Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Learning the Ropes

Joseph Herrin (04-27-2016)

Did you know that the expression “learning the ropes” originates in the maritime industry? Back in the days of sailing ships with their tall masts and immense spread of canvas, there were ropes everywhere aboard ship. The ropes were used to haul up the sails, and to lower and lash them to the spars affixed to the masts. Ropes were used to secure items both on deck and below deck. Being able to properly handle the ropes and tie a variety of knots was a necessary part of a seaman’s skill set. A new deck hand would be required to “learn the ropes” in order to do his job.

Nowadays we use this expression when referring to learning the basics of a new job or mastering the skills for some endeavor. Recently I have been learning the ropes as I have been seeking to master new software and techniques for creating videos of my books and other writings. At times I have felt like a landlubber who hasn’t gotten his sea legs yet. I seem to be tottering around, unsteady on my feet, as I make halting progress. Progress has been forthcoming through perseverance and Yahweh’s grace, but it hasn’t been achieved without significant trial and error.

Sound Issues

The casual viewer of a video may not realize how much of the sense of professionalism and quality of a video is related to excellent sound. It has been said that people will tolerate poor video as well as the sound is good, but the opposite is not true. Some time back I looked into the details of creating audio books to post on Amazon. One of the requirements that stood out to me is that the threshold of background noise had to be very low. I do not recall the precise decibel limit, but it would almost necessitate a dedicated sound recording room, with sound isolation from external sources, to achieve the levels required.

Since my working and living environment is inside a schoolbus that has been converted to a motorhome, and half the year I rely upon a roof mounted air conditioner for cooling, achieving the level of quiet necessary is difficult. I have done some testing of late, making a number of recordings. I attempted to use two different software programs (Audacity and Reaper) to remove background noise from the recordings. However, the background noise level is so high inside my bus when the air conditioner is running that removing the background noise leaves the voice recording sounding clipped and unnatural, with a sort of metallic tone to it. After several attempts I concluded that I will not be able to obtain good quality audio when the AC is running.

This is not an insurmountable problem, however, for I can do my audio recordings in the early mornings and late evenings (or the middle of the night if I am so inclined) when running the AC is not necessary. Since I live in a rural area, things are generally quiet. I do have to turn off my phone, silence all notifications on my computer, and hope that the dogs will not start barking. I am a morning person. I like getting up early and getting to work. I can be very productive in the mornings when my mind and body are rested, so this appears to be my best solution. During the heat of a Georgia Spring and Summer I normally will not need to turn the air conditioner on until around 9 A.M.. If I begin recording around 5 A.M., this gives me 3-4 hours of recording time, and that is about all the talking I can handle in a day’s time anyway. I can then spend the rest of the day editing the videos and preparing them for posting, as well as attending to my other normal ministry duties such as answering correspondence, creating new writings, and printing newsletters for men in prison.


The photo above shows my recording set-up with my three LED recording lights turned on. The topmost light illumines the green screen behind me and the other two lights illumine me. After my first recording session I discovered that my green screen wasn’t filling up the complete background behind me. Rather than getting a larger green screen made, I simply moved it closer to the back of my chair. I also observed that the single light shining on the green screen didn’t do an adequate job of lighting the entire screen evenly during the early morning hours when the sun had not yet risen. I did not have any issues with green screen lighting during daylight hours for my bus has lots of windows. However, recording when it is still dark outside resulted in an unevenly lit green screen. I had to raise the color tolerance to get the green screen to disappear, but raising the color tolerance too high also causes other things to disappear. I noticed that my beard would start to shimmer as if it were sparkling. It was an interesting effect, but not what I wanted for my video recordings.

Fortunately, I had some other LED lights. They did not have cords attached to them, so I had to wire them up. They are 20 watt flood lights, whereas the single light I had been using was a 10 watt LED lamp. So I now have plenty of illumination on the green screen. I set these lights up on the wings of my desk when recording and put them away when I am done.


About 2 years ago I entertained the idea of beginning video recordings and I purchased a Canon Vixia camcorder for the purpose. I was going to do my recordings in my daughter’s music room, but the inconvenience of recording elsewhere ended up being too much for the amount of recordings I intended to do. Now that I have a large desk and can record in my bus, I altered some of my ideas for recording. I wanted to utilize Camtasia’s Studio software which can capture a computer screen as well as a person recorded on a webcam. Camtasia Studio does not support camcorders, so I could not use my Canon Vixia camera.

I thought to try using the built in webcam on my laptop computer, for it is rated as a high definition (HD) camera. Not all HD webcams are created equally, however. The image was not very sharp, and since the webcam was built into the laptop, it necessitated that I keep the laptop computer pointed at a fixed angle so that it would align with the green screen behind me. About this time a brother in the Lord (thank you Bruce) read my previous post on recording video and he informed me of several excellent webcams that were available and even offered to mail his for me to try so that I could make up my mind. He uses the excellent Logitech 920 HD Pro webcam. It has excellent reviews, but alas, I did some research online and discovered that it did not work well with Camtasia.

Another excellent webcam is the Microsoft LifeCam Studio. This normally retails for about $100, but I found one used in excellent shape for $35. It has the added benefit of having a tripod mount so I do not have to affix it to the top of my laptop. If I move my computer while recording it would cause problems for a camera mounted to it.

The image quality is markedly better with this Microsoft webcam.


Camtasia Screen Shot

I reported in an earlier blog that I had gotten an excellent deal on an older version of Camtasia Studio. I am always on the lookout for the most cost effective way to get something done. I had version 7.0 of Camtasia Studio, but I did not pay close enough attention to the software features. Camtasia did not begin supporting green screen functionality until the release of version 8.1. Version 8.6 is the current version.

I was very much wanting to begin working with the software Sunday so that I could “learn the ropes.” However, not having green screen capability was preventing me. The upgrade was available for $149.00, half the cost of purchasing the full version. This was still a savings as I had paid less than $100 for Camtasia 7.0. However, I had a number of expenses come up recently, including my bi-annual insurance payment on my bus and car. My finances were depleted, so I prayed and asked the Father for grace in this matter. I told Him I would very much like to make progress on learning this software, but I needed the money to be able to purchase the current version.

Since I no longer needed the Canon Vixia camera, I decided to post it on Ebay and asked the Father for a quick sale. It sold in little more than an hour’s time. I was paid instantly via PayPal and able to purchase the Camtasia software, install it, and begin working with it Sunday. I am pleased with the functionality of the software. The green screen effect is extremely simple to implement.

The image above shows the image as captured by the MS LifeCam Studio webcam with the green screen behind me. With a click of the mouse I can make the green disappear.

I have uploaded my first video, part one of The Remnant Bride, to YouTube.

