, while Satan encourages him to cast away all restraint and to “Do as thou wilt.”

Romans 1:26-32
For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper, being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful; and, although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

Every evil thing described by the apostle Paul in this passage is increasing rapidly in the hour in which we live. As Satan’s kingdom, Babylon, is rising, mankind is falling into greater depths of spiritual darkness. Yet, at the same time, man maintains an illusion of ascending into the heavens to be as god.

What we observe in NASA is the equivalent of the building of a tower in the ancient city of Babel. It is man’s attempt to ascend to the heavens through the work of his own hands. Could it be more plain when the man many associate most with JPL, the precursor to NASA, was a Satanist who performed a work of magic called Babalon Working? NASA, the American space program, is an attempt to ascend into the heavens, to pick up the attempt where man left off 4,000 years ago. This work is an affront to God even as it was in the book of Genesis. It is also a work based upon a lie. The lie is that man can ascend to the heavens and become like God through his own efforts.

It is little wonder that NASA lied about being able to transport men into the heavens to set foot on the moon, plant flags, conduct Masonic rituals, and claim another heavenly body as their own. Evil men are driven to ascend in pride when Yahweh would have them to bow in humility. Yahweh resists the proud. He resisted the men who labored to build the Tower of Babel, a tower incidentally that history informs us was adorned with images of the heavens at its top. Yahweh is resisting men today as they continue vainly to attempt to establish their throne beside His own. Man is manifesting the nature of Satan who did the same aeons ago.

Isaiah 14:13-14
“But you said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God, and I will sit on the mount of assembly in the recesses of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’”

Is this not what NASA and every space agency of man is seeking to do? These are the modern tower builders. Yahweh has told mankind that his dominion is on the Earth, yet man, like Satan, is not content. He wants to establish dominion elsewhere, on other worlds.

The attempt is vain. It is futile to strive against Yahweh. There is not an agency of the government full of more guile and deceit, more fraud and vain boasting, than NASA. This is because it is a Satanically inspired organization, and its reason for existence is to try to throw off the restrictions placed upon mankind by his Creator, even as Satan sought to defy God.

Psalms 2:1-6
Why are the nations in an uproar, and the peoples devising a vain thing? The kings of the earth take their stand, and the rulers take counsel together against Yahweh and against His Anointed: “Let us tear their fetters apart, and cast away their cords from us!” He who sits in the heavens laughs. The Lord scoffs at them. Then He will speak to them in His anger and terrify them in His fury: But as for Me, I have installed My King upon Zion, My holy mountain.”

These words describe precisely the actions of NASA as they devise a vain thing. The vain thing is attempting to escape the Earth’s domain and establish their rule in the heavens. Yahweh will not permit this. He has set barriers before them to render their attempts futile. Yet man says, “Let us find a way. Let us tear God’s fetters from us.”

Consider why these words are followed by the statement that Yahweh will install His King upon Zion, His holy mountain. God is contrasting man’s attempts to establish his rule upon the heights of Babylon with His own irresistible plan to establish Yahshua upon Mount Zion.

Man is attempting to reach beyond earth to set his foot on other heavenly bodies. They speak of establishing outposts on other planets. They want to be able to live off-world. All of this is a repeat of the spirit of the tower builders of Babel. Jack Parsons’ vision was one of defiance toward Yahweh and His Christ. He even proclaimed himself the Antichrist. What did this Antichrist do for a living? He sought means to ascend into the heavens. This worker of Babalon, was in rebellion against God, and so too is NASA. Yahweh scoffs at man’s efforts, assuring humanity that the One who will be elevated will be His Son as He is established upon holy Mount Zion.

