Friday, July 23, 2021

The Testimony of Boris Sorokovsky - Part 2

It was a drastic, terrible time in Russia from 1933 on. Many millions of people died. The Lord saved them from the great war and the second world war which took twenty million people from Russia and the Ukraine. That's a big number. Six million died in the Ukraine from starvation in 1933.

Whatever the Lord promised them, everything came to pass. He delivered them from their country, from starvation and from those troubles which the Lord promised, even from the war.

They did not hear about it until the late forties, because there was no communication. There was no radio. There was no mail going through China to those very desolate areas in the mountains. They never knew there was starvation in Russia which took away many millions. They never even knew. They never heard there was a war until the letters started to come and some communication when the communists came to China in 1948.

Russian trucks started to come to China. They became friends and then the news came. There was starvation in Russia and in the Ukraine and there was war which took many lives. But these simple people were protected, and saved of the Lord, and led out from the area of calamity, and were saved, and were living a very, very, blessed life. They were in the land of plenty, because it had very rich soil and the Lord blessed the fruits of their labor. Of course they weren't rich in the way of American standards. No! They were still simple farmers, but they had their cattle and they had their milk.

That brother who lost his house, built a good house in China, and he had lots more cows, and lots more horses. So the Lord, for his obedience, returned much more than he lost in Russia. He would have lost it the next night, anyhow, except for obedience to the Lord and His voice. He was repaid richly because the Lord is faithful and willing to bless His people, if they obey His voice and follow Him.

So then, this was just very brief. I'm omitting many, many events, many miracles and situations which happened in Russia, which happened in China, which we were a witness of.

While our people were in China, while it was yet free, while it was before communism, the Lord was speaking to our people already. "My children, China is only a stopping station for you. I will lead you out into a country of milk and honey. I'll lead into a free country where milk and honey is flowing and there you will meet many people who bear My Name, but do not serve Me as they ought, according to My commandments. And you will testify of My power and My commandments and of My Will for them."

That was the Lord saying to our people as they were praying that the Lord will be leading them out to another country yet. The Lord also said that the government will change in China. The Lord said there will be great trouble yet in China also. The Lord said that His people should prepare to move out.

So by 1947 the Lord moved out from China, most of those five hundred members to the Philippines. They went across from west China to east China, then to the Philippines, and then to Paraguay and then to America. Most of the group left by the next commandment of the Holy Ghost to move out and to carry on the Gospel.

There were about thirty families left in China and our family was one of them. In 1948, a year after the first group left, the revolution took place and China became red. They became friends with Russia. Then, of course, the same thing that was in Russia, started in China. In Russia it took sixteen years for the communists to get strong, to confiscate peoples properties, to crush the people's will. But in China it took a very short time.

Within four or five years they forced the majority of the population onto collective farms. They confiscated properties and there were many shootings and many killings. If you had four cows, you were an enemy of the people. You were gone. They just take you on a truck and take you outside of the village and just shoot you. As simple as that. Life was very cheap in China and in Russia.

So of these things, we were a witness, and of what was taking place in China during the hard times. And of course, the number one thing, again the same as in Russia, was that they started to fight against God, because that was their main ideology. We will build a happy society. We will build a new world without God. We don't need God. There is no God. The number one thing that they started to do was to persecute the church and faith of Jesus Christ.

Our brethren were subjected to severe persecutions and most of the ministers were taken into concentration camps; camps of hard labor; camps going deep into the mines, and working on small rations. Being harassed, being beaten, and some of them were given a life sentence.

The communists said, "We will never let you go any place." Our people had said to authorities and to the people, "God is going to lead us out to a country of milk and honey. We will not stay here. We will go away from here."

Of course, unbelievers were mocking our people and the authorities said, "We will never let you go because you're in our hands. We'll do what we want with you. We'll never let you go. We'll rot you in prison. We'll kill you all, but we'll never let you go."

But our people said, "We will trust the Lord. We'll trust our Living Lord who promised us and He'll lead us out."

People had to go through very big trials and persecutions in China. There was poverty, there was rations and there was a very big need economically, and of course our people were also in very dire need. To receive 800 grams of oil for one month per person, that's all you could get, and a very meager ration of rice. People just could not survive on that ration but thanks to God our people were able since it was a mountain area.

Our people were able to go into the mountains and hunt. They were bringing some fowl and they were bringing some wild game, so nobody starved in China in spite of starvation and death of the Chinese and Turkish population and many other people. But the Lord preserved. People were praying in China nightly. There were prayers all over town. There was a praying church in China, because brethren would get up quite often at four or five o'clock in the morning and gather for prayer. They'd pray for a couple of hours and then by eight o'clock they'd go to work. And then at night they'd pray right through town.

They'd gather in home groups and pray and seek face of the Lord. "Help, Lord. You promised us. Lord, you deliver us, Lord you'll help us." And the Lord was comforting them. The Lord was revealing to them what the authorities will do and what will happen. So the Lord, by the Holy Spirit was revealing the things to come and the people were comforted. Eventually, slowly, people were comforted by the Lord.

As the time drew on, the Lord moved our people across China by groups, or by a single person, or by a single families. He moved them about seven thousand kilometers into the city of Shanghai, which is about a ten hour ride by train from Hong Kong, if you've heard of Hong Kong. So that's where Shanghai is. It's eight million people.

So the Lord slowly led all the people across into the city of Shanghai, and of course on the way the Lord led them too, as it wasn't allowed to travel. It wasn't allowed to leave town even as I shared. You had to have four stamps on a piece of paper, the reason of going, where you were going, and when you would come back. All those have to be stated on paper, and you put your signature down. You have to go to four different offices before you leave town.

Yet, the Lord led our people out on foot, on horses, and then later on, by trucks and on trains. From the middle of China people traveled to the city of Shanghai and eventually everyone of those who were people of faith, people of prayer, people who wanted to walk closer to the Lord; every one of them left to the free world.

That is, they left to Hong Kong and then they were released by the authorities, even though they were threatened. The Lord opened up the doors of the bamboo curtains and every one of them was led out, including the brethren who were prisoners! They were released and they were taken to Shanghai and released to the free world. So our people came to a country of milk and honey.

Yet that wasn't a stopping place for us, because way back in China during the persecution time when my mother was fasting and praying, God told her that we will be in Canada. That was fifteen years before it took place, so we knew that eventually our family will be in Canada. We were there in the city for several years. We left China in 1959 and came to Australia. Ten years later, in 1969, the Lord told us to go to Canada. We landed in Vancouver as we came by ship from Australia to Canada.

There were many, many things on the way as the Lord led, miraculously provided, protected and saved, right across China. To travel across China, the communists watch after you, catch you and then they send you back. They threaten you with prison and they harass you. It's a very difficult thing to do without God. But with the Living God that was all possible. Every one of them was led out into free world.

Read chapter 10 of 1 Corinthians. This Scripture is for our instruction, for our admonition, and for our warning also. What happened with Israelites? They were an example for us. But this is all written for us who will reach the end of an age as believers of the new Christian era. And so the Lord said that they did this and they perished. They did that and they perished. Remember like the apostle Paul, being moved by the Holy Ghost, he related what the Israelites did, how they went to idol worship, how they murmured, how they fornicated, how they did the different things that they perished for. So God said through the Holy Ghost, through the apostle, for our Christian age, that it is possible, by being the people of God, it is possible by being a believer, it's possible by being led by God yet it's still possible to fall away even to the extent that your name maybe and can be stricken out from the book of life. There is such a danger for believers!

So then, what happened with our people as they came to the free world. Their eyes were really running in all directions - what a blessed country, what abundance.

We lived on meager rations in China on the verge of starvation, even though our people did not starve. They lived in very big need, but never starved. When they gave only one meter, if I remember correctly, one meter of material, that's about three and a quarter foot of material for the whole year. That's all you can get. When everything was rationed and you have a great need, all of a sudden when you come to a free world, your eyes run in all directions. Now what is this?

This is paradise on earth. Such a blessed country, such an abundance of things, such an abundance of materials, and you name it - like food and whatever else.

Our people were really excited and they started to build their houses. They started to get jobs and they started trying to get the dollar and things like that. Slowly, bit by bit, those everyday prayers started to be less and less, and less frequent, and the church, as such, lost the spirit of prayer. Eventually, as people of God became more rich and more blessed by the Lord, which the Lord promised to them (but Lord did not tell them to do what they did).

The Lord told them to still be engaged in the Word of the Lord and be a living witness and testify and share the Gospel with all those who were in those countries of freedom; in countries of plenty. That was the commission the Lord had given them. But of course they forgot the commission and they got caught up with the cares of life. With building good houses, beautiful houses. Before that house wasn't big enough anymore. They would build a bigger house with more bedrooms, with more carpet, with more beautiful ornaments.

Before you knew it, the things of the sisters became very, very colorful; very beautiful. What happened to the church of Russia and China in free world? I'll share with you very openly, what happened. God commanded His people to walk in the old commandments and subjects of the Word. Our sisters were very, very modest. Walking soberly and shamefaced in Russia and in China. And I remember how my grandmother was adorned. She was a very plain woman. She was dressed very modest. One color dress and that was commanded by the Lord. She had a head covering, and the brethren were very modest.