I have also uploaded the entire book The Remnant Bride in FlipBook format to the Heart4God website. Please note that this is a large file of about 10 MB. When downloaded it will appear as an “.exe” file. You may receive some warning messages from your Internet browser when downloading, stating that this type of file may be unsafe and contain viruses. However, it is safe to download this file, as it does not contain any malware. The file is also compressed. It would be a 17 MB file uncompressed. Once you click on the downloaded file initially, you may experience a lag as the file unpacks (decompresses). Then the FlipBook will load.

I would be interested to receive your comments on the video and FlipBook. If I can figure out how to do so, I will upload the FlipBook as an HTML file so it can be viewed online without needing to download a large file.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days,

Joseph Herrin

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Is There Fruit?

Joseph Herrin (04-23-2016)

Recently a brother in Christ who has been a generous supporter of the ministry to men in prison, having purchased the printer I use for prisoner newsletters and contributing to the purchase of the Toyota RAV4 that I find myself using for frequent trips to the post office, inquired as to whether I have had any idea of the number of men who are exhibiting good spiritual fruit as a result of the outreach to them. He wrote:

Hey Joseph,

I am happy that the RAV4 and printer have worked so well for your needs. It is encouraging to see how the Father has made provision for you in the work He has called you to do. Do you have any idea how many of the guys that you minister to in prison are turning to the Lord in true repentance and are beginning to walk with Him? It’s good to hear from you.

(Name Withheld)

I responded in the following manner.

Hello Brother,

You asked if I have any idea how many of the guys I minister to in prison are turning to the Lord in true repentance. I have never sought to ascertain numbers, but as you can tell from some of the correspondence I share in the blog posts, there is a definite remnant who are experiencing a work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. I do not take any credit for this, as I believe that in many cases the men have already been under conviction by the Spirit when they encounter my writings and ask to receive the material I send out. Rather, I see what is occurring as the Lord connecting those whom He has prepared to receive truth with the message which is available. In a number of cases I have had men write and say they began praying that God would provide them with truth and something that would help them grow spiritually when they came across my writings. That indicates to me that the Spirit was already present and performing a spiritual work in their lives.

Although one of the first books I send to every man is the writing titled Overcoming Addiction by the Spirit of Christ, which is in actuality a nuts and bolts exposition of the gospel message, I do not see myself primarily being used as an evangelist, but rather as a disciple maker. I also hear from men in prison who do not appear to have much spiritual life in them, but they have asked to receive the Parables Bookshelf Newsletters nonetheless. Whether the word of God is fully received by a good heart, or it falls on soil that is less fertile, I believe Yahweh has a purpose for each one who receives the truth. To some the truth they hear serves to make them accountable to God. I think whether in prison or out of prison, it is always a remnant of men whose hearts are the good soil into which the seed is sown.
May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days,

Joseph Herrin

Without question, it is the remnant who are showing signs of spiritual fruitfulness in their lives who bring the greatest joy. Such ones are the primary focus of Yahweh’s attention, and they hold a special interest in my heart as well. Yesterday I was blessed to receive in the mail four different letters from men in prison, and each of the letters manifested evidence of spiritual fruit. These letters appear below, giving evidence that when the light shines in the darkness there is potential for fruit to come forth. The first letter is from a young man who has been receiving the Parables Bookshelf Newsletters for a few months now. This is the first time he has written to me other than his initial letter requesting to be placed on the mailing list.

Hello Joseph Herrin,

Hey, I was thinking about you so I chose to just write you, if you don’t mind. I’m Anthony. I’m 19 years old. I’m a black male. I’m 6'-1" and about 130 in weight. On May 19th, 2013, I was arrested for armed robbery. To this very day I regret the events of that crime. I bear shame and guilt for me doing it, and as I receive your parables it makes me look back at it and I really can’t see how I was a person who can even think of doing something like that. But now I got a complete better understanding of my sinful condition. Because of you, Mr. Herrin, I now read the word of God more. I also study your Parables Newsletters.

I would love to be free so I can go to your website and get your books. The name (Heart4God)! ☺ You have convinced me to have a Heart4God. But not just God the Father, but the Son of God as well. When I was free I didn’t know anything about God or His Son. Since I have been in prison, plenty of guys have tried to convert me to be a Muslim or Christian. But I had no hope in religion. Something inside me kept me wondering about God and Jesus, but I thought “I’m not good enough to speak to God,” so I was on and off, and soon quit.

Then I met this guy and we were talking about the secrets of the government and he said he receives these Parables Newsletters that talk about these things. So he gave me your address and I wrote to you. Now that you have been sending me these newsletters I see my faith in Yahweh God and in Yahshua the Christ growing more and more as I study your teachings. Your teachings have opened my eyes to a new life. I walked in darkness but now I can see the light.

Your teachings have given me hope and courage. They touched my inner being and flowed to my heart. They bring tears to my eyes as I read them. What you write is so true, and I know because I can feel it as I read it, it’s so deep. I really want to thank you so much. You have brought me out of the slump I was in. I feel a new person that dwells within me that wants to overcome the old. May Yahweh richly and greatly bless you! And may He allow you to continue spreading the gospel of Christ!

Because more than you may know Mr. Herrin, there are plenty of guys where I’m at that love your newsletters. They are so drawn to them. One of the guys, me and him had a talk today about some of your Parables. He really loves the one about “Dragon Flood.” I like it too, but right now I’m trying to get as much knowledge about Yahshua and the rewards in heaven. He also informed me that you have some books on If you do, I would be sure checking them out.

Right now I’m in the process of going back to court to get my case overturned. The courts violated my rights and didn’t follow proper procedures to convict me. So I don’t know if God is giving me another shot, or not. But I feel like it was meant for me to go to prison. Because if I never came to prison, I wouldn’t never have seen these Parables, which means I would never look to seek after Yahweh’s free gift of salvation. So this was Yahweh’s way for me to find my way back to Him. Even though I hate these experiences, I thank God He led me this way, and if I could take back the experiences I wouldn’t.

So if God blesses me in court by freeing me, I need to pay Him back by carrying out His will and submitting to His obedience, allowing Christ to transform me and work His purposes through me. So I say to you “THANK YOU!” When I get out I am going to look into more of your teachings.

From: A New Believer, Anthony
“I will give you a New Heart and put a
New Spirit in you. I will remove from you
your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” - Ezekiel 36:26

From Darkness to Light! God is Light!

Readers of the Parables Blog may remember a recent post titled The Fearful Inmate. In that post I shared some correspondence with a man named Randy who was very fearful of threats on his life from gang members in prison. He had been stabbed in 2011, and has lived in much fear since. His release date is September 2016. I invited readers to pray for him. Yesterday I received a letter from him which shared the unexpected news that he is to be paroled early. Following is what he wrote to me.