Did man go to the moon? Only in his rebellious dreams.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Eyes Wide Shut

Stanley Kubrick was a man who was granted entrance into the world of the global elite, though he apparently saw himself as a hired servant, useful for their designs, rather than as a true insider. Kubrick directed 13 feature films over the course of his movie career. Although none of them were blockbusters at the box office, they were profitable and have over time been deemed by some to be among the finest examples of film making. In the 5th edition of Steven Jay Schneider’s 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, 9 of Kubrick's films made the list. Kubrick stands out in this movie guide for having a higher percentage of his films to make the list than any other director. Kubrick’s films which are listed in this movie guide are Paths of Glory (1957), Spartacus (1960), Lolita (1962), Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), A Clockwork Orange (1971), Barry Lyndon (1975), The Shining (1980) and Full Metal Jacket (1987).

I concur that Stanley Kubrick was one of the most brilliant men to ever have directed movies. He was a profound esotericist, communicating volumes through subtle means as he employed symbolism in his movies to an extent rarely observed by other film makers. Kubrick was regarded as obsessive as a director. He was a perfectionist who attended to the minutiae of set details and the performance of actors. Kubrick refused to explain to people what his movies were about. He would often give some defense such as the following response when questioned about the deeper meaning of the movie 2001, A Space Odyssey.

How could we possibly appreciate the Mona Lisa if Leonardo (Da Vinci) had written at the bottom of the canvas, ‘The lady is smiling because she is hiding a secret from her lover’? This would shackle the viewer to reality, and I don't want this to happen to 2001.

I have written about the esoteric theme of 2001, A Space Odyssey in the book Attractive Deception in the chapter titled Satanic Inroads to Judaism and Christianity.

Kubrick’s movies were often controversial due to their disturbing themes and immoral content. It is due to these elements that I have chosen to not view many of his films, including the one whose poster appears at the top of this chapter. I have, however, read both brief and in depth reviews of these films, for they have been the subject matter of many authors, documentarians, and conspiracy theorists. Kubrick often devised subtle means to convey esoteric messages in his films. These messages often focused on a world ruled by a global elite who operate in secret and commit abominable deeds. The movie Lolita incorporates a theme of pedophile rings where the elite traffic in the bodies of young children. A Clockwork Orange explores the subject of mind control and behavior conditioning. 2001, A Space Odyssey is ultimately an exposition of the religious beliefs of the global elite. The black monolith which repeatedly appears in the movie, always advancing man to some new state in his evolutionary development toward godhood, is the prima materia of Alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone. It is symbolic of Satan in the guise of the Great Architect of the Universe, a Prometheus who defies the God of heaven to bring man forbidden knowledge as an act of benevolence to help man achieve his ultimate destiny.

Most people reading this description of 2001, A Space Odyssey would be inclined to shake their head in derision and ask, “Where is this man getting this stuff?” Kubrick was so skilled at hiding his messages in plain sight that few have ever discerned them. Kubrick’s final movie, Eyes Wide Shut focuses on the secretive activities of a global elite who meet in grand settings to conduct orgies and other abominations. Kubrick died of a heart attack three days after completing editing of the film. Some contend he was murdered because the film exposed too much of the activities of the global elite and that the movie was re-edited before its release three months later with much of its most damning content removed. I have no opinion to offer in this regard, not having any evidence to substantiate or refute such claims. Jay Weidner is an individual who believes Kubrick was killed by the government. In his documentary, Kubrick’s Odyssey, he states the following.

In the film “Wag the Dog,” Dustin Hoffman Plays a movie producer hired by the CIA to fake an event. His name in the movie is Stanley. In that movie, Stanley mysteriously dies after telling everyone he wants to take credit for the event he helped to fake.

Stanley Kubrick died soon after showing Eyes Wide Shut to the executives at Warner Brothers. It is rumored that they were very upset concerning that film. They wanted Kubrick to re-edit the film but he refused. I personally was in France when Stanley died and I saw, on French television, outtakes from the forthcoming Eyes Wide Shut. I saw outtakes from several scenes that were never in the finished film.