But in this country of plenty there was such an abundance, such a variety, such beauty; the Babylonian beauty. And before you know it, our sisters started to get more modern and their covering moved back and back and back.

Very soon there was just a little fluffy thing here on the back of the head. A little net, kept with two pins to the hair. Then one of those days our sisters eventually lost those pins someplace in the drawer. The wind blew this latest covering away and our sisters were left without the covering and they loved the world.

The brethren loved the world. Before you know it, they went into a very modern way of life, more or less equal to the western world. Australian and Canadian churches more or less mingled and totally mixed with the world. But what happened?

The Lord was warning our people even in Australia and in Canada, "My children, you walk in My Obedience, in My Holiness, as I have taught you by the Holy Spirit and by the Word. Walk in it and be obedient, and repent!"

The Lord was calling our people to repentance by the Holy Ghost, by visions, by revelations and all those things. Out of many people, a few were still faithful to the Lord, like the older generation. Our grandchildren are out of the fourth generation now. As generations went on people drew away from the Lord and eventually what happened? The Holy Spirit departed from most of our churches in the free world. The miracles and wonders departed; the spiritual presence of the Lord; the glory of the Lord. The glory of the Holy Ghost, and manifestation of the Holy Ghost, departed. The nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, which were operating in Russia and in China, departed. The church lost everything.

Of course, God always had in Bible days of old, a remnant church. Not everyone, but the majority of people, loved this world. The lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes took control and our people actually happened to repeat the example or the experience of the Israelites which came to the promised land, the land of plenty.

As we read in the Bible, while Joshua was there and the elders, those people who remembered the miracles of the Lord, the Mighty Hand of God, Who led them out from Egypt, through the wilderness with miraculous leading, while they were alive, they were teaching and bringing the people to remembrance. While they were teaching the nation, the people were walking with the Lord. They knew the Lord.

When Joshua died, when the old people died, when we read that there were several generations past, then there came a generation which knew not the Lord. They started to love this surrounding world. They started to love the things of this World. They started to bow to those gods of the surrounding nations and they bowed to Baal and Astoreth. And so, basically that's what happened with most of our people.

God has pronounced many times, a severe judgment on our people if they will not obey, if they will not obey the Lord. If they will not repent. God will judge them in this country of milk and honey.

As it stands, in the majority of the churches, the work of the Holy Ghost and the signs following have more or less ceased. It just became a regular church, with many programs, and with many, many different activities, busy up to here; turning this big religious wheel of man-made activities, man-made rules, and stuff like that. They brought many traditions into the church which were not in the Word of God at all. They thought they could fill the void. We lost the presence of the Holy Ghost. They try to fill the void with activity and big commotion and big noise.

Some of the churches, are trying to supposedly show that the presence of the Lord is with them. They started going to commotion and some of them, our people, even move around and dance and jump and clap their hands and make a big noise.

Now that's nothing to do with the reality of Scripture. That's nothing to do with the real presence of God. That's nothing to do with the real power of the Holy Ghost.

Just read Christ's teaching. Just read the apostles experience. Now did they have flesh? Did the apostles jump around in the flesh and try to fake the experience. No they didn't! They were busy. They were empowered of the Holy Ghost. Yes! There were signs and wonders; real signs and wonders of Holy Ghost, but they had no time for fleshly things.

So, I don't find my Christ jumping around and clapping in the temple or whatever. I don't find the apostles in the worshipping place jumping around with the flesh and clapping and dancing. I don't find that in scriptures, because the authority of Christ's teaching or the apostles is the final authority for me.

To make long things short, our people have repeated most of the experiences of the Israelites when they were brought into the promised land. We were some of them. We were young people yet. I was 19 and my wife was 18 when we came to Australia. We were full of life and energetic. We were working in the church very hard. We were busy up to here. Then, so slowly, what happened?

The brethren took care with building one house, two houses, and then two jobs, and then sent their wife to work to get more dollars. They get better carpets and this and that, and before you know it, they have all been caught up in the materialistic efforts.

Their prayer life went and was replaced by meetings, and conference, and this and that, and church activities. And I was busy too. Yet the Lord, by His mercy, was calling. He sent His prophets to my family and the Lord rebuked me and told me, "Repent. Start searching the scriptures and turn to the narrow way." The Lord was warning me personally, several times in Australia. I had no time to search the scriptures because I was busy doing church work. I was busy supposedly doing God's work. I was an ordained minister and I was doing this and that. I was a secretary. I was a youth director. I was leading the choir. I was mixed up in printing, and things like that. I was busy. I had no time for prayer. I had no time for repentance. I had no time for Word of God. So finally, Lord caught up with me in Canada.

Canada is more plentiful even than Australia. So, we happened to be on a farm and we got into a big farm and got into big debt. We were working eight hours on the farm and eight hours in construction. I'm a carpenter by trade, so we were really trying to make a big dollar very fast, sixteen hours a day, trying to really get going in this country of Canada. Even my mother said "you have a good base".

The Lord then sent me one last warning. The Lord sent a prophet from another city, a person who was still walking close with the Lord. The Lord brought that person from far off. Then while we were praying for the night, the Lord told me specific things that I was guilty of, like we had become very worldly. The Lord revealed the secrets of my heart and the Lord told me the last warning. A stern warning to repent, and if not, He was going to judge me.

Then that person went away. I find in the Bible that the Lord sent prophets of old to nations. He sent to individuals, to warn them and to call them to repentance, and I find that Biblical. Even today God is a Living God. He's still on the throne, and He can still teach people of God. He can rebuke them and call them to repentance.

He's the same Living God which was working in Russia and in China. He's still living in Canada and America and all over the world. If we are only willing to actually believe the Bible.

I was still very busy and that didn't help. Then one night the Lord showed me a warning; showed me a vision that I was walking on a broad road. It's a very wide road, and I see that road was going down. It was getting darker and darker. Then I see there was a turn to the left a bit and then as I walking, I see myself walking down that road, and I understood that road - a broad road to hell.

With being busy, and doing all the church work that I did, it didn't matter to the Lord. I was walking a broad road, because I loved the world, and I was living more or less a way of my own doings, a way of my own will.

I had no time for prayer; searching like people in the apostolic days. They were in prayer daily. They sought the face of the Lord. They were sent by the Holy Ghost. They did the will of the Holy Ghost.

We read that Peter went by the Holy Ghost to certain places. Philip was sent by the Holy Ghost to different places. Philip dropped the big revival in Samaria and he went to the empty road. Who did it? The Holy Ghost told him to go. God told him to go to the empty road. The work of the Lord was done.

Look at the apostles Paul and Barnabas. While they fasted and prayed, the Lord sent them off to the mission field. It was the acts, not of the apostles, but the acts of Holy Ghost, as I read in my Bible.

The problem is that when people depart from the Lord, they start to replace the work of the Holy Ghost with their own works; with their own supposed programs and so on.

And so the Lord did not care how busy I was in church work. Like many churches I had a man-made program; so busy with missions, with printing, with radio, with this and that, but I lost my prayer life.

There are no prayers in the churches. There's no prayers in the houses. There is no real, Bible-like presence of the Lord. There is no real Bible-working of the Holy Spirit in the churches today. Why? Because the churches are asleep today in America and Canada. And I was one of them.

The Lord had mercy upon me. He showed me that, and then all of a sudden, there was a Voice as I saw myself walking down that road. There was a Voice coming down, if I'll just proceed on and turn around the corner that'll be a point of no return for me. And then I saw myself throw my hands in the air and crying, "Have mercy upon me Lord." Then I turned around and then that's finished.

So the Lord had given me a final warning for my life, because I had had several warnings in Australia. One warning, and very stern warning and call to repentance to go on back to the narrow way. The narrow way, brethren, is a narrow way, that I'm going to share that with you very briefly. It's a really narrow way if you want to taste it. It was a very narrow way for Christ, for the apostles. If you want to mean business with God, it becomes a very narrow way, here in America and in Canada. But many people will not want to pay the price of the narrow way in the churches.

Then the next day, I should have been killed. God wanted to judge me. Only by the mercy of the Lord am I still alive. I was working on a steep roof. My brother and I were building cottage homes and A-frames for people on construction. It was already getting close to winter time and sometimes there was snow on the roof. We were roofing with shingles. It was a very steep A-frame roof. We were young and strong and we were very able and smart and we were working like monkeys on the roof. We did not build scaffolds like normal carpenters do. They build scaffolds around and they build scaffolds as they go up. We didn't. We just nailed a two by four on the edge of the roof. On the edge which is only about an inch and a half wide and we would walk on those two by fours like running back and forth and doing the roof shingling.

We have piles of shingles here on the little rope on the dolly from the pitch of the roof. Then we pull it up as we go up, and we nail another two by four right across the roof and we just walk on it and nail the shingles.

We came in the morning. It was quite slippery. There was snow on the roof and so when I was working along, I was quite high on that roof. It was a two story building. When I turned to take some shingles I slipped. My leg slipped and then I was falling face down.

The owner of that lot had cut down the trees around the foundation of the house leaving stumps four or five feet high and five to six inches in diameter. Usually when we cut down trees in British Columbia we cut them close to the ground. I do not know for what reason he left them high. Maybe it was specifically for me.