Mr. Herrin,
Hello, Randy here. I received all of the large packet. It had some very good stuff in it and I will read/look over it again. Mr. Herrin, I’d like to tell you what a blessing God has bestowed upon me - a release! The Parole Board sent the Parole Chief in my county to check my home address (my sister’s house) for Parole eligibility and they approved the location. They then (April 16th) said they expected me to be released in 3-5 weeks from April 16th.  Amen! God’s awesome!

I wrote the Parole Board and God moved on my behalf. I try hard daily - But I know I must not get ahead of myself in prison. I haven’t signed any paperwork just yet, plus I may be shipped to another prison tonight. I sure hope not for gangs are out to get me (long story - I will explain when I am released - but God knows I am being honest on my part). You may want to check my prison status before sending the next newsletter to me.

I do realize and know that all good and bad is of God and approved by God, and it’s for His authority to stand and show truth. Will you please keep praying for me that I’ll be led home safe and unharmed. I will write again, I am sure, before I leave prison. I figure I have 3 weeks or so left. When I get home I will stay in touch. Your spiritual guidance has been awesome and so helpful. Thanks! But I’m still struggling with fear and fretting, but God will lead the way. Amen.

May you also be filled with peace and understanding in these last days. Amen.

Your brother in Christ,

(Note: When I checked online, Randy had not been transferred to another prison. Please keep him in your prayers that he would make it home safely and that he would keep his focus on pleasing God after his release.)

The next correspondence needs a bit of background before I share it. Kevin is a 29 year old white male. He committed murder when he was 21 years old and received a life sentence. Kevin wrote to me some months back asking to begin receiving the Parables Bookshelf Newsletters. It was apparent from some of the statements in his initial letter, and in following correspondence, that he is quite deficient in his knowledge of the Bible and his understanding of Yahweh and His kingdom. It struck me as incongruent that Kevin signed his mail, using the title of “Reverend.” When I inquired about this he informed me that one of the Prison ministries he had been receiving material from conferred on him the title of Reverend, and sent him a certificate of ordination. He also informed me that this title was not conferred on him from having completed course work, but rather due to some “spiritual qualification.”

I am more inclined to excuse Kevin for this presumption of calling himself “Reverend” than I am to excuse the behavior of the “ministry” that conferred the title on him. Such ones are what the Bible describes as “evil workers.”

Philippians 3:2
Beware of the dogs, beware of the evil workers, beware of the false circumcision...

Ministries like this are NOT doing the work of the Lord by conferring certificates of ordination upon men in prison, men whose character they do not know. As you might expect, there are a great many fraudulent, deceptive, and apostate ministries and ministers who focus on men in prison. They sow confusion, teach falsehood, and prey upon foolish members of the body of Christ to financially support them as they report on how many men’s lives they are impacting. In the case of this particular ministry, they are likely boasting of the number of men whom they have ordained as ministers. I have discussed this subject a number of times with Kevin, and I will share my correspondence with him below.

Hello Kevin,

In your letter you did not ask any questions, but I thought I would send you a reply after reading what you shared about your being a minister and having received a Doctor of Divinity degree. I noted also that you are signing your name as “Rev. Kevin (last name withheld).”

I am sure you are aware that “Rev.” is an abbreviation for the word “Reverend.” What I am not so sure of is whether you are aware of the meaning of that word. Reverend means “worthy to be revered; entitled to reverence.” The word “revere” means “to show great respect for; regard as worthy of great honor.” Kevin, whenever you sign your name as “Reverend” you are announcing to people that you are worthy of great honor, and people should show great respect to you.” To use such a title before your name is not in keeping with the will of God. The Bible states the following.

Proverbs 27:2
Let another praise you, and not your own mouth;
A stranger, and not your own lips.

When you place the word “Reverend” before your own name you are praising yourself to others. You are announcing to people that you are someone they should worship. When you do this you do not please God, for He shows favor to those who are humble, not to those who go around boasting about their greatness.

James 4:6
Therefore it says, "God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble."

I know you need the grace and favor of God in your life. Because of your past sins you should seek to be as humble as possible before both God and men. Then Yahweh will be able to show you kindness and compassion.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days,

Joseph Herrin

Kevin has been very accepting of my counsel. After receiving the letter above he wrote me back to say he would no longer be using the title of Reverend. He did not fully grasp my message, however, for he inquired as to what title I thought he should use since he has received this ordination. Kevin’s question was born out of ignorance of God’s ways, so I took time to explain the issue to him further.

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for writing again. In your letter you asked me what word I think you should use since you are an ordained minister now that you are not going to use the word “Reverend.” Although I am glad you are not going to use the title Reverend anymore, you have not fully understood all that I would like to convey to you about using titles. When you say you have been “ordained,” I am pretty sure you are speaking of one of the ministries you receive material from having ordained you. Kevin, another man cannot ordain you as a minister. All true ministry must be initiated by Christ. Consider the words of the apostle Paul.

Romans 1:1
Paul, a bond-servant of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God...

Paul (also called Saul) was chosen by Christ to be a minister, and this was made known to the church by the Holy Spirit.

Acts 13:1-4
Now there were at Antioch, in the church that was there, prophets and teachers: Barnabas, and Simeon who was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen who had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul. And while they were ministering to the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, "Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them." Then, when they had fasted and prayed and laid their hands on them, they sent them away. So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went...

Notice that it was the Holy Spirit who chose Paul and Barnabas to be ministers. This was made known through a revelation of the Holy Spirit. Unless the Spirit of Christ calls and appoints a man to be a minister, there is no authority behind the title. It does not matter if other men ordain a man to be a minister. If Christ has not chosen the man and declared him to be a minister, the title is an empty one. Not even going to Bible College and Seminary qualifies a man to be a minister. A man may earn a degree from a school, but that does not qualify the man to be a minister in God’s sight. God looks at the spiritual maturity of the man, and God also appoints certain men to serve as ministers, equipping them with the ability to teach, correct, and encourage. No man should ever appoint himself a minister. Only God can do so.

Kevin, from your letters I have discerned that you do not have a solid understanding of the Scriptures or of the mind of Christ. If you keep studying the Bible and seeking God, and if you allow God to purge, purify and refine you, a day may come when Yahweh will use you as a minister. I am fairly confident in saying, that if such a day comes, having the title of a minister will mean very little to you. Since it means so much to you now, I do not believe you are ready to be a minister. True ministers must be humble and spiritual men. They are focused on honoring God and serving others. They are not focused on their own reputation and glory.

Kevin, I do not think you should use any title. Just identify yourself as Kevin. If people want to talk to you about the Lord, you can tell them you believe in Jesus Christ/Yahshua the Messiah. That is all you need in order to identify yourself to others.