Warner Brothers has even come out and admitted that they re-edited the film. To this day they refuse to release a DVD of Stanley Kubrick’s cut. Not only is this a direct violation of the agreement that Kubrick had with Warner Brothers, but it also means that we will probably never see the un-edited version of this film.

Understanding Stanley Kubrick’s obsessiveness and his profound use of seemingly innocuous details to convey a message, is necessary to any review of his work. Before Stanley Kubrick died he had determined the date that Eyes Wide Shut would be released. He chose the date of July 16th, 1999. The date was not chosen arbitrarily, for it was the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch. If, as many contend, Stanley Kubrick was employed by NASA to fake the Moon missions, not only the date, but the title of the movie, and elements of the movie posters, contain an enigmatic message. Look again at the poster for the movie at the head of this chapter. Note the one eye open symbolism which is so prevalent among the Illuminati.

Great Seal of the United States - Reverse

Kubrick is announcing, even in the movie’s advertisements, that the subject is the hidden acts of a global elite. Kubrick has used similar imagery in his other movies to announce their true subject.

In the movie poster for A Clockwork Orange, the main character has an all-seeing-eye cufflink and the letter “A” resembles a pyramid. Also, in the movie poster for Eyes Wide Shut we see the image of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise reflected in a mirror, or “looking glass.” This evokes references to Through the Looking Glass which was Lewis Carroll’s sequel to Alice in Wonderland. These books were about an imaginary world, or perhaps they were about seeing the world as it really is. Significantly, a mirror always presents a reverse image. What we see in a mirror is the opposite of reality. The movie title Eyes Wide Shut is a statement on the condition of society. It could equally be a statement of the condition of the church, for I am reminded of the following Scripture reference.

Isaiah 42:19-20
Who is blind but My servant, or so deaf as My messenger whom I send? Who is so blind as he that is at peace with Me, or so blind as the servant of Yahweh? You have seen many things, but you do not observe them; Your ears are open, but none hears.

Kubrick is declaring that humanity has their “eyes wide shut.” That is to say, their eyes are opened, but they see nothing. Mankind is living in a fantasy land. They have embraced illusions, accepting a vision of the world which is false. Choosing the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission for the release date of this movie, was his attempt to draw men’s attention to one of the greatest deceptions of the 20th century, a deception which continues to hold its power to this day. Kubrick made a reference to Apollo 11, for he had been involved in the deception and knew its details intimately. Yet he had to do so by subtle means lest he run afoul of the powers-that-be.

Multiple posters were created to advertise Kubrick’s 13th movie. Another one is pictured above. One of the major themes of Eyes Wide Shut is that people wear masks. Throughout the movie, whenever the elite gather together they are observed wearing masks. The symbolic meaning is that people are deceivers. Especially among the mighty, the wealthy, the influential of this world, people masquerade as that which they are not so that they can commit their immoral and wicked deeds in anonymity. The ultimate deceiver and mask wearer is Satan who seeks to portray himself as a benevolent giver of gifts to mankind, when in truth he is a malevolent adversary of man.

II Corinthians 11:14-15
And no wonder, for even Satan masquerades as an angel of light. It is no great thing therefore if his ministers also masquerade as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

Stanley Kubrick was not a saint. He was not a professor of Christ. He was a sinful man who was disillusioned with humanity. He saw the worst in man, and realized that everyone was selfish, and prone to incredible acts of betrayal and harm toward others. In interviews, Kubrick stated the following.

The question becomes, 'Are you giving them something to make them a little happier, or are you putting in something that is inherently true to the material?' Are people behaving the way we all really behave, or are they behaving the way we would like them to behave? I mean, the world is not as it's presented in Frank Capra films. People love those films - which are beautifully made - but I wouldn't describe them as a true picture of life...

There's something inherently wrong with the human personality. There's an evil side to it. One of the things that horror stories can do is to show us the archetypes of the unconscious: we can see the dark side without having to confront it directly...