When I slipped and was falling, I saw I was falling right on one of the stumps. I remember I was crying, "Lord have mercy upon me!" My hands were up like I saw myself in the vision, then I remember no more.

I struck that stump with the full force of my chest. By the law of physics, with that height and with my weight I should have been killed. I should have been pierced with that stump. It was only the mercy of the Lord, which was a miracle of God, that I was left alive.

I passed out and my brother told me he dropped down and he looked at me. I didn't have signs of life and I was out for a little while. Then he called for an ambulance which took me to the hospital. When they X-rayed me, there was just a big, black spot, but no ribs were broken. Nothing was damaged inside. I knew it was only the mercy of the Lord and His miracle that saved me from death! It was His last warning. His last call to me to repent and to come on the narrow way. That was the turning point for myself and my family.

God told us to go into the Word and to pray daily. We had morning prayers, studied and searched the Word of God in the morning for an hour or more, and in the evening for quite a long time. The Lord told us to repent of many things as we searched the Word and found what we were guilty of. The Lord opened our eyes.

After we repented, and then only, the Lord started to talk to us personally. The Lord started to talk to us in visions, in dreams, with a voice and He talked from the Bible, instructing us, teaching us, correcting us, and bringing us to that narrow way and narrow walk.

We found out that the Christian life is not just a life of going to church. It is not just dropping a few dollars in the collection plate. It will involve all your life. Nothing less. It will involve your pocket book. It will involve every area. It will involve your hidden parts. Your pride, your haughtiness, your thoughts. It will touch your tongue, it will touch your tastes in life, it will touch your desires. It will touch your habits. It will touch the whole inner life.

The Lord taught us also that it has to touch the outside. Many Christians say, "Oh! I'm saved, praise God. The Lord is with me. I'm filled with the Holy Ghost, and it doesn't matter how we look on the outside."

No! That's the preaching of the devil. Just read the New Testament and find out. There's a strict commandment of the Lord that we are living epistles, being read of all men. (2Cor. 3:2) Men do not read our hearts. They say that we are under grace, that we are not under law, therefore it doesn't matter how we appear outside as long as we are pure in heart.

Yes! It matters! It is a commandment of the Lord in the New Testament. The Lord told us by revelations that it is His will. That we had better change our outside appearance.

We had to clean our house of many things, the worldly things. We had to clean our garments. My wife had to change her garments; myself also, and our children.

It was no problem for our daughters to wear mini skirts. No problem. Why? Our daughters were eleven and twelve when we came to Canada. It was a known thing - everybody was doing it. America was doing it. America is a Christian nation. America is supposed to have the Holy Ghost in the churches, everybody claims.

In the apostolic church they believe the Lord. They believe in the Holy Ghost. God is with them. They are saved and on the way to heaven. They are to be raptured at any time. That's the claim of all the churches.

I found in the Word of God that we are saved by grace. (Eph. 2:5) That is true. We are saved by grace for the holy works, for the holy deeds, for the holy life, for a life of righteousness, for a life of separation from this world, from lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes.

My wife had to find a covering for her which flew away in this free world. I had to change my garments. She had to also. The Lord showed us we had to be separate from the world, inside and out.

I was really pleased when we visited one church. I saw of some of the girls very modestly covered, right to the feet. That's how God showed me when we were reading and praying. Sometimes the Lord teaches us in visions.

I prayed, "Lord, our people are backslidden. Lord I don't know what the difference is now. Lord show me how holy woman should be dressed." And Lord showed me that the holy woman was covered from top to bottom. Not any length of the legs to be exposed. Man also - man is not to walk in shorts or whatever.

Yes! Much is written about nakedness. Much written about shamefacedness and sobriety. It covers all areas of life.

The Lord was teaching and instructing us. After several years, the Lord started to send us to different churches and then to different countries to share the message of repentance, the message of the last days. The warning to the sleeping church. The church must wake up and get ready to meet the Bridegroom because He is coming. The church is not ready. She's asleep and she needs to wake up!

The church has to start repenting, if need be, in sackcloth and ashes. Let's try the Old Testament method. If we don't, we cannot really repent. Let's try that for a while. Just put old, torn clothes on us. Let us put on ashes from the woodstove. Let's try that. See if we can really repent and really dedicate our life to the Lord.

The churches today need repentance. They need the cleansing of the Holy Spirit, cleansing by the word. They need a holy, dedicated life for the Lord. That is the message that we've been sharing for many years now since the Lord turned us to Himself.

As soon as we turned to the Lord we started to walk differently and talk differently. Now our relationships, our companionships and our taste in conversation has all changed.

Our people started to say, "Oh well! You're so special! You're so holy! Your wife looks like a grandma. What's happened to her?" and on and on. The whole force of hell were let loose on us and our family when we spoke the Word of the Lord, saying this is the will of the Lord and we need to repent.

We talk about the mercies of the Lord. The Lord has spared us only by His grace and mercy. I'm nothing. If the apostle Paul was a sinner, the filthiest sinner of all, then I'm one also. The Lord has shown us that there is a place in His Will for us to be; to be sanctified by the Word and by the power of the Holy Ghost; to be cleansed and be a living epistle, being read and known of all men.

Therefore as we go around different churches and places in the countries ministering this message of repentance, the message of holiness, the message of separation and dying to the world, the message of reviving prayer in the churches.

The message of waking up is not a very popular message. Very few people will receive the message. But there are a few people who receive, accept and they start to think about it. They start a prayer life. They start reading the Word of God. They start to check their homes, and they start to check their lives. Even for the sake of a few, I think that it's worth it to share the message of the last days.

Whenever the Lord tells us to go and minister, we go and share the Word wherever the door is open. Denomination has no barriers for me. We go to any church that invites us to minister and share the message.

The Lord says that the midnight hour is upon us. The Bridegroom is coming! Wake up and trim the lamp! Get ready to come out and meet the Bridegroom! That's the message of the last hour.

The hour is coming also when great tribulation is coming upon the world. This time, not only Russia, but the whole world is going to experience this great shaking and sifting. I'm sharing with the American people.

Brethren, do you really believe the Bible? Do you ever ask for the Holy Ghost? I mean in the Bible way? I'm sharing with you brethren. Get ready for the big shake up and persecution. There'll be great sifting on the threshing floor as our Lord Jesus Christ will come to threshing floor. He'll start shaking that wheat. He'll start separating the wheat from the chaff.

We, who were in China, know what that means. When we were harvesting the wheat, workers would bring in a very large pile of many sheaves. It was brought to the threshing floor on a horse cart. My father prepared a big circle on the floor. We would roll it down with a very smooth roller and we would pour water on the dirt. We did this over and over until it was a rock hard, bone dry, threshing floor.

My father then broke the sheaves apart and laid them about a foot thick all across the circle of the threshing floor. Then my father put me or sometimes my brother on a horse that was harnessed to a kind of drum with corrugated sides. The drum was made out of stone, about a ton and a half in weight. We rode on that horse round and round and that corrugated stone drum beat the wheat and knocked the kernels of wheat from the sheaves. It takes lots of beating for this to happen.

Then my father used a pitchfork to separate the chaff and the straw from the wheat kernels. A big pile of straw is put to one side. There is still a big pile of chaff and wheat mixed. This he leaves in a big pile to the side of the threshing floor.

At four o'clock in the morning, when the breeze starts to blow, he gets up. He takes his wooden shovel, a very wide shovel, and he scoops up this chaff and wheat together. He throws it in the air and, as the wind blows the chaff away, the pure wheat falls on the ground.

That's what is going to happen according to my Living Christ and His Word. That is going to happen in the last days with the church. Many, many, many sheaves are going to be brought to the threshing floor and there'll be a great beating and shaking. Finally a great wind will blow away the chaff.

Only the pure wheat, the elect ones, will be gathered into the storehouse of the Lord. That's how it is. It will not be the majority. It will be a minority, because from that big pile which was harvested from the field, only a small pile was left on the threshing floor.

That's exactly according to the Word. According to the Holy Spirit and according to the revelation of the Holy Spirit. That is what is going to happen with many churches which are going to be shaken by the Lord in the last days.

So therefore, this is the message concerning the last days as the Lord tells us to share. It is the message of repentance. The message of waking up. The message of trimming the lamp and getting ready.

In China, of course, we did not have electricity. It was a very simple life. So we have bear fat in the saucer or some kind of a lard. Then mother would twist a wick, a roll of wick, on the bottom of saucer and then on top of that she puts some lard or fat. Then she smeared the end of the wick into the lard or fat and then she lights it. That's how we had light. Our homes worked with that light from the small saucer with the wick burning.

Eventually from the burning of the fat and lard a residue forms. It becomes longer and longer. Before you know it, that oil cannot come through that black tar stuff and then the light starts to get dim, to flicker, and eventually if we didn't trim the lamp, it extinguished itself. So to me it's a very clear message that the church of God today has to repent and to trim the blackness, the blackness of sin; the blackness of corruption; the blackness of modernism; to trim the lamp. That means to repent and clean up the life inside and out, and get ready as a holy church, without spot or wrinkle to meet the Lord. That's the call in the Word of the Lord.