Kevin, I can say with assurance that Christ appointed me to be a minister to the body of Christ, and I entered into this ministry 20 years ago. Nevertheless, I do not identify myself as Pastor, or Reverend, or Teacher, or Prophet, or Apostle. I just sign my name. Titles do not matter to me. You will not be benefitted in any way by adding a title to your name either. Quite often, it is nothing more than pride that motivates men to identify themselves by some title. Remember what I wrote to you previously. God gives grace to the humble. Therefore, men should not make themselves out to be something they are not...

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days,

Joseph Herrin

I received a reply from Kevin yesterday, and I was pleased to observe his humble attitude. This is a young man who wears a tear drop tattoo next to his left eye. In prison culture, a tear drop tattoo indicates the person has murdered another human being. Some inmates sport multiple tear drop tattoos. Even murderers can be redeemed by the Lord, and I am hopeful that this is the case with Kevin, for he is demonstrating an interest in spiritual matters. In the letter I received from Kevin yesterday, he wrote the following.

Hello Joseph,
Thank you for responding to my letter. I must say that you sure did open my eyes to some hard truths. You are right in saying, or implying, that I am proud and boast about being ordained. I have definitely changed my mind about that and now await the day that God chooses me to teach people about God and His word. I will no longer talk about being ordained, nor will I use titles before my name. I will follow your advice and simply use Kevin.

You are even more right when you said you do not believe that I am ready to be a minister. What I need is a good mentor to help me grow spiritually and understand God’s word. Some people do not like nor want the truth, but I welcome it and look for it. Thank you for being honest and not sugar coating anything. I have put my certificate away because you said it don’t mean nothing, now that I know better. I did receive the missing newsletter you sent to me. Thank you. For now I will close. Thank you for your time and God bless.


I received an additional letter yesterday from an inmate with the remarkable name of Solomon. His correspondence is noteworthy due to the humility evident in his words, openly admitting his own shortcomings and how the writings being sent to him are bringing conviction. I will close with his letter.

Mr. Joseph Herrin,
Greetings, and may Yah’s love fill you to overflowing! May you be continually guided by the Spirit and Love! Hallelujah!

The newsletter issue 1.5.2 (The Road From Babylon To Zion) is really an eye opener! Physically and Spiritually! I see at once the difference of opinions in your conversations with some fellow believers who run a website. What was MOST important to me is that his conversation was leavened with anger, frustration, and bitterness while yours is embodied with Scripture after Scripture! He expresses feelings and opinions, yet you share Scriptures and love! Hallelujah!

Another thing the Spirit showed me is that I have A LOT of the other guys “thoughts and emotions” in me. I am led to be completely honest and open with you Mr. Joseph, for I am REALLY wanting to be obedient to the Father and His Son. As my Head, I must follow His example! I see the other guy as Babylon and your “Spirit-led” knowledge and wisdom as Zion!

Forgive me, please, but I did not wish to praise you out of pride, but only to “loudly applaud” your obedience to the Father! Oh how I want to be led by the Spirit in knowledge, wisdom, and discernment. But as I’ve learned from your personal travels, I must have a complete foundation with Yahshua as the Chief Cornerstone!

With help and prayers I am becoming more and more spiritual-minded, wanting more spiritual food! I HUMBLY say thank you for you showing me, through your obedience and love for Yahweh the truth and understanding I need. I only wish to continue being obedient day by day, overcoming my flesh!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

If there is something I can do to help in any way, let me know! I wish to do Yah’s will and be completely led by His Spirit! Hallelujah!

Thank you for your long days and nights, and accept my love and prayers for you and your family,

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gender Benders - It’s About More Than You Think

Joseph Herrin (04-21-2016)

The issue of transgender people being given the right to use whatever gender bathroom facility they identify with has garnered much attention recently. When some states’ politicians passed compromise legislation intended to protect women and children from being preyed upon sexually, the media, federal government, corporations, and numerous special interest groups labeled the states as haters, bigots, and socially backwards. The voice of reason is being aggressively targeted on all issues such as this, with those who speak out for traditional views of morality being punished and their opinions silenced.

Such was the case recently when the Disney owned cable sports network ESPN fired baseball commentator Curt Schilling for expressing his personal views on his own time. It is becoming common for businesses to punish employees for making public statements away from the workplace, when those views do not reflect corporate policy. The employee essentially becomes the slave of the corporation, where their entire life, whether on or off the clock, must conform to the dictates of the corporate slave master. Curt Schilling was fired for a FaceBook post where he stated the following:

A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don’t care what they are, who they sleep with, men’s room was designed for the penis, women’s not so much. Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic.

ESPN posted a public statement regarding the firing of Curt Schilling.

ESPN is an inclusive company. Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated.”

Obviously, ESPN is not actually an “inclusive” company, or they would make accommodation for individuals who embrace traditional and Biblical moral views. They have no compunction when it comes to firing individuals who do not meet their standard of political correctness. They manifest an extreme intolerance toward conservative and traditional views.

Homosexual issues are being used to accomplish much more than the redefinition of deviant and criminal behavior. As observed in the case of Curt Schilling, they are the vehicle of choice to subdue the masses to the will of the corporate and government masters. Although the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, the entire society is being induced to surrender this right in order to avoid jeopardizing their jobs, their potential for advancement within the corporate workplace, and the comfortable standard of living they are accustomed to. A case in point is observed in the following video which is being touted on numerous websites. It shows college students being asked whether a 5'-9" man should be able to demand that others recognize him as a 7 year old Chinese female, or a 6'-5" tall Chinese female.

The comment of the young woman who stated “I feel like that's not my place as another human to say someone is wrong or to draw lines or boundaries” reveals where Satan is really going with his agenda. Satan, and those global powers and sources of influence under his control (corporations, media, governments, etc.) are seeking to cause humanity to abandon the exercise of judgment. Satan desires for people to abnegate their duty to exercise discernment, ultimately setting himself up as the sole source of good and evil, right and wrong, for mankind.

