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Hell’s Pharmacy

Joseph Herrin (08-14-09)

In writing this post I have experienced a greater horror at the discovery of the sinister abominations coming forth upon the world than I can remember. It was as if my spirit man were weeping at the things being revealed. If you had any doubts about whether you were to take the upcoming swine flu shot, or any other type of vaccination, you need to read this post.

As I have been following the news about the hyped flu pandemic, it has become evident that there is an evil and malignant power behind it all. Satan is “the god of this world” (II Corinthians 4:4), and he has many evil men who would gladly follow him as he offers them that same temptation that Christ turned down. Satan offers to them the kingdoms of this world if they will only bow down and worship him.

Many men have done so willingly, and multitudes more follow out of deception, not knowing who it is they are serving. These men (and women) are found in government, industry, and in positions of religious influence. Some of them work in the Pharmaceutical industry, and they are bringing forth greater sorceries upon the earth than has ever been seen before.

In the New Testament we find that the Greek word translated into the English word “sorcery” is pharmakeia. In Revelation, John describes Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots, with the following words:

Revelation 18:23
Your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery.

This verse literally says that the merchants of Babylon were the great men of the earth, and “all the nations were deceived by your pharmakeia.” The related word “pharmakeus” described one who was “a druggist, a poisoner, a magician” (Source: Strong’s Concordance of the Bible).

At this very moment there is being planned a great illusion. It will be the act of the great deceiver who deceives all the earth. He is about to bring millions, perhaps billions, of people to practice child sacrifice and abominations without their knowledge. What is coming is truly diabolical.

I have read media reports and have understood that it usually takes 6 to 9 months to develop a flu vaccine AFTER the flu strain has been identified. The traditional process is to inject viral material into chicken eggs and then to harvest the antibodies that are produced. This is a time intensive process, and a way to speed up the production of vaccine has been sought, and has been found.

The foremost way to streamline the process involves taking human cells, instead of eggs, and using them as the medium in which to grow the viral material to produce the desired vaccine. In looking into this new process, I found that one company in particular has a line of cellular material that they license to other major pharmaceutical companies so that they can create pharmaceutical products. These products include flu vaccines.

The company is called Crucell. It actually has multiple lines of human cell material, but one in particular, called PER.C6, is marketed to be used to develop vaccines. What the company does not announce publicly is that the cell line was derived from an aborted baby.

PER.C6 cells are derived from embryonic retina cells of an aborted fetus. These cells were taken from the eye of a baby aborted in 1972 and frozen. In 1985 they were unfrozen and used to start this cell line. This aborted baby’s cells have been reproduced and distributed to other pharmaceutical companies to be injected into millions of people’s bodies.

This cell line is pronounced as “Percy Six.” According to the website, the name Percy came from a Gaulish (French) name that was Latinized as Persius. This name sounds much like Percy Six. Looking at the meaning of the name Perseus one discovers another omen of this products evil.

Possibly derived from Greek περθω (pertho) meaning "to destroy."

The Scriptures speak of the work of Satan in this manner.

John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy...

The United States Food and Drug Administration is aware of the source of this cell line. In 2001 the FDA held meetings at which testimony was given concerning PER.C6.

FDA Meeting Minutes

We will now call on Dr. Alex van der Eb to tell us about adenovirus transformation of human cells and the development of 293 and PER.C6 cells for the manufacture of defective adenovirus vaccines.

Dr. Alex Van Der Eb, of Crucell is speaking...