Man isn’t a noble savage, he’s an ignoble savage. He is irrational, brutal, weak, silly, unable to be objective about anything where his own interests are involved - that about sums it up. I'm interested in the brutal and violent nature of man because it’s a true picture of him. And any attempt to create social institutions on a false view of the nature of man is probably doomed to failure...

Sanitized violence in movies has been accepted for years. What seems to upset everybody now is the showing of the consequences of violence...

Kubrick wanted to portray the world as it truly is, even if the image presented is one of darkness, betrayal, selfishness, and senseless violence. It is little wonder that his movies did not prove to be blockbusters, for most people prefer happy endings and pleasant fictions to the darkness, exploitation, and tragedy which permeates human existence. Kubrick had to be careful in choosing how to portray some of the realities of this world system we live in lest he should incur the wrath of those who wish to remain hidden behind their masks. It surely did not escape Kubrick’s notice that men who had been considered a risk, liable to expose the deception of the Apollo Program, often met some tragic end through mysterious and hard to explain accidents.

Jay Weidner has done an excellent job of dissecting Kubrick’s film The Shining, demonstrating in convincing fashion that the director was using the movie as a covert vehicle to announce the deception of the Apollo Program and his part in it. Anyone who wants to perform a serious investigation of the truth of the Apollo Space Program should view Kubrick’s Odyssey - Part One by Jay Weidner.

Stanley Kubrick did not write his own movies from scratch. Rather, he chose the writings of others and adapted them to film. What is often very telling is observing where Stanley Kubrick departed from the story of the original author, altering it in some manner, using the creative license he had as the movie’s director. The Shining was a novel written by horror fiction author Stephen King. Stanley Kubrick purchased the rights to create a film version of the novel. He deviated from Stephen King’s work in such significant ways that Stephen King has remained a firm critic of his movie. In fact, Stephen King hated Kubrick’s adaptation of his book so much that he wrote his own screenplay for The Shining and later had it made into a 6 hour television mini-series.

Stanley Kubrick symbolically indicates in his movie adaptation that he has “wrecked” Stephen King’s vision for The Shining. In Stephen King’s novel the main character, along with his wife and son, drive a red Volkswagen Beetle to a remote hotel in Colorado. Stanley Kubrick changes this to a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, but along the drive they witness the scene of an accident where a large truck has crushed a red Volkswagen. This symbolically illustrates Kubrick wrecking Stephen King’s story.

In The Shining the main character’s name is Jack Torrance, played by Jack Nicholson. Jack has a son named Danny. Kubrick uses these two characters to represent the conflicted parts of his own nature. The son Danny represents the artistic, creative, innocent, and carefree aspect of Kubrick, while the father Jack represents a more calculating and businesslike part of his nature. In the movie the father has a dream where he murders his wife and son, hacking them into little pieces. Later on he attempts to do so, but fails. This signifies the conflict that arose in Kubrick’s life when he made a lucrative deal with the government to fake the Apollo missions, an action which nearly killed his artistic and more childlike nature and threatened his family’s existence.

As the movie begins we see Jack arriving at The Overlook Hotel where he has agreed to serve as the winter caretaker. There are no guests at the hotel in the winter, and we are informed that the greatest stress of the job is its isolation. This would certainly be true of anyone working on faking the Apollo Moon missions, for they would not be able to tell anyone what they were doing. As Jack enters the hotel manager’s office, we observe some of the minutiae of detail which Kubrick has arranged to inform us that what we are viewing is a representation of his own meeting with the U.S. government when he agreed to take on the Apollo assignment.

The hotel manager is dressed in red, white, and blue. Behind him in the window is a statue of an eagle, the symbol of America as well as the name of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module.

As the camera zooms in on the manager, we see a U.S. flag on his desk. The manager’s name is Stuart Ullman, whose initials when written last name first would be U.S.. His first and last name also have the exact same number of characters as United States. Jay Weidner points out that the manager is wearing a toupe which makes him resemble John F. Kennedy, the U.S. President who publicly initiated the lunar program.