In doing so, Satan is usurping the role of God for, from the beginning of man’s creation in the Garden of Eden, man was to look to Yahweh to know what was righteous behavior and what was unrighteous, what was good, and what was evil. In the book titled Sabbath I shared the following.
Adam, in his original created form had no sense of good and evil present within him. All of his ways were determined by communication with Yahweh. Yahweh spoke to Adam and made known to Adam that which He would have him to do. Both good and evil were made known to Adam by direct communication with Yahweh God. Yahweh told Adam the things that were good and desirable; Adam should tend the garden and eat of its trees. Yahweh also told Adam what constituted evil. There was only one thing that was described as being outside of the will of Yahweh. Adam was not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Things were very simple for Adam. If he did the things Yahweh commanded him to do he was walking in obedience and adhering to good. If Adam did the one thing Yahweh commanded him not to do he would be walking in disobedience and this would be evil. Both good and evil for Adam were made known through direct communication with Yahweh. In this we see that good equates to doing Yahweh’s expressed will, while evil is doing that which is not His will.
[End Excerpt]

The lie which Satan used in order to entice Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit contained an element of truth. Most Christians have failed to rightly comprehend the words Satan spoke in the Garden. Many jump to the conclusion that Satan said Adam and Eve would be like God, while failing to define in what manner they would be like God. Satan’s statement was “You shall be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Knowing good and evil has always been an attribute reserved for God alone. In order for the creation to be in a state of rest and harmony with Yahweh, the creation must embrace the judgment of the Creator. No creature, whether of men or angels, was ever granted the authority to determine right and wrong for themselves. Please note that I said they were not granted the “authority,” for they obviously have the “ability” to choose a course that is contrary to that of the Creator.

What Adam and Eve gained when they ate the forbidden fruit was the innate ability to look inside their soul and make a determination of good and evil for themselves. They no longer needed to look to God to know right and wrong, but man’s judgments are frequently not the same as God’s judgments. Mankind has exercised self-determination ever since that fateful day in the garden. Although this was a triumph for Satan in that it divorced mankind from obtaining their judgments of good and evil from Yahweh, the victory would not be complete until humanity looked to Satan to know right and wrong, good and evil.

This is what we are seeing occur now, at this time at the end of the age. Satan has established a coercive form of thought control through his monopoly of the media, global corporations, and key government officials. The weight of influence of these servants of Satan is compelling men, women, and children to abdicate all exercise of personal judgment. Mankind is being told what to believe and what values to hold. If they go along with the Satanic agenda they are rewarded by being allowed to continue to pursue life in this Satanic system. If they do not go along - if they hold to views and judgments which do not originate in the mind of Satan - they are punished.

Consider what you have just viewed in the video above. These young adults who have intelligence and are endowed with the ability to perceive and reason, have been brought to such a state of subservience to the “prince of the power of the air,” and “the god of this world” (Satan), that they are hesitant to even declare that a 5'-9", white, adult male is any of these things. If he insists that he is a Chinese female, they have been conditioned to not dispute his statement. If he says he is 7 years old and wants to attend first year elementary school, they believe that is acceptable if that is the identity he feels comfortable with. Certainly this is no more egregious a folly than saying men can use the same public bathroom occupied by girls and women if the men identify themselves as female.

Brothers and sisters, the truly frightening event occurring in this hour is NOT that men are going to be given legal authority to enter an occupied girl’s and women’s bathroom, or shower facility, or dressing room. What is frightening is that we are observing humanity handing over the role of judgment to Satan, the adversary of man and of God. Satan is declaring his values through the global elite, the mainstream media, the corporations, and the governments, while the majority of people are offering no resistance to this abdication of judgment.

What is being observed now is merely the beginning. Soon it will not be exclusively transgender men and women who can use the bathroom of their choice. Sin and moral debauchery never remains in one place. It always seeks more devilish means of expression. Before long there will be no restrictions at all regarding who can use a facility. A man will be able to say, “I felt like using the girl’s bathroom today” and that will be all that is needed. The subservient public will say, “Who am I to judge?” Even now the groundwork is being laid for adults to engage in sexual intercourse with children of any age, as long as it is deemed to be “consensual.” It will not be long before even the criteria of such actions being consensual will no longer be required. Note that the following article in the Washington Times was published 14 years ago. Many more people and groups have gotten on board the child/adult consensual sex bandwagon since then.

Harmful to Minors

If you have a Biblical concept of morality and were told there was a book on the subject of childhood sexual activity titled “Harmful to Minors,” you would undoubtedly believe the title was a reference to the dangers of adults preying upon innocent children. Yet this book’s author makes the opposite statement as the subtitle reads “The perils of protecting children from sex.” In an hour when the prisons are filled with convicted child molesters, one might reasonably ask why the author of this book is not behind bars.

What we are observing is that the legal code is lagging the public propaganda campaign by some years. It was only after homosexuality had been firmly established as a persecuted minority that laws began to be written to correct “societal discrimination.” In short order we have seen marriage between same-sex partners made legal, and bathroom, shower facilities, and dressing rooms opened to those who are transgender. The movement to legalize sex with minors is at a stage akin to that of the homosexual movement in the 1980s. However, things are moving much more rapidly now for society has become accustomed to suspending all judgment and allowing others to define morality for them.

In this advanced hour of Satan’s kingdom where darkness is covering the earth and gross darkness the people, the greatest enemy of Satan and his servants are those who manifest the mind of Christ. To be certain, Satan wants even unregenerate men to abandon the exercise of personal judgment (Curt Schilling being an example). Yet, his greatest enmity is reserved for those who are guided by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures. Satan is not content to act in defiance of Yahweh. He wants to usurp Yahweh’s role, becoming the god for all humanity. That remnant of holy men and women on the earth who are living Spirit-directed lives are the focus of his greatest wrath. Yet Yahweh has not slackened in His role as the highest authority over His creation, and Satan is presently restrained.

Let us walk wisely, for the hour is very dark, and increasing in darkness.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Grateful Inmate

Joseph Herrin (04-17-2016)

This writing continues a theme begun in the posts titled The Angry Inmate, and The Fearful Inmate.

As it is in free society, there are an array of attitudes manifested by men in prison. It is particularly satisfying to encounter men in an environment that has as many shortcomings as prison who exhibit contentment in their situation, and even gratitude. Such ones are usually humble men who have experienced the transforming work of the Spirit of Christ in their life, and despite their environment, they are sincerely thankful that inwardly Yahshua has made them into new creations.

Following are two correspondences which I received from men in prison who manifest an exemplary attitude in their words. These men both began receiving the Parables Bookshelf Newsletters in the past year as other inmates introduced them to the writings.
Brother Joseph,
May this letter encourage you and find you in health! Amen!

First, I would like to say thanks for continuing my program with the Parables Bookshelf Newsletters! Man, such understanding! Hallelujah!

Second, I feel that when a person sees something he wants, whether spiritual or fleshly, that person will most likely pursue it with a fervor. Now, if that something will give the person everything (the unadulterated truth) that person will go after it with no regard for cost or status because what he seeks is essential to his survival! He will do anything, whether cut his own arm off, or renounce his own family.

I see the truth, the Bible as the foremost in my life because of what I have been through, and was delivered from was for me to know that I was in the wrong and in need of a Savior. On this search I have encountered multiple people and beliefs, but understand that the absolute truth cannot be changed. 2+2+4. This is truth! To tell me otherwise would be foolish, yet many do this every day! I pray to not be one of these, but to be one who stands on the truth because it is an immovable foundation!