So what I would like to do is to describe to you how and why we have made two different cell lines, adenovirus transformed human embryo cell lines which are called 293 and PER.C6. Both cell lines were made in my lab, and also the cells, the starting material, was prepared by myself at the University of Leiden. The 293 cell was made by Frank Graham in 1973 from human embryonic kidney cells that were made from fetal tissue one year ago..., whereas the PER.C6 cell was made by Ron Bout and Frits Fallaux in 1995 from an embryonic retina cultures that were made from fetal tissue by me ten years before that, in 1985...
So in 1995, Brahm Bout (phonetic), Frits Fallaux, Brahm Bout from IntroGene and Frits Fallaux from our university Gene Therapy Group, decided that we should try and make a new helper cell line... And indeed, in order to make a new system that allowed pharmaceutical production of adenovirus vectors.... It should also meet pharmaceutical standards. If you start all over again you can just as well try to do that, and it could be the basis for the manufacture of multiply deleted Adenovirus 5 vectors also. So we chose the human embryonic retina cells at that time...
So I isolated retina from a fetus, from a healthy fetus as far as could be seen, of 18 weeks old. There was nothing special with a family history or the pregnancy was completely normal up to the 18 weeks, and it turned out to be a socially indicated abortus - abortus provocatus, and that was simply because the woman wanted to get rid of the fetus.
We got this. There was permission, etcetera, and that was, however, was in 1985, ten years before this...

"The father was not known, not to the hospital anymore, what was written down was an unknown father, and that was, in fact, the reason why the abortion was requested."

This company acquired the body of a baby aborted at 18 weeks (6+6+6). It took cells from the eye of the child, and has used them to develop a line of cellular material that it is deriving great profit from. Unknown to millions of people, they are being injected with biological material taken from a healthy child that was killed in what is described as “a socially indicated abortus.” That is to say, it was an unwanted pregnancy taken from a sexually immoral woman who did not even know who the father was.

Crucell states on their website that the PER.C6 cell line has been marketed to other pharmaceutical companies and has been used in a number of vaccines. According to the company’s website, “PER.C6® technology is being used in Crucell’s programs for the development of vaccines against tuberculosis, malaria, influenza, Ebola and Marburg.” Added to this list is now H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

In looking at Crucell’s website, I was struck by the symbolism of their company logo.

Not only does this “eye” logo relate to the retinal tissue of the aborted baby that is used for their PER.C6 product line, it also is a symbol of the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and many other Luciferian organizations. The all seeing eye, a single eye, is a well documented symbol of occult organizations.

On Crucell’s homepage they also have displayed a graphic that once more draws attention to the eye of a child. Just one eye is shown, and the same symbolism and references are once more brought into focus.

It is sickening to consider that someone is making a macabre joke in focusing on the eye of a small black child. In America the percentage of abortions broken down by race reveals that a disproportionate number of abortions are performed on blacks. Planned Parenthood places most of their clinics in minority neighborhoods, and Margaret Sanger, the founder of the organization openly promoted Eugenics. Eugenics was a pseudo-science focused upon selective breeding and the removal of undesirable elements from society. For those who view whites as a superior race, it seems prudent to them to take steps to insure that other races are suppressed.

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, more than 43 percent of African-American pregnancies end in abortion. Although African-Americans represent only 12 percent of the American population, they account for almost 35 percent of all abortions. In Mississippi, for example, while African-Americans represent only 37 percent of the population, they account for 73 percent of the state’s abortions. More than 78 percent of Planned Parenthood’s abortion centers are in or near minority communities.

Abortions are much more common among minority women in the U.S. In 2000-2001, the rates among black and Hispanic women were 49 per 1,000 and 33 per 1,000, respectively, vs. 13 per 1,000 among non-Hispanic white women.
[Source:, article on Abortion]

Look again at the graphic for Crucell. It seems possible, even probable, that Satan is mocking both God and man by focusing attention on the eye of a child on Crucell’s home page. This is macabre and sinister. To harvest the eye cells of an aborted baby and then inject them into millions, or even billions of people is nothing other than a re-enactment of the ancient and perversely cruel rites of Baal and Moloch worship where children were sacrificed to bring blessing to the rest of the population.

Child Offered to Moloch

Perhaps Crucell should be considered to be an amalgamation of the words “cruel” and “crucible.”