During the interview we learn that Jack is a writer and part of the deal he strikes is that as long as he does his job as caretaker for The Overlook Hotel, he can spend as much time as he wants writing. This parallels Stanley Kubrick’s own deal, for he worked on 2001, A Space Odyssey at the same time he was working for NASA on the Apollo Moon missions.

Throughout the movie, Room 237 plays a significant role. An employee of the hotel tells young Danny to never go near that room, to stay out, for he has no business there. We are made aware that something strange, even sinister, is associated with that room. In the first shot of the room which we see in the image above, we see a set of mirrors. Again, Stanley Kubrick pays such attention to detail and symbolic messages that it seems right to conclude that he is telling us that this room represents a distorted view of reality.

Jay Weidner points out that Kubrick altered the room number, for Stephen King wrote of it as Room 217. Kubrick’s alteration was intentional and symbolic, for the average distance from the Earth to the Moon is 237,000 miles, a figure which was published in the 1960s. Also, the only letters on the key tag are ROOM N°. If you drop the small o, the letters can be used to spell the words “Moon” and “Room.” This is the “Moon Room.”

In one scene from the movie we see Jack Torrance, representing the calculating and businesslike side of Kubrick, enter this room. The room is supposed to be empty, but there is a young attractive woman who is naked in the shower. She steps out of the shower and she and Jack embrace and engage in passionate kissing. As Jack is kissing the woman she is transformed into an old hag with what appear to be large bed sores all over her body. Jack is repulsed and pushes her away. Kubrick is symbolically communicating that he found the Apollo Moon program to be attractive and enticing when it was first presented to him, but that it transformed into something hideous that he no longer wanted to be associated with.

Throughout the movie the hotel is given personality, as if it is possessed by a malevolent intelligence. The Overlook Hotel is itself a symbol of America. We are informed in the movie that the hotel was built on the graves of Native American Indians, which is equally true of America as a nation. Throughout the hotel there are Native American decorations. The largest one of them bears a striking resemblance to a group of rockets.

It is in this large room that Jack sits at a table with his typewriter to work. This represents Kubrick’s work on the Apollo project. The typewriter that Jack uses is a German brand named Adler.

The word Adler is German for “Eagle.” A subtle link is provided here to remind us that NASA’s space program was heavily dependent upon German engineers which the United States government secreted away to America at the end of World War II. The instrument that Jack is working on is one of German engineering, even as the American space program was dependent upon the same. Beside the typewriter we also see a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, the same brand that Stanley Kubrick smoked.

One of the more terrifying moments of the movie is when Jack’s wife, played by Shelley Duval, comes into the room when Jack is not present and finds that he has been typing the same message over and over on hundreds of sheets of paper.

Jay Weidner suggests that the word “All” is a reference to “Apollo 11,” or A-11. Kubrick is communicating to us that his work on the Apollo 11 program was wearying, and took a toll upon him physically and mentally. In the movie we see the character played by Jack Nicholson begin to deteriorate physically and mentally after leaving the hotel manager’s office to begin his new duties. One of the next scenes after Jack takes the job shows him in bed as his wife brings him breakfast.

Observe in this picture that we see Jack in a mirror. Immediately after taking the job this scene appears informing us that we are now seeing things through the looking glass. Reality is distorted. Illusion is now the order of the day. If you look closely you will also see that the shirt worn by Jack Nicholson has a large image of an eagle on it.

One of the hidden themes Kubrick placed into the movie revolved around the toll his decision in accepting this role with NASA took upon his wife and children. Outside the hotel there is a large maze constructed of some type of trees or shrubs. There is a model of the maze in the lobby of the hotel, and we are shown Jack looking at it. As he stares he sees his wife and son in the maze seeking to find a way out. There is no way out of the model of the maze, however.