Honestly, I am at a point in life on this path where I will give up whatever is necessary I need to that the Spirit leads me to give up. Only if I am being led by the Spirit and know that it is Yah’s will! Hallelujah! His will be done!

Yeah, it sure is easy to say and write these this, and a whole other thing to live it, or walk the walk! I pray daily for strength and courage and guidance for help in walking in the truth! But I must have an accurate knowledge!!! I have to know and understand what I’m doing! Right? I don’t mind being told I’m wrong or confused about stuff, but you must show me!!! I tell people to prove it. Something may sound good or tickle my ears, but it must be truth! I have to stand on it, for Yahweh’s will is for me to be obedient and persevere!

This flesh is irrelevant, but necessary to be trained, tamed and overcome! But I yearn for truth, understanding, and discernment. Only Yah’s will be done. Not mine! I fear to mess up, or tell or show someone the wrong thing, so gladly your guidance is much appreciated and prayed for!

Mr. Joseph, I can only say Hallelujah, because that is the highest praise I can offer. But the truth and understanding in these parables are part of my foundation that I can stand on. I tell my mom repeatedly of how much I love and miss her, but I say that even right now in prison I am free. I have no desire to work on my case, or make plans for the future that might change. No! I am trying to learn and understand the truth, and I believe this is the will of the Father for me. Not everyone, but I believe it is for me.

I’ve been down 13 years, and I am looking to max out the other 12 so I won’t be tied to the state in any way. My mom lives in Idaho and maybe I’ll be able to go out there. But for now I must do the work that I believe the Father set before me.

Oh, to be in perfect Sabbath rest is hard, but if this is the Father’s will, who am I not to do it? Hallelujah, I love and serve Yahweh! I may not be perfect yet, but how I yearn for the Spirit, the truth, and the love of our Father. Hallelujah for you Mr. Joseph, and honor, grace and mercy are yours, and I would like to add my prayers for you and your family as well as mine.

Sincerely, I say Thank You!

A respectful, humble, and grateful servant,
Solomon (Joseph’s note: Yes, Solomon is his actual name.)
Joseph Herrin,
Hey, how are you? (Joseph’s note: For those who do not live in the southern states of America, it may seem odd to have someone greet another with the word “Hey,” but it is a common greeting here and serves in place of “Hi,” or “Hello.”) I started these parables through a friend who begged me to ask for them. As I have been reading your wonderful truths, my eyes seem to be open to a new look. I see things totally different now. These teachings of yours are very powerful. The book “Dragon Flood” opened my mind up to a new world. I see the world, not the same any more...

I really want to thank you Joseph for allowing me to receive your parables. Also, I want to know more about Yahshua or Jesus. All my life I truly never had a full understanding about Yahshua being the Savior. I always had doubt in believing in Christ. But as I’m reading your teachings I now see my faith growing in Christ. I want to know more about Yahshua and His promises. I thank you so much and may Yahweh continue to bless you!

From, A Seeker of God,

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Video Outreach

Joseph Herrin (04-15-2016)

The apostle Paul stated, “I have become all things to all men, that I may by all means save some” (I Corinthians 9:22). The context of Paul’s words was his determination to spread the gospel of Christ Yahshua to as many people as possible. He wanted to reach out to both Jew and Greek, freeman and slave, the weak and the mighty. A modern corollary may be found in the need to reach out to significantly different groups within society today: The middle class and the poor; the prisoner and the free; the young and the old; the technically savvy, and those who shun modern electronics. Reaching out to each of these distinct groups may best be accomplished through the employment of different forms of media. The message of the kingdom of God can be communicated through an array of means today. Over the course of my time engaged in ministry I have found myself utilizing an expanding array of media.

The very first writing I produced was in 1993 on a small, dedicated word processor. This word processor was basically an electric typewriter that held a few lines of text in memory, allowing the typist to review them before they were typed onto paper. My first writing was a short article titled The Work That Refreshes. I produced a few dozen copies and distributed them by hand. At that time I had also spoken in churches from the pulpit, in Sunday School, and in small groups. The Internet had not yet exploded into the popular and ubiquitous phenomenon that it is today. It would be six more years before I produced another writing.

In 1999 the Father led me to write a book. It would be the first of many. That book is titled The Remnant Bride. The Father made it known to me that I was not to pursue the conventional course of publication by seeking out a book publisher, hiring a book agent, or seeking to distribute my writing through Christian book sellers. I was to give the book away free, and the best means to do so was through the Internet. I created the Heart4God website for this purpose.

Around this time I was posting short writings to a prophecy website that was popular and which served as a type of bulletin board allowing numerous people to post. That wasn’t to last long, however, as a pastor of a church in Colorado who also posted to the site complained to the site owner that I was teaching heresy. He recommended that I be blacklisted, and the site owner was swayed by his counsel. Neither men ever reached out to discuss with me the doctrine they took offense at. When I realized I had been blacklisted I reached out to them, but they refused to discuss doctrine with me. The pastor even forbade his church members from having any correspondence with me. I was reminded of a passage from one of John’s epistles.

III John 9-10
I wrote to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to have the preeminence among them, does not receive us. Therefore, if I come, I will call to mind his deeds which he does, unjustly accusing us with malicious words. And not content with that, he himself does not receive the brethren, and forbids those who wish to, putting them out of the church.

If John, the beloved disciple and one of the original apostles of the church, could be blacklisted in his time, I consider it a small thing for one such as myself who is relatively unknown and without esteem to experience the same today. Sometimes necessity causes us to search out other ways to get things done, and it was partially due to being blacklisted from other sites that I was led to create the Heart4God website in 2000.

By 2004 my website readership was increasing, and I was delighted to be hearing from people all around the world. That is one of the benefits of the Internet. It gives one access to a global audience. Yet, after 4-5 years of full-time ministry through writing I was to be led of the Lord to experience a new phase of my life. It was to be a highly instructional period for me as I laid down the Internet writing ministry to spend 3 years and 3 months at an inner city rescue mission. My time there lasted from December of 2004 until February of 2008. I spent a year serving in the position of Resident Manager in the men’s dorm at the mission, overseeing more than 30 men in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. I then spent another two years as a manager of the mission’s thrift store, supervising male residents of the mission who were sent to work there each day.

The Macon, Georgia Rescue Mission

I had kept the Heart4God website online during the interim, but I posted nothing new to it in that three year period. In February of 2008 the Father led me to leave the mission and return to a ministry of teaching and writing. I was informed by the owner of a website hosting company who had been freely hosting my site that the type of writings I was producing would be a good fit for a blog site. Back in 2008 I didn’t know what a blog site was, but following this man’s advice I looked into the matter and in April of 2008 I began the Parables Blog. The Parables Blog became the place where I posted all my writings as they were being produced and the Heart4God site was used as a repository of all my books, audio messages, and what I consider to be legacy articles. These are teachings which have some enduring value and are profitable for people to be able to read at any time they have an interest in a specific subject.