As we go about we share this with people, with whoever will receive us. We also have a cassette ministry, we have over a hundred cassettes, ninety minute tapes in the Russian language that we share with the Slavic population all across the land, in many lands including Russia. We send quite a few to Russia and many people are thanking the Lord that they have a message about the last days.

That message of the last days and the message of repentance, and preparation for the church is not a popular message, but there are people who appreciate it and they say please send us more. Russia is starving for the real message of the last days, and so as much as we can, we share with the people in Russia.

Even though we did not go personally to Russia we have many friends there. We have good communication with people in the underground church in Russia who are suffering persecution.

So brethren, we read the Scripture here in Luke, chapter 18. This particular parable has several messages. In the last days the people of God have to come to the point of such fervent prayer that they cannot be denied. They have to really bombard heaven with their prayers. The churches in America have to organize house meetings all over the place; prayer groups bombarding heaven. "Lord, Lord, talk to us Lord. Teach us Lord. If need be, chastise us Lord. Lord teach us and get us clean. Lord, clean your church and get us ready. Lord empower us with your power of the Holy Ghost that we will be able to stand in those very terrible days to come."

In Russia, even though that church was knocked out, it had to learn the power of prayer in order to withstand the onslaught of the enemy. Only by the power of prayer, by the power of fasting, the holy life and separation, the underground church of Russia was able to survive.

Many churches are dead in Russia. They have had a form of godliness but deny the power. They compromised because there was great pressure they couldn't take. They compromised and became co-workers and collaborators with the KGB. They were kind of a smokescreen for the western world. They served as an illusion that Russia had freedom of worship and that there was no persecution, because America could see the churches. But, the churches were full of government workers.

A brother with whom I was traveling one time was sharing about all of this and much more. He said that the KGB literally installed their workers as pastors and ministers in those dead churches who had form of godliness but had no power of God. And they could not stand - and it's no surprise.

Remember Peter when he was only in the flesh? He was with Christ, he was taught of Christ, he had seen miracles - but Peter was yet in the flesh. In the flesh he could not stand the pressure and he was afraid. He got scared when the real heat came on.

When Christ was taken as a prisoner, the apostles dispersed. They ran around all over the place. Peter said, "I don't know Him. No! No! I wasn't with Christ." Why? He had no power of the Holy Ghost in him.

Christian churches here, if they don't pray through; if they won't go into sanctification by the holy Word and the Holy Spirit, and if they don't get into the experience of the Living presence of God like in the days of the apostles, they will not be able to stand.

The Holy Ghost told to us in Canada that many people, and many churches, will deny God left and right when the great tribulation comes. People will deny the Lord, because they are playing too much church - Churchianity. They are playing religion, but they have no power from the Lord. They will not be able to stand when the time comes. So therefore this is the message that the Lord is telling us here in this particular parable.

The very fervent prayer represents that widow. She just kept on pestering the judge to protect her and help her. And God says, "If the judge can do so, will not God do so if His elect will cry to Him day and night?"

Today we need a church which will be a crying church. Brethren, teach your people to cry. Teach your people to weep before the face of the Lord. My Christ wept. The apostle Paul wept with many tears. The men of old, they wept. They cried. Jeremiah cried. Isaiah cried. The church in Russia during revival cried. The church in China, I remember, the brethren cried at nearly every prayer. That was not only a praying church, but it was a crying church, which really means business with the Lord. They were really pouring their hearts out.

America does not want to cry. People want to laugh in churches. Sadly the preacher stands there and makes jokes and anecdotes from the pulpit and people grab their stomachs and they laugh to their hearts content. At the end of the service they praise the Lord. The Lord blessed us. The presence of the Lord was with us. I'm sorry, it was more like the presence of the devil, because the devil has his own - those comics on TV, and all over the place. Now the devil has comics right in the churches. Everybody wants to laugh. They want have fun. They want to have laughter. Nobody wants to cry anymore in churches.

So this is the call of the Lord. We read, "Will not God," just before Christ comes, "Will He not defend His elect, those who cry to Him day and night?" Yes! He will definitely defend them. So then this is the will of the Lord for the church for last days before the coming of the Lord.

If you believe the coming of the Lord is close, if you believe the coming of the Lord is at hand, then this is the message. Church of God, let's learn to pray. Let's learn to cry out to Him day and night. The Lord will then be able to visit God's people. He will empower them with the power of the Holy Ghost like in days of apostles. He will get that church ready.

I read in my Bible, in chapter 25 of Matthew, when the time has come for the wife to meet the Bridegroom. I read that she made herself ready. She was working on the earth and she had a job to do. Yes! That will be the church that will enter in. That will be the elect. There are many that God has called in the churches, but only the elect will enter in to the Holy Supper. I read this in the parables as well as in the book of Revelation.

This is the call of the Lord to me, to my people and if you will, it's the call of the Lord to American churches. People of God, find your priorities. Either your God is a Living God, the God of the apostles or your god is a god of the dollar or a god of the belly. You have to decide.

So many people do not like my messages, but it's not of me. God told me to speak straight. I share this with everybody. The Lord told me to speak straight and not to beat around the bush so that people may not misunderstand me.

So then God calls us to repentance and to revival. God calls us to prayer. God calls us to watching and praying all because Christ said for the last days, "Watch therefore and pray always that you may be accounted worthy to escape all those future tribulations and to stand before son of man." Luke chapter 21 verse 36.

So then may the Lord God bless you and may the Lord help all of us as people of God to really find our priorities. Really mean business with God and come into the Living presence of the Lord, the God of the prophets of old, and the God of the apostles. That's the only true faith that we read about in the Bible and find with the exact same experience that the Lord wants His people to have in the last days and in the last generation.

So may Lord bless you and help us all.

In my infirmity I invite you all to prayer. Let us bow down before the face of the Lord and cry unto Him, "Lord." If you can, do it the apostolic way, let us pray with one accord. If you cannot, if you are ashamed, it's your business. I'm not pushing anybody, but the church in Russia, the church in China prayed with one accord, with one voice, "Lord, help us. Lord, deliver us. Lord, bless us. Lord visit us."

The Lord was faithful to fulfill His word and did visit the church in Russia and China when they were willing to pray and be obedient. So may the Lord God bless you abundantly and richly and stir up the spirit of prayer in churches as you minister. So let us bow down before the Lord.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Testimony of Boris Sorokovsky - Part 1

First of all I'd like to greet you all with the words of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Peace be unto you all.

I feel privileged that I, as a bondslave of the Lord, can share about the Lord's grace to us and His mercy as He led our people from Russia to China, from China to Australia, from Australia to Canada. By the way of an introduction, I would like to share very quickly where we come from.

As we go around this northern continent and around the world ministering about the messages of the last days, people quite often ask me, "What is your nationality?"

I say "I'm not sure myself anymore." I was born in China of Ukraine parents, so we spoke Ukrainian at home, and the Turkish language in the street while playing with Turkish children as young boys. We spoke Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese in school. I've been wrestling with English for the last 20-30 years, so I'm not sure anymore what nationality I am.

If you want me to be honest, if you want to hear the honest answer; I am a Jew." And they say, "How come?"

"Because I am a son of Abraham by faith and my country is in heaven. I am not fighting for any nationality. I'm not racist, defending this or that race. No race. In Christ Jesus there is no race. To newborn men and women of God in the Lord Jesus, saved and washed by His blood, race doesn't matter.

As we go around ministering we are often asked, "What is your denomination? What affiliation do you belong to? What church do you belong to?"

I say, "Well, the Lord taught me only to speak from the Bible. I love my Word. I want to share from the Word of God and nothing else, so I'll answer that question from the Bible only. I belong to that denomination which was in days of apostles. I belong to the Antiochian church because they were Gentiles, and the first time in history they were called Christians. So my denomination is Christian."

And they say, "Well everybody is Christian." I say, "I beg your pardon, let's check by the Bible to see if everybody's Christian or not."

"I read in my Bible that the only denomination, the only true faith, was one faith. That was apostolic faith and that was established by Christ Himself in the days of apostles, with signs and miracles following. That's the true church; one faith. In heaven it will be one faith also. But anything in between apostolic faith and heaven is just a bunch of fences and cross-fences and barricades and different divisions. That is all man-made and it's not in the Word of God, so please excuse me if I don't belong to any of them. I belong to the first denomination which is called Christians. So if you are satisfied with that, let's leave it at that."

So that's just by way of introduction. People tend to leave me alone after that, because they really want to know what denomination I am. It has nothing to do with denomination. God did not intend any denomination. That is a man-made thing, just branching away and branching away. There is a lot of energy spent in branching away and defending denominations instead of the truth which is here in the Word.

We are going to turn to the Word of the Lord now and after that we will go into a little bit of background and sharing about the mercies of the Lord and how the Lord dealt in Russia and in China. So a little bit in Chapter Two from Judges, and I'll read directly word to word from my old fashioned Russian Bible. You can check to see if that's what it says there in your English. So we will start at verse 6.

