Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Passion for Christ

A sister in Christ invited me to listen to an audio message from Paul Washer that she has posted to her website. I have watched a couple of videos on YouTube in the past that contained messages by this brother in Christ. I have been impressed by his passion, his zeal, and the absence of concern for offending those who hear. He speaks with an air of one who sees himself standing more in the presence of God than the presence of man.

This is not to say that I agree with all of the doctrines of this man. He is still staunchly a Baptist and would no doubt be offended at a great many of the teachings I have been led of the Spirit to deliver to the body of Christ. Yet, in listening to him, I am persuaded that he is a true brother. The Spirit of Christ dwells in him, and he has an unusual devotion to Christ in this hour.

I want to share this word that I recently listened to. I have sat down and listened to it twice now. It is stirring. It is a message that a church after the description of Sardis would benefit from hearing. To those whose works are not completed in the sight of the Lord, it will encourage them to redouble their efforts. To a body of believers who are near death spiritually, it may breathe some new life into them. To those who are already passionate about Christ and following hard after Him, it will certainly be en encouragement to continue.

May the Spirit of Christ speak to you as you listen.


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Kim said...

I have listened to many of Paul Washer's sermons, and I am always inspired to a higher walk with the Lord by him. This one is really exceptional. Thank you for posting it. God is showing me that all I really need is Him.