During the two years in which I worked in the mission’s thrift store I was also conducting Bible teaching weekly in the mission’s chapel. I had a captive audience as all the men in the recovery program were required to attend chapel services. With a return to the Internet I began to receive invitations to speak in various places, always outside the traditional churches. In 2008 I was invited to speak to a small group in Indiana over the course of a week. In 2009 I spent two months traveling the nation and speaking to small groups. In 2010 I made a 4 month trek across the nation covering 11,000 miles, speaking at 15 separate locations, typically for three days of meetings at each place. While speaking at the mission and on these forays across the nation I recorded my messages as audio files and posted them on the audio page of the Heart4God website.

During my tenure at the rescue mission, I acquired a projector to hook up to a laptop computer so I could develop slides to go along with my messages in the chapel. I used this same format when I traveled the country. In February of 2010 I launched the Parables Bookshelf Newsletters as an outreach to men in prison. This has become one of the most fruitful ventures that the Lord has led me into. The number of men who have written to request the free weekly newsletters has steadily increased. Over time I have increased the number of newsletters in the series as well. There were 58 newsletters at the initial launch, which was more than a year’s worth. After a year had passed I increased the number to 83 and later to 144 distinct newsletters. More recently I increased the number of newsletters to 166, more than a three year supply for each man who subscribes.

One media format that has proved elusive to me thus far has been video. I have a YouTube account and have posted a few videos. Although they have some spiritual substance to their messages, the production quality of the videos was quite poor as I am not a skilled videographer. My preferred method of communication has always been writing, particularly through book form. I have considered for some time how to take the teachings found in my 22 books and a number of shorter writings and convert them to the medium of video while maintaining quality without an exorbitant investment of time.

The motive behind the creation of videos is the same as that of creating the newsletters. It allows me to reach out to people who wold not normally visit a blog site, or who are reluctant to spend time reading books. A 2014 article in The Atlantic magazine titled The Decline of the American Book Lover cited a trend away from the reading of books among Americans. Over the past few decades, a period in which computers, the Internet, smart phones, tablets, and other media devices have gained a pronounced place in society, the number of people reading books, and the number of books read by individuals in all age brackets, has been declining.

Nearly a quarter of people polled by Pew in 2014 reported not having read a single book. An additional 31% claimed to have read only 1-5 books. Together that equates to more than half of the population. The reasons for the decline are many, but a culture predominated by television, video games, and online videos holds much of the blame for conditioning many people to do something other than read a book. Some people prefer to have a book read to them, rather than to read it themselves, as it allows them to multitask. They can drive and listen, clean house or cook dinner while listening, etc..

After much consideration, I have decided to offer some of my writings as flip books, which is an electronic book format that is both attractive and appealing. I believe it will also translate well to video as it is an animated book form. Once the flip books are created, I can present them on video while narrating them. Screen capture software will allow me to display both the book and, by utilizing a picture in picture option, to display a video in one corner of myself doing the narration. These are relatively easy videos to produce. They provide a polished appearance, and the flip book and screen capture programs offer numerous features which will fit well with some of my more recent books which have numerous embedded videos in them, as well as a large number of images.

I purchased a copy of Flip PDF Professional to convert my PDF books into flip book format. You can see a demonstration of the software at the following link. On pages 16-19 you can view examples of embedded audio and video in the flip books, which is a very nice feature.

(Note: You can use the link at the bottom of the flip book to turn off the page turning sound if you find it distracting.)

I also acquired a copy of Camtasia, a screen capture program that is very robust in its editing and display options. I have found that software like this is significantly less expensive if you purchase a previous release, rather than the most recent edition, and often includes all of the features I would use. I anticipate posting some videos in the next couple weeks and inviting feedback so that I can make any adjustments necessary before proceeding to convert all, or most, of my books to video. I look forward to sharing these with you, and to hearing your thoughts regarding how the presentation might be improved.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days,

Joseph Herrin

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

April’s Promise

Joseph Herrin (04-14-2016)

View From My Front Window
(Click on Any Image to View Larger)

I love the Spring of the year. All of the seasons hold their own unique attraction, but Spring always seems to be full of hope. The grass greens up and begins growing again. The trees begin to put on leaves and soon they are full of blossoms. Blooming trees are a big attraction in this part of Georgia. It seems that every town around here has a Spring festival where a certain type of flowering tree takes center stage. Perry is 15 miles East of me and it holds their annual Dogwood Festival. Perry has a population of about 12,000. The town is the location of the Georgia National Fairgrounds. This is a very nice facility that hosts special events throughout the year. In conjunction with Perry’s Dogwood Festival, a hot air balloon exhibit was held at the fairgrounds. I chose not to go, but my daughter Kristin went and I asked her to take some pictures.

From 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. they had activities for children, leading up to what they called an “Evening Glow” of hot air balloons. They were very pretty when lit up after it became dark enough to appreciate them.

I didn’t miss out completely, for the next day I was sitting at my desk when some motion caught my attention at the corner of my eye. I looked across the field and I saw a hot air balloon sailing by. It was very nice to watch. Other towns around also have their celebrations. Fort Valley is about the same distance North and it holds a Peach Blossom Festival. Macon, Georgia which is about 40 miles north, and the closest bona fide city, population about 80,000, annually holds their Cherry Blossom Festival.

No one holds a pine pollen festival, but my sinuses annually let me know when it is blowing in the wind. And blow it does. There is a double row of pine trees all along the lengthy driveway leading up to the property I have my bus parked on. One day a few weeks back I thought my neighbors were burning some yard trash as there were clouds of what appeared to be smoke blowing from that direction. When I looked closer I saw that it was clouds of pine pollen blowing out of the trees. At its peak, it leaves a coating of yellow dust on cars, outdoor furniture, and most anything that doesn’t move.

I have kept moving, however. Indeed, I have been involved in numerous projects. Spring does that to me as well. A couple weeks ago in a post titled Spring Forward I reported on removing the dinette from my bus which has served as my office space for the past six years, and putting in a real desk.

Ten days ago I mentioned some additional projects around my bus in the article titled Staying Busy.

One of the projects I tackled involved making alterations to the 12 old style school bus windows which are accessible, so that I could more easily open and shut them. This time of year it is wonderful to be able to open up the bus and let the fresh country breezes blow through. I wasn’t satisfied with the end result of my window project. The idea was sound, but the execution was somewhat lacking. So this week I tackled it again, and I am much more happy with the end result. I had mentioned that I had installed what amounted to a small pulley system with a string and wood block to use to raise and lower the windows.