"And so when Joshua have let all people go, and so the old sons of Israel went away to their own houses and to their own area in order to receive their inheritance of the land. And so at that time, people of God served the Lord all the days of Joshua and the days of all the elders through all the time and through all those people who they were seeing the mighty works of the Lord which has He performed unto Israel. But when Joshua died, son of Nun, the slave of the Lord" (My Bible says slave of the Lord. In your Bible it probably says 'servant of the Lord', but my Bible says 'slave of the Lord'). "He was being a hundred and ten years, and he was buried in the area surrounding the mount of Ephraim to the north of mount of Gashan. And when another generation arisen which did not know the Lord and all His works which Lord has done to Israel. Then sons of Israel started to do evil in the sight of the Lord, and started to be servants of Baalim. And they forsook the Lord God of their fathers whom He has led out from the land of Egypt and they had turned to other gods, to gods of other nations and which were surrounding them and they started to bow to them and they troubled the Lord and they brought His wrath. They forsook the Lord and started to serve Baal and Astoreth."

And for the second portion of Scripture. We are going to turn to the New Testament, Chapter 18 of Luke from verse one and a few verses.

"He also said a parable about prayer that we ought to always pray and not to faint, Saying, in one city there was a judge which was not of fearing God, and he was not ashamed of people. And so in that same city there was a one widow, and she was coming unto him and said, "Please defend me from my opponent." But he did not want to do that for a long time but then he said into himself, even though I am not a fearing the God and I'm not ashamed of people, but thinks this widow does not give me peace. I'm going to help her so that she will not come and bother me anymore. And the Lord said, Are you hearing what speaketh unjust judge? Would not God protect and defend His elect who are crying to Him day and night even though He is tarrying to help them? Verily I say unto you, He will send their help and protection soon. But when son of man cometh shall He find faith in the earth?"

This last passage speaks about prayer; about perseverance in prayer; about His elect; about the last days and the coming of the Lord. There is a very sad note in the end of this saying, "but when Son of man cometh, shall He find faith in the earth?" He will find many Christians when He comes, but shall He find the living faith in the Lord and His word and His plans for the church of God? So, in my infirmity I'm going to share how the Lord has shown mercy to Russia.


The revolution took place in Russia in 1917 and Russia was in for 70 years of great darkness, of atheism and the authorities fighting against God. So the Lord, in His mercy and His providence, decided to send help to Russia and put up a standard there and bring the Light of the Gospel into Russia.

The Lord sent one man from the U.S.A., filled with the Holy Ghost. He sent him to Russia. He was a Russian man, and he came into Russia and started to preach the apostolic message; the message of salvation; the message of sanctification; the message of holiness; the message of dying unto sin; the message of repentance; and the message of also entering into the blessing of the Lord - into the outpouring of the Holy Ghost and the miracles of God's power which are able to be performed when God's people seek His Face.

Russian people were very simple people at that time. The majority of them were farmers. There was hardly any education. The message preached was believed and so a revival broke out in Russia. It spread like a wildfire through many villages, many towns.

Within the first seven or eight years from 1923, when God sent that man into Russia, revival took over the whole of the Ukraine and all of Russia; as far as the Ural mountains which are the mountains running north and south, dividing the Russian mainland from Siberia.

So the Lord was doing mighty things and He was establishing a church there; a living church which was going away from the orthodox church. The orthodox church, as you may be aware, worships idols and icons, crosses and all those types of things.

There were many people, thousands and thousands of people, coming to the Lord through the simple message and the power of the Holy Ghost like in the days of the apostles.

The Lord used those peasants to walk on foot, and go on horses and on carts throughout the whole of Russia. Of course the Lord did not use the modern methods of jets and transportation, or big displays and big campaign advertisements months in advance like they do in America. I'm not judging America. I'm just comparing how the Lord did it in Russia.

My mother was a living witness of the revival that took place. She was in it herself and she's still alive and she's still in Canada with us. She related many mighty things that the Lord did for His glory in Russia. Saving hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in Russia.

The Lord would pick out men by the Holy Ghost. He would tell them to fast and pray. The Lord would tell them the name of a village, the name of a street, and the name of a person where they should go. The Lord knew who was prepared in that village. The brethren would go there and find the man in the house. He was ready and prepared by the Lord to receive the message. They would start singing. They would start preaching the message and before you knew it, the whole village gathered by the prompting of the Holy Ghost.

They were not eloquent people. They were not people with mighty speech. They were just simple farmers carrying the message and the power of the Holy Ghost, like the simple fishermen in the days of Christ. They were preaching the Gospel, not in their own might, but in the might of the Holy Ghost.

The whole village would gather and before you knew it, most of the village had come to the Lord. They'd be drinking vodka. They'd be worshipping idols and then they'd become repentant. Then they become empowered of the Holy Ghost and miracles would begin to take place all over.

My mother was relating to me that all the miracles that happened in the days of the apostles and throughout the Old Testament, were repeated in Russia. People saw mighty wonders of God including the resurrection of the dead. The Lord was proving Himself a Mighty God, a Living God, even today in this last generation, a generation of unbelievers, a generation of darkness. So this was a direct working of the Lord in Russia.

My mother was sharing that while the revival spread right through the land, the people were really blessed. At that time they did not have many Bibles, because there was no printing press to take care of the needs of the Word of the Lord in Russia. Some Bibles were brought in from the west, from France and from England. There were some Bibles printed in England in the 18th century - but those Bibles were very few and far between.

The Lord taught them by the Holy Ghost, by direct revelation, by visions, by angels, and by the word of prophecy. The Lord taught them without Bibles the principles of holy living, and separation from the world. The Lord taught them the commandment of washing the saints feet so that the Russian revival church practiced the washing of feet. The ladies covered their heads. The Lord taught them that it is the sign, the visible sign of headship in the house, and for the angels that sign must be.

Many other things the Lord taught specifically by the Holy Ghost because people didn't have Bibles. Then, of course, when the brethren had the opportunity to check with a Bible, it was right in the Word. The work of the Holy Spirit was one because the Word and the Spirit is one and it cannot work otherwise. If anybody claims revelation, but it is not there in the Word of God; if they are contrary to it, then we should check and beware.

That was the mighty revival in Russia which took place in our generation. It was a blessing of the Lord and God had prepared Russia for the great and dark hours of the godless atheism and persecution.

As the time went along, around 1928, the Holy Spirit started to speak throughout all groups and churches in Russia. They did not build churches because they had no time. If they had time, they wouldn't have been able to build fast enough, because the people were coming to the Lord in big numbers. There were multitudes coming to the Lord because it was the work of the Holy Ghost - it wasn't the work of man. It wasn't what you call evangelistic meetings. It was the Lord. It wasn't man's programs. Man had nothing to do with it. They were uneducated, simple people of God. It was the work of the Holy Ghost. Believers just gathered in homes.

I asked of my mother, "What was the secret of the continuing presence and the mighty miracles of the Lord in Russia?"

She said, "The secret was the same as it was in the days of the apostles." It was mighty prayers. Russia experienced mighty prayers. People were in prayer daily, all over the villages or whenever the groups gathered. Every night there were prayers. To pray for two, three, or four hours, that was nothing unusual - mighty prayers to God with God revealing, with God speaking, with God rebuking, and God revealing secret sins of hearts right in those prayer meetings.

People were trembling when they were walking to those home meetings. They were walking in the fear of the Lord. They knew the Lord is alive, and that they had better walk very gently, softly, and walk holy, otherwise the Lord would reveal their sin right on the spot as they entered in. The Lord would reveal whatever their shortcomings or sins were. That was the direct work of the Holy Ghost.

About 1928, the Lord had started to speak throughout all those home groups throughout Russia about the things to come in the future. The Lord said by the Holy Ghost, "My children there will be a great starvation coming to this land. And after that there will be a great bloodshed and much suffering in this country. My children, whosoever will believe my voice and obey Me, I'll lead you out into another country and I want to deliver you and save you from the great sufferings which are coming upon this land."

That was the voice of the Lord coming independently throughout the whole Russian area. Many, many people have heard the same message about the days to come. That message came through and of course at that time people were still living very freely, even though it was during communist regime.

It took communists about 16 years to get in power and in strength. From 1917 to about 1933, they left the people very untouched and there was freedom and relative freedom of movement and preaching of the Gospel. There was not much persecution at that time. They really clamped down from '33 and on. Then it was a ruthless time of persecution and trouble for Russia. Before that time there was relative freedom for the Gospel there. People lived very freely. They had their own houses. They had their own cattle. Mostly they were farmers so they had their own farms. They were quite well off. But there was a cost!

The Lord was speaking that He wanted to deliver them from future suffering. So the Lord saved, set a condition, "whosoever believeth My voice and obeys Me, I'll lead them out."

It's not enough to be saved. It's not enough to be, empowered by the Holy Ghost. It's not enough to have miracles. That's all nice and well and it's in the Scriptures and it must be part of the church's life. Yes! It's for the New Testament believers. There will come a time when people have to pay the cost of obedience. Forsaking all for the sake of fulfilling the Lord's will and leave whatever, and go wherever the Lord will lead.

Out of those thousands and thousands of Christians who were used by God in Russia to proclaim the Gospel and to spread the message of the Living God, just a few hundred believed.

The Lord said to them, "My children pray and seek my face and I'll direct you."