Related to this theme is another departure from Stephen King’s novel. In the book version we are informed that the former caretaker went crazy due to the isolation of the job and murdered his wife and daughter. In the movie Kubrick shows the former caretaker to have had two daughters who were twins. Various messages can be gleaned from this discrepancy. The space program preceding Apollo was the Gemini program, Gemini being represented by twins. Were we being informed that Kubrick was replacing someone else who could not stand the pressure of the deception he was engaged in, and it ended up costing him the life of his family?

At one point in The Shining, Danny is riding his big wheel around the hotel when he sees the twins at the end of a hallway. The say to him, “Come and play with us Danny, forever and ever.” Danny then sees flashes of the twins murdered.

In one part of the movie Jack begins to see people that were formerly invisible to him. One large meeting hall is populated with the elite of the world. We are being informed that Stanley Kubrick has now been given entre into the circles of the global elite. While in this room, Jack meets the former caretaker who is now working as a waiter. Since the caretaker had the same job Jack now holds, we are informed that Jack really isn’t one of the elite, but merely a servant.

The former caretaker informs Jack that his son Danny is “trying to bring an outsider” into their business. Jack receives this information soberly, knowing that it represents a threat to their lives. The job title of the character played by Nicholson, that of a “caretaker,” is imbued with meaning. He had better “take care” with the information he has been made privy to, for he has been entrusted with the responsibilities of a caretaker of American secrets.

One of the most revealing moments of symbolic meaning in the movie occurs when young Danny is observed playing with his trucks on a carpeted hallway. There is an unusual geometric pattern to the carpet. It is a hexagonal pattern which resembles rocket pad 39 at Cape Canaveral, Florida where the Apollo missions were launched. The launching pad is symbolized by the red hexagon at the center where Danny is bent over. As he is playing, a tennis ball rolls up to him. This symbolically repeats the invitation the twins had given to Danny; “Come play with us Danny.” There was no one present to roll the ball to him, so we are left to assume that the malevolent spirit of The Overlook Hotel was responsible for rolling the ball.

As Danny stands up, Stanley Kubrick announces through subtle means his own acceptance to play ball, for on Danny’s sweater is an image of Apollo 11. As Danny stands up we are observing a symbolic launching of Apollo 11 lifting up from the pad 39.

Beginning Launch

We Have Lift Off

A telling detail is that there was no actual Apollo 11 rocket that Danny was playing with. All we see is an image of the Apollo 11 on Danny’s sweater. This is a covert means of stating that the Apollo 11 mission was not real. It was merely an image - an illusion. After standing to his feet Danny walks down the hall to Room 237 and finds the door open and he enters. This again is symbolic of Kubrick carrying the mission from the launch pad to the Moon.

Toward the end of the movie we see a clearly deranged Jack trying to kill his wife. His wife manages to lock Jack into a storeroom. Once again we see the cleverly placed props that Kubrick included in the scene to make the association to the Apollo Space Program. Next to the wall are boxes of “Golden Rey” food items. Apollo was the Sun god of Rome, and was depicted with golden rays shining forth from the crown of his head. Also, on the top shelf behind Jack we see Tang breakfast drink. This was the drink famously advertised as having been developed for the astronauts who took Tang to the Moon.

Many more details from the movie could be cited, demonstrating the manner in which Stanley Kubrick used The Shining to convey a hidden message about his involvement in the Apollo Program, and the toll it took on his life. I will conclude with one last image. This is from the last scene of the movie where we see an old photo of Jack among the invisible elite that he was only able to see once he accepted the job at The Overlook Hotel. In Jack’s right hand is a folded up note as if he is seeking to disclose a secret to the photographer. Behind Jack is a man reaching for his arm to keep him from showing others what is in his hand.

Stanley Kubrick is the man who attempted to show people through photographic and movie images what was truly going on. Yet, in 1999, thirty years after the Apollo 11 mission, and 19 years after he revealed his secrets through The Shining, society continued to have their “Eyes Wide Shut.”

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