The major deficiency was that the piece of hardware I used for a pulley did not have a channel in the middle, so the string would slip to the side and get stuck. I also deemed the twine I used to be too light weight, and the small eye hook I used to attach the string to the window was somewhat flimsy and I was concerned they would break or eventually fall out. So I went back to the drawing board. I found these little pieces of hardware on Amazon’s site.

These little gizmos are used in windows to aid in their movement up and down. I intended to use them for the same purpose, albeit in a different manner than they were designed for. They are about 2 inches long, which was about half an inch too long for my needs, so I cut off one of the ends with my Dremel tool, and mounted them. I then used some lightweight paracord to replace the twine I had been using. The paracord is very sturdy stuff and is rated to hold 275 pounds. I also did away with the eye hooks and drilled two holes all the way through the window and threaded the paracord through the holes and tied it off.

Close-Up of the Important Stuff

The paracord fits perfectly in the channel in the roller and it makes a great difference. The cord stays centered now, even if I pull the cord from an angle. I am much happier with this set-up.

Window Open

The paint on the window could use some refreshing. I am in my 7th year of living in the bus since I first converted it to a motorhome, so the paint is beginning to show its age. The fresh air is wonderful, however, and the windows are now easily lowered and raised, so I am content.

Now that I have a real desk, I have seen the possibility of making videos in my bus. Sitting at the dinette was not very conducive to recording videos. I tried making some over at my daughter’s rental home, but setting up and taking down my equipment, and the inconvenience of being somewhere else, kept me from moving forward with that plan. I already had most of what I needed, including a green screen backdrop, and spotlights, a microphone, and camera. I also had some of the software I needed. I was hanging the green screen on a wall at my daughter’s, but that would not work in the bus. I took the green screen material to a local Mennonite seamstress and asked her to sew pockets at the top and bottom so I could run a rod through and hang it behind my desk chair from the ceiling. This sister in the Lord is precious. She only charged me $7 to cut the material to size, double it over to make it opaque, put a hem in the edge she cut, and sew pockets for the dowel rods.

You can see the Green Screen rolled up and out of my way when not in use. All I have to do is lower it when I want to record at my desk. Then I can change the background to something more picturesque than the wall of my bus.

Green Screen Lowered

It is important to properly illuminate the green screen in order for the effect to work well. I had some halogen flood lamps and stands which I used at my daughter’s, but there was no room for stands in my bus and halogen lamps get too hot for a small space such as the inside of a motorhome. So I purchased an LED flood lamp that is only 10 watts, but puts out an amazing amount of light. I mounted it on a flexible arm which I already owned. I had purchased the arm some time back when I was recovering from a leg injury and had to stay in bed. I used it to hold a Kindle Tablet, but it works just fine holding a flood lamp over my computer to shine on the green screen. You can see it in the image above.

Flood Lamp

These flood lamps are available on Amazon for $11.50, which I deem to be a bargain. LED is really the way to go as it uses far less electricity for the light emitted, and does not put out the heat of an incandescent bulb. The light comes with only about 12 inches of wire sticking out the back, and no plug on the end, as most people purchase them to wire up outside directly into an electrical box. The wire is 3 conductor, and much smaller than standard appliance wiring as it carries very little current. I could not find any similar wire at any of the hardware stores, so I stopped by a local computer repair business and showed a young man what I needed. He came back with an exact piece of wire about 6 feet long, and said he would not even charge me for it as he had plenty of it laying around. I gave him $5 anyway for his trouble, for it was worth something to me. There is an excellent video on YouTube showing exactly how to wire one up, though the wire colors are European code, not American, so you have to factor that in.

I will post another blog about the software solution I arrived at for converting my books and other writings to videos. I tested it out a few days ago after I had everything I needed. My mouse sits directly under my microphone, and dragging it across my desk was very noisy and distracting on the recordings. I tried some things to quiet the mouse, but was not satisfied with the results, so I opted to replace my mouse with a trackball. I have never used a trackball before, but may people prefer them to a mouse and I am confident I can adjust.

This is one model of a trackball produced by a company called Kensington. I like the scroll wheel feature on this one as I do a lot of scrolling on the Internet, in documents, and when working with the prisoner newsletter database. You just move the scroll ring back and forth with one of your fingers to move up and down, which seems an elegant solution. The ball on top of the trackball is used to move around the screen, and the buttons perform the same functions as on a standard mouse and are programmable as well. Users report that the trackball is practically silent since you don’t have to slide it around the desk like a mouse.

One final thing I will mention which completes my desk workspace is the chair I am using. Having a good chair is quite important when you work at the computer as many hours as I do. I did not have a desk chair the past six years as I sat at the built-in dinette in my motorhome. When I went to purchase the desk from a local man I contacted through Craigslist, I asked him if he had any chairs for sale. He was a businessman who had recently closed a flooring company that had been open for the past 30 years. There were a couple of office chairs in the store. On the surface they did not look too impressive. They evidently had been used a lot. They both had duct tape on the arm rests where they had become worn.

The man told me I could have either one free of charge. I accepted his offer gratefully, knowing I would need something to sit on, and I figured it would suffice until I could get something better. When I went to move the chair I was surprised at how heavy it was. It had about five levers underneath to adjust the chair up or down, the angle of the chair, the height of the back rest, the height and width of the arm rests, and I don’t know what else.

When I got it home I looked at the chair and, other than the arm rest which was taped up rather badly, there was nothing wrong with it. It looked like it had been an expensive chair, so I found the manufacture ID # and looked it up online. These chairs retail for $375. I found some replacement arm rest covers for less than $20 on Ebay, and received them a few days later. They fit perfectly and now the chair is flawless. I also ordered some larger rollers for the chair to raise it a couple inches since I also raised my desk. I am in awe of Yahweh’s provision, for the chair is worth more than I paid for the desk, and I also got a good deal on the desk.

On a closing note, Girlfriend’s puppies are 9 days old today. They should have their eyes open soon. They are fat and strong. Girlfriend is a good mother. She is very attentive to her puppies. Her appetite has greatly increased as she is now eating for 9 (One of the two white puppies died around day 4 or 5. I am not sure what the cause was, as it appeared healthy.) I caught a puppy yawning in the following photo.

They pretty much eat and sleep right now, but should be more active once their eyes are opened. Surprisingly, I have had three people locally say they would like to get a puppy when they are weaned. I had not even told anyone about them, but a couple different neighbors had noticed that Girlfriend was nursing and expressed interest in getting a puppy. It is looking like it will not be too difficult to find homes for them when they are old enough to give away.

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