Eventually around 1930, probably by 1931, the Lord's message came, "My people, time to move out." First of all the Lord will always speak in advance. As you read the Word of God, just like in the Old Testament, you read it in New that the Lord will always warn His people in advance. He will tell them of the things to come, because Christ promised.

He said, "When I go away, I'll send you another comforter, the Holy Ghost, which will tell you of all the things to come. He will also tell you of all the things that I have taught you." (John 14:26 paraphrased). Yes! That's the work of the Holy Spirit; not only to teach us, to lead us into all truth, but also to tell us the things to come.

That's what the Lord was doing in the days of old. Read the prophets. How many times did the Lord warn God's people, kings and nations about future things to come? Read about that in the Acts of the Apostles.

There was the time when Agabus the prophet came in the midst of the church and said by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, "There will be a famine in the land." Acts 11:28. Nobody knew. Everything was quiet. Everything was still plentiful at that time. God knew what was coming. So the people of God were warned by the Holy Ghost through that prophet in the New Testament age dispensation that there would be a famine. People of God were able to prepare for that and do necessary things, as you read in Acts.

The same Holy Spirit warned the apostle Paul not to go to Jerusalem because bondage was awaiting him there. Who knew that? Nobody but the Holy Ghost, God Himself.

So then we see that we have a Living God right on through the Bible. A Living God, speaking, teaching, rebuking, calling to repentance, but He'll tell you of the things to come as well. He will warn the people of God of future things. He always wanted to save and lead and protect the people of God. It was the same case in Russia.

Around 1931, there was a call of God, "My people, get ready to move out." There were only a few hundred people who were praying and seeking the Lord. "Lord, when do you want us to lead out." "Lord where do you want us to go?" They were praying and fasting because when the Lord warns you there is time to seek the Lord's face. If He warns you of future things to come, of any danger, then that's the time to really fast and pray and seek the will of the Lord for His further instruction.

So they were praying and the Lord said, "My children now this is the next city where you need to go." Being farmers in Russia with horse and buggies, there were no cars or trucks at that time. Russia, even now, is still very backward in way of machinery on the farms.

Anyhow, at that time it was just horse and buggies and there was one central railroad through Russia. The Lord spoke to these farmers who had never traveled more than a hundred kilometers in their lifetime, only to next village, on horse and buggy.

To these farmers the Lord said that He will move them out into another country. That was in central Ukraine, in the area of Kiev, and a little bit south. The Lord told some groups from that area, who were praying and fasting, to move to the next city south. When they came to that city, the Lord told them to move on to another city. He would give the name of the city. He was moving them from city to city, telling them names and addresses like in the days of old. We read that in Old Testament, and we read that in New.

How did the Lord direct those three men to look for Peter? How did they know where to go? They were told the location. They were told the name of a person, where to look for him, and they came right to that house. How did they know? Only by God's direct intervention and by God's direct revelation.

That's the kind of God we believe and that's the kind of God that was working in Russia and in China and He's still alive and well in Canada and America. If anybody is willing to believe the Word of God and have that Living faith because Christ said, "Have faith in God" (Mark 11:22). The Russian Bible says "Have faith of God"

Christ said with a very sad note "but when son of man cometh shall he find faith in earth?" That's the question which should stand in our mind as we minister.

God knew the condition of the churches in general all over the world. That in the last days before His coming that will be the condition. There will be many churches. There will be many believers, but will there be much Living faith in the land? That's the question. Why?

Christ, by His divine wisdom, knows that in the last days before His coming, the church will slumber and then sleep. That's the parable of the ten virgins. The ideal picture is that the people of God will be waiting in the last days. They'll be preaching about the coming of Christ. They'll be waiting for the coming of the Bridegroom. Yet Christ said the same church, the same ten virgins (which is the representation of the pure church) slumbereth and slept.

So that's the basics about the condition of the world wide situation of the church. They were waiting for the coming of the Lord, but then we read that the Lord tarried. There is also a reason why the Lord tarried, but that's another subject.

Anyhow, the people were moving from town to town, by direct instructions from the Lord, telling them where they should go. Like in the days of old, they knew the place to go. Eventually they came to the border of China and there was a test.

If you will remember, in the days of Israel as they were being led out from Egypt, the Lord told them when to start out and move. The Lord told them where to stop. They camped and stayed until the Lord told them to move.

So then a time came for this group of about two or three hundred families who were moving south. They came to the border of Russia and China. There was a stopping place by the border of Russia and China and the people were praying all the time.

Every day they were in prayer and saying, "Lord, what's next?" "Lord what do we have to do now?"

And the Lord said, "My children, just wait and be patient and I'll tell you when to move."

In the meantime they had to feed their children. They had left their cattle. They had left their horses. They had left their land. Everything was left behind.

This was a small group from the whole of Russia; those who decided to pay the price of obedience and leave everything behind. Now wasn't this required of the apostles? Leave everything and follow me." Compare Luke 14:33.

Now is that not the price that Christ requires of Christians even today? If anyone will not forsake of all what he has, he is not worthy to be my disciple." Luke 14:33 Wouldn't that commandment apply to us all even in this modern generation of the twentieth century?

Well, they left everything, and here they had to feed children and these Russian families were with many children. So what did they have to do?

They went searching for work here and there. They went into the orchards. They dug channels for irrigation and different things. Doing anything possible and everything trying to get a piece of bread.

There was a problem of accommodation. There has always been a problem of accommodation in Russia, even now. They had to live someplace. So what did they do? They went a little outside the town and dug little caves into the sides of the mountain. The whole group lived in those caves for quite a length of time, praying and seeking the face of the Lord. "Lord what is next?" That was their dwelling place.

I wonder how many bedrooms they had? Did they have a flushing toilet? - I'm not sure, I didn't ask my mother! Now, did they have running water in the caves when they dug them? Did they have a separate bed and privacy and a locked door? I'm not sure what they had there, but each family lived in a cave, in a hole in the mountain. But praise God, that was a group which was willing to follow the Lord at any cost.

Early in the morning, 5 o'clock in the morning, one brother would come and he'd start to sing a psalm. The Russian people sing lots of psalms. They have been put to a tune. He started out with his big voice to sing a song, a psalm, and then everybody woke up, washed their faces and came out. They start worshipping the Lord right there on the grass. Right in front of their own caves and praising God and ascending their prayers to the Lord and seeking for His guidance, for His direction and for His protection.

Before long, the murmuring started in the camp. Following the Lord is not all carpets and roses. If we read the Bible sincerely, check how the men of old lived. Take a look at how the prophets Elijah, Isaiah, Micah, lived. What luxury did they have? Did they live a luxurious life? Did they live a comfortable life? Did they live a rich life? Consider how many bedrooms Elijah had for his own accommodation, or any of the prophets of old? What about the apostles?

These people were seeking the face of the Lord but still the murmurings started in the camp. They said, "We left our cattle, and we left our milk cows there. There's no milk for children here. Lord what do we do?"

And the people started to complain and murmur. Wives started to complain to their husbands. "Now what? What is this? We are stuck here. There is no going ahead. We don't hear any more instructions from God and Lord told us He would deliver us into a new country. Here we are, still in Russia and we are in such poverty Lord."

People started to complain and then quite a few of them decided to go back to their lands. It was 1931, 1932. Everything was peaceful, there was plenty, and so they said, "we will go back. This must not have been of the Lord." Even though the Lord had moved them supernaturally from city to city. They never had maps to move. There were no geographical maps in those days! So how would they have known what city to go to next, but they were brought to the border of another country! They knew it was of the Lord.

Another uprising started and they began to murmur and complain and quite a big group decided to go back to their cattle, to their farming, their milk cows, the warm houses, and to a degree of comfort, even though their houses couldn't compare to America or Canada today. But still, it was relatively comfortable.

So they were longing, in a sense, after the Egyptian days, like in days of Israelites. Did they not say, "let's get rid of Moses, let us put ourselves in new leaders, and let's go back to Egypt. We had things there differently, we had onion, we had garlic there, we had good things there and now here we will die in the wilderness." Numbers 14:1-4 Paraphrased.

Isn't that the same spirit of unbelief, and the same spirit of murmuring that can be among people of God today? That was the case here.

Following the Lord and His direction and His guidance is not always carpet and roses.

Then during one of the prayers the Lord said, "My children, just be patient and humble yourselves and pray. I'm going to lead you to another country, and I'm going to save you from great trouble and great suffering. Just trust me. But if anybody returns, their children will be taken away from them, and their husbands will go to Siberia," The Lord said that right there on the border of China. "Also some of the mothers will eat the flesh of their babies if you return."

In spite of that warning the majority returned. There were only about forty families left by the border; faithful to stay, to pray and fast and trust the Lord. Of course they were not starving. Yes! They had a piece of bread, but it was not very comfortable to live in the cave. It wasn't very comfortable to depend from day to day upon the Lord, because they had no secure jobs like you have. So, there was no security at all. The only security was in the Lord. They decided to trust, but the rest returned to Russia.

Later on, about a year and half (two years) 1933 came with a big crush on Russia. It was the year of the taking away of old properties, confiscating all belongings, houses, land, horse-carts, horses. Everything went to the government. The food was taken away from the farmers in order to force them onto the collective farms, in order to bring them into the collective government farms. Those who did not want to go, died by way of starvation. Their families did as well. The husbands were taken to Siberia as enemies of the people. So in 1933, 6 million Ukrainians alone died by artificial starvation. Among them were quite a few Christians.

The Word of the Lord was fulfilled and came to pass right to the dot. All those Christian brethren who returned in 1933 were taken to Siberia like God said. Their children were taken away from them and went to the government schools.

When the starvation was happening, some relatives who came to China later on, told them that some of the mothers, being believers, ate the flesh of their babies in the Ukraine because of their disobedience.

So they may say, "How can a God of grace be such a cruel God?" It has nothing to do with cruelty of God. It was sheer disobedience. Just read about the Israelites in Bible. Now, were they not commanded to obey the Lord? Were they not commanded to follow the Lord's commandments and be a holy nation; an obedient nation? But the Lord said, "If you will not, then my blessing will be taken away from you." Don't we read in the Bible that the Israelite mothers, the people of the God, the holy nation, the separate people which God elected unto Himself, ate their children? Yes! They ate them. That was nothing to do with God intending or wanting them to eat their Babies. No! It was the spirit of unbelief. It was the work of the enemy which troubled the people of God. They were not watching and praying enough to stand in the faith and obediently trust in the Lord.

All that came to pass. There was great trouble and many thousands and thousands of brethren went to Siberia. There was great, great trouble from 1933 on in Russia.

In the meantime, a couple of months after the other group went back to Russia, the little group that was left by the border heard the voice of the Lord say, "My children, get ready to move into another country."

So when they were fasting and praying, the Lord divided those forty families into four groups. He named the heads of the families. He said, "My son, you and you and you." The Lord, by the Holy Spirit, named the heads of the families that He divided into groups. "You will be leaving on such and such day at midnight. I'll lead you out into another country."

And so, the Lord, in His divine providence, took them across the border into China. It was only a miracle of God. Only He could lead them across, because they had never traveled that far in their lifetime. They never had guides because they could not reveal their intent. At that time there was already much surveillance in the villages, so they were being watched.

They said, "Lord, we have the government here too in this village where we live; in this city. They're watching us. How can we move, Lord?" And Lord said, "My children, don't worry. I'll lead you out." The Lord told them to leave at midnight.

They were praying from evening right to midnight. When midnight came, they were in prayer seeking the Lord saying, "If you told us, help us, and lead us out." My mother related this to me. For that particular group, at midnight, the Lord raised a great storm. It was such a great storm. There was a very big wind with a big commotion and noise. Even the dogs on the streets didn't bark. Everybody went into hiding. It was a big storm.

Then the Lord said, "My children, it's time to move out." They left in the darkness of the night; at midnight. There was no KGB watching the streets or walking in surveillance. There was nobody on the streets. The streets were empty.

They left from the outskirts of that town, and they went quietly into the darkness. The Lord was leading them through the night. Because it was very close to the border, they soon came to the border. The Lord led them through by the wild paths in the bush.

The Lord was telling them to turn right, turn left, but they didn't know where to go, except that the Lord supernaturally led them. Turning them left and turning them right, group by group, they all went into China.

Yes! But also in spite of God working; in spite of God's miracles; in spite of the Presence of the Lord, there was always an element of man's flesh entering in, trying to disobey and do its own will.

Other groups went through safely without a coincidence. My mother related this about one group. They were being led by the Lord. He was instructing them and the moon was shining, but it was still quite dark. The path they were on was quite wide, and worn. They were on the passage that the Lord had directed them to. All of a sudden the Lord said them, "Turn to the right my children." This was just a little path going into the bush to the right, so they stopped there. A couple of the brethren said, "Well, why should we go to the right? This is a very big path, and it's very easy to walk for our children. We have children. We have our kettles here with water. If we go through the bush we'll be scratching ourselves and we will be doing this and that. It'll be very hard to walk for us and mothers with their children." And so they started reasoning. They said, "No, let's go straight." After that, of course, there was no more voice of the Lord. So they went straight. Do you think they disobeyed? They just walked straight!

Anyway, they were the ones that were to lead. Not very long after this they came into a wet area and they came into a very big swamp. Those two brethren who had taken over the leadership, and had rejected the leadership of the Lord, the divine leadership of the Lord, happened to fall into the swamp. As they started sinking in the mud, they cried, "Lord help us." People had to take off their shirts and quickly make a rope and throw it to them so that they could save them from certain death. That's what it means to disobey the Lord; when you want to do things your own way, and not the Lord's way.

When they came to the shore, they were all soaking wet. The people started to weep and cry bitterly. "Lord forgive us. We disobeyed Your voice, Lord. We wanted to go on the easier path. Lord forgive us, Lord." They were repenting and praying for a couple of hours and there was no voice of God. Eventually, as they were really broken down and really crying before the Lord, the Lord spoke to them in a very stern rebuke.

He told them, "Never, never disobey the commandments of the Lord when He wants to lead you to safety." So the Lord forgave them and the Lord told them to go back to the point that they had to turn. This time they had to turn left. When they turned left at that little, wild path, it led around that big swamp and they went all around that big area. They went around in a circle, but they were all on a dry ground. When they came to the other side, there were animals coming to drink at that swamp.

Once again they were on a big road. The Lord knew to lead them around the swamp, but the people wanted to go straight. So that's just an instance of how it is with the Lord when people want to disobey His word.

Finally they came to China, and of course there were many miracles on the way as they were being led. I will just relate a few of them and proceed on.

Each group was led on a different path and in different ways. One group, as it crossed into China, came into a little wilderness area which was completely desolate with just sand and nothing else. It was a literal wilderness with sand and no growth and no vegetation. They came to that wilderness and they had to walk through.

The Lord said, "Just walk through. Go straight." So they were walking with children on foot. The children were crying. The heat of the sun was burning, and the water in their kettles ran out. They were walking for quite a long time. They were crying, "Lord, we are exhausted. We are thirsty, Lord. Our children are crying. Lord, what we are to do?" The brethren called the group to prayer. They knelt down as the Lord had taught them to.

Our people were taught to pray kneeling down or standing. Never sitting up or lying down. That is to show that God is a Mighty God, King of kings. He's worthy of us bowing down.

They bowed down before the Lord and they started to cry, "Lord, what do we do, Lord? We'll die in this wilderness, Lord, if You do not help us." Then the Lord told them, through the Holy Ghost, "My children, go so many steps to the right and dig."

So they obeyed the Lord. The brethren obeyed the Lord. They went to the right as Lord directed, so many steps, and they started digging. They didn't hardly dig any, about a foot or so as my mother related, and the water came gushing out. They were praising the Lord and they were drinking and then they laid back on the sand, and they drank again. Everybody quenched their thirst. They filled their teapots, and they were glorifying and praising the Lord's Name, that He is even able to supply water in the wilderness where there was no water. So, only the Lord knew where the water was.

So praise be to His name because the Living God, the God of the prophets of the days of old, the God of the apostles is the same still Living God today, in this twentieth century.

All those groups came safely into China and the Lord led them into the same little town where they started to gather again. They were praising God there and then slowly they established themselves.

The land was very rich in China. They came into a mountain area which was an isolated area. There wasn't much population there, but it had very rich soil, so they started to farm and the Lord blessed them mightily.

Quite soon they built very simple houses - mostly mud houses with dirt floor, earthen walls and with some poles for the roof, covered with straw. These were very simple dwellings. But in those dwellings the people gathered for prayers daily. They were mighty prayers. Our people believed in prayers. Prayer was the secret of the apostolic success. As I read in my old fashioned Russian Bible the apostles were in the Word and prayer daily.

Why do the churches want to sleep today? Because the spirit of prayer has departed from the churches. Today the people of God will get busy with anything and everything; man made programs; this and that, but not prayer. After this, the spirit of prayer is lost. Therefore you will find that God's Holy Spirit cannot work. The Lord's Hand is moved through prayers.

So the people in Russia and China believed in mighty prayers. When they prayed, they prayed in one accord like in chapter 4 of Acts. They raised their voice with one accord and prayed, "Lord, help us."

My wife and I were born in China. We grew up there. When the time came that I came to the Lord in China I was at those prayer meetings. Those were mighty prayers when the young people would gather with older brethren, with grandmothers and grandfathers in a room, in a simple hut. Heaven came down and the Holy Spirit came down and talked to the young people, to rebuke them, comfort them, and reveal secrets of the heart. The Lord would bless and miracles would take place in those prayer times, because God loves the praises of His people and their prayers.

We experienced revival in China because the Lord started to send this simple group of forty families. He started to send them into different villages. There were quite a few Slavic villages, because many Russians and Ukrainians had run away from Russia just before the revolution and the big wars of 1914 and 1915.

There was a war between Russia and Germany. There was a big turmoil in Russia, so many thousands of people ran away from Russia while it was still free, while the borders were not yet guarded. The borders were quite free at that time. Many people ran away and settled in that area of China.

So the Lord was sending this little group, telling them where to go and they were preaching the Gospel. Within a very few years, the Lord blessed the church and they gathered the first harvest in China. There were about five hundred members within a few short years. The church was a mighty church. It was a praying church, because it was blessed of the Lord, even in China, with the miracles and signs which were in days of the apostles. The Lord is no respecter of people, but He seeks for those who want to see the face of the Lord. He wants a Living faith which is willing to obey the Lord. The Lord was doing mighty things in China.

From 1932 on, they were going through the villages, but anyhow, the central group was at that town where the Lord brought them; even though there were little groups in different villages. But like a mother church, so to speak, in that town where the Lord originally brought them.

So Lord was blessing His people, but of course at that time people were walking in the fear of the Lord. They were walking in very, very humble obedience to the Word of the Lord, and in obedience to God's commandments and His principles.

This was a separate church from the world and from the lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eyes, because it was just simple farmers and there were no such temptations as you have in America. All this modern age, and modern world - we had nothing of that kind in China. The people were just walking in simple obedience and trust. They were just a humble people of God, being farmers. So that was a group movement from Russia into China.

There were many other movements of the Lord. He moved His people from Russia, but I'll just share one, just one incidence and we'll go on to the Word of God and so we can conclude and share a message.

There was one brother who was living across the Ural mountains, probably about 1500 kilometers away from Kiev, which is central Ukraine. His village was towards the east. He went ministering to the people there in his village. This man was a man of prayer. The Lord was with him and the Lord was teaching him.

The time was coming that there would be a great crush coming on Russia with confiscation, killing and shooting, and finally, exile in Siberia. There were different rumors that there'll eventually be a control on Russia.

So this brother was praying to the Lord, "You know what these people are talking about here. There are rumors that we'll be persecuted and killed in Russia. So Lord, help us, and protect us. Lord save us." On one of the nights while he was praying, the Lord said to him, (his name was Ivan which means John in English) "My son Ivan, I'll lead you into the country of China." In our language China is Kitai. And the Lord said to him, "Get ready for the journey." Then the Lord gave him a night to leave. "On such and such a night at dusk, you are going to leave this village." And Lord told him what to do.

He was a quite well off brother, because he had eight cows and two pure-breed horses. To have eight cows in Russia, in those days, made quite a good farm, because you would have chickens and different things. That was quite a good farming operation.

The Lord said, "Leave your house. Leave your cattle. Leave your pure-breed horses. Leave everything. Put your milk cow onto the horse cart. Harness her and put her onto the horse cart. Take a couple of bags of millet grain and some other food and leave this village at dusk, in the darkness. Leave on such and such a road." The Lord told him to take a side road out of the village, and the Lord gave him the name of the next village where he should go.

So this brother was puzzled, as he had good transportation and his horses were good. But because he was a man of prayer and man of obedience, he decided to obey the Lord. And so, when the night came, he harnessed his cow. The Lord even told him the name of the cow - such and such name of the cow. He harnessed his cow to the horse-cart. He put the lights in the house. He fed his cattle. Fed his horses. Then he put his children and wife on the horse-cart and was quietly leaving the village.

As they were passing through the village, the people of the village saw someone traveling at dusk. They were saying, "Oh no! We have another gypsy coming to our village." Gypsies were traveling through all of Russia. They were stealing. They were doing witchcraft. They were doing all kinds of things, and begging. That's how they lived in Russia. They never worked in Russia. There were many, many gypsies traveling through Russia for many centuries. So the people thought that gypsies were traveling on the cow. It was a common sight that they traveled on the cow.

Now why was this? Why did the Lord do this? Because at that time there was very strict control. People could not move in and out of the villages because Russia was already gathering control on all the people. What did they do in Russia; this lowly prepared population? Each neighbor was told to spy on his next door neighbor and report what that neighbor says, what that neighbor does and where that neighbor goes. So each neighbor spies on the other and reports to the government, to the KGB, without knowing that the next door neighbor was also spying on them! They did that in secrecy and were offered some reward.

People were doing that so movement was checked very closely. So if this brother would have gone on horses, it would have been of immediate notice that he was leaving the village. Nobody was allowed to move from town or from village without permission from the authorities.

We experienced that same thing in China in the communist game. You had to have four stamps on a piece of paper, the reasons for where you go and for how long you go, before you can leave town, for only 10 kilometers out, sometimes. It was the same type of control in China that we experienced, so we know what we are talking about. It was the same condition in Russia.

So then, this brother left quietly. He was taken for a gypsy. The Lord sent him on a side road. Then what happened at midnight on the same night?

Right after midnight the KGB came to take this brother to Siberia because he was proclaimed as an enemy of the people. He was a rich man supposedly, and so his property would have been confiscated that night, and he would have been taken to Siberia and gotten rid of, because they killed many people and some they needed for labor. These they took to Siberia.

Many rich people were just simply shot - taken outside of the village and shot with a machine gun or whatever. They killed many millions of people in Russia, from 1933 on.

So anyhow, this brother left, and when they came to pick him up, there was no man and no family. Just disappeared! They didn't know what to do. Now what happened? The horses were there. Everything was there. Lights on in the house, but no man, and no family. They were amazed! So they waited for morning. They saw tracks leaving the gate and they saw the direction in which he left. They harnessed his horses and they made a big chase along that main road. Of course they were chasing for a long time, but with no result, because the Lord had sent him on a side road.

That man was traveling to the village which the Lord sent him to. The Lord promised that man that He will take him to Kitai, which is China. But of course he hardly had any education. He had no beautiful road maps like people here have. He had no signs of so many kilometers to such and such a town. He had nothing! So he had to totally depend upon the Lord. All he knew was the name of the next village. He was praying all the time. They prayed at night as it was summer time.

They were traveling on the cow. They pastured the cow, and they milked the cow. They used the milk to make porridge from the millet and feed the children. They praised God. If they traveled on horses, they couldn't have milked horses. But they milked the cow.

So the Lord uses the simple, the uneducated, the most unwise of this world to confound the wise and the prudent. The Lord put the KGB to shame by simply letting this man out to security and safety in China on the cow.

When he came to that next village, which wasn't very far, he prayed with his family. "Lord, Lord is this Kitai?" The Lord says, "My son Ivan, this is not Kitai yet. I'll take you to Kitai"

The Lord tells him the next village, and he just moved on. The Lord tells him the next address and so on. Then he has to ask people, "Where is it that village? Where is the road?" He has no map. Russia had no maps in those days, so he would ask people, "Where is that village?" and they'd point him to the road and so he happened to be moving south without knowing where he went.

Like Abraham, did he know the address? Did Abraham know where he went? My Bible says Abraham left his country and he didn't know where he went.

So, this brother was just traveling on and before he knew it, it was the end of summer. It took him all summer to travel from the middle of Russia to the border of China. And here is a disappointment.

He came close to the border, by the direction of the Lord. The Russian border, at that time, was already heavily guarded by German shepherd dogs and constant checking of the guard on horses. So it was already the iron curtain at that time. It was really controlled because the KGB did not want their people to leave. It was very strictly checked.

When they saw this strange sight, a man with a family traveling in direction of China, naturally it was a very suspicious sight. So they caught him. They confiscated his cow. They took his cart away and they made him a prisoner.

They caught some other people also who were appearing very suspicious to them. They made them cut dry grass along the border for hay for their horses. So this brother was weeping at prayer at night. "Lord what is this? You told me you will lead me to safety Lord. You'll lead me to Kitai and here I am. I lost my house, Lord. I lost everything there. I left as you told me, Lord. Here now I lost my cow, Lord. I lost my horse-cart. I have nothing left Lord! What is going on?"

And Lord was comforting him saying, "My son, cheer up and don't worry, I'll take you yet to Kitai. Just trust me. I'll take you to Kitai yet."

He was a prisoner! So they put this family and the families right by the border in the tents as a temporary dwelling place and the men were made to work with scythes, cutting the dry hay. He was working and he was praying. His personal relative told me this story in details. I forgot most of it.

Then one day, all of a sudden, fire breaks out on the grass site. A big fire broke out and then the wind was starting to blow. The dry hay started to burn very quickly. It moved towards the tents but it was quite a little distance yet. The border guards started to panic and they started to run for their life giving different orders and stuff.

The people dropped their scythes and they ran to their tents for their families. They wanted to run for safety and the wind was increasing with force. It was moving very fast on them and the fire was coming at them. The grass was burning and everybody started to run for their life with their children.

So this brother grabbed his wife and children and they were running away from the fire. As they were running they were crying, "Lord, what is this?" They just ran and ran. Eventually they were exhausted. They ran for a long time for safety. When they had run far enough away from the fire, they came to safety. They were totally exhausted and lost their strength to run.

They fell down on the grass and they started to weep and this man was on his knees and going, "Lord, here is my family running and we, Lord, are in such a desperate need Lord. What is this Lord? What is this happening to me? Lord, where am I?" And Lord said to him, "My son, this is Kitai!" He came to China. So the Lord deported him from prison into China by a fire.

This man and his wife started to praise the Lord. They rejoiced and thanked the Lord and the Lord then told them where to go. So they went and they found that group which had already arrived. Those four groups that came to the very same town. They joined it and praised the Lord for His guidance and protection.

So these simple people who believed and trusted the Lord and His leadership never saw the starvation in the Ukraine. They never saw the persecution and the trials. They never saw their children being taken away. They never saw Siberia and all those things which happened to Russia.

To be continued...

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