A question that many should want answered is “Are the vaccines the government will encourage, or even force, its citizens to take derived from the cells of an aborted baby? Searching the Internet the answer appears to be “Yes!” Using haste as a rationale, Pharmaceutical companies are abandoning the egg as a traditional medium, and they are using cell lines instead. Unlike food products that are required to show clearly their ingredients, the FDA does not require Pharmaceutical companies to tell what is in their vaccines.

Even if the companies declared that they did not use fetal material, I would not trust them. Baxter was recently caught shipping live Avian flu virus to labs in Europe that were not to contain any such thing. The particular strain of virus Baxter sent out is fatal in 60% of the people who contract it. Did the vaccine contain a label declaring that it contained live Avian Flu virus? The company claimed it was a mistake. Would you trust this same organization to not use fetal material in the development of their vaccines?

If these same mega-corporations say they did not use fetal material, are we merely to take their word? Yet, many of them do not even deny using these cell lines in their products. According to a Crucell press release:

Crucell develops vaccines and licenses its PER.C6(TM) cell line technology to companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The company's licensees include Merck & Co. for its HIV vaccine, Novartis, GSK, Centocor/J&J and Aventis. Crucell has partnered with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the development of an Ebola vaccine.

Listed among Crucell’s customers for its PER.C6 cell line are some of the world’s largest drug makers. One of them is Sanofi Pasteur. According to their website, they are using the PER.C6 cell line for their swine flu vaccine, and the United States Department of Health and Human Services has awarded them a contract.

It is doubtful that the U.S. will identify what company they obtained the particular vaccine from that they wish to inject individuals with, nor will they reveal how it was made. The U.S. government recently contracted with Novartis to deliver $289 million dollars worth of flu vaccine. Novartis declares on their website that they are using cell-based technology to speed up the process, instead of the older egg based technology. It seems significant as well that Novartis is manufacturing the vaccine at its Holly Springs, North Carolina facility.

Understanding that the Greek word from which we derive our word Pharmacy is also a word for sorcery, leads one to ponder the connection to Holly Springs. Holly wood (Yes, there is a connection to Hollywood) is regarded by witches to be sacred. Magic wands were made from the Holly tree. Holly leaves were used in potions, as a protection of a house, and to invite benevolent spirits in. The name Holly was given to the tree by pagan practitioners who considered it “holy.”

Novartis states that they are using a “proprietary cell line,” but they have not disclosed the origin of it. Seeing that they have contracted previously with Crucell to use their PER.C6 cell line, I do not trust them to disclose truthfully the origin of the mammalian material they are using. According to Crucell’s website, Novartis contracted with them to use PER.C6 in December, 2004. You can view the following page to identify all companies that have contracted to use this aborted fetal line.

Can you imagine the triumph of Satan as he gloats over how he has induced millions of men, women and children to receive into their bodies biological material taken from the retina of an aborted child? Like the pagan practitioners of old, he has convinced them that the sacrifice of a child will result in their good, it will insure their welfare.

Consider how similar this “vaccine” is to the potions of witches and wizards. Practitioners of witchcraft and sorcery are often depicted as adding bizarre elements to their potions: Wing of bat; Eye of newt; Warts from a toad. But modern Pharmakeia has trumped them all. They have added biological material from the eye of an unborn child to their mix, and they would induce you to receive this into your body to protect your life.

May God protect His people from the sinister works of Satan. Truly all the nations have been deceived by his sorceries (pharmakeia).

Note: I have focused in this article upon the immoral aspect of creating vaccines from biological material obtained from aborted babies. There are many other reasons to be concerned about the vaccines that the government is rushing to deliver to the citizens of America. There are real health risks with the normal flu vaccines, and many physicians allege a relationship between the exploding occurrence of autism among children and certain adjuvants used in vaccines (specifically thimerosal - a mercury product).

There are many who are asserting that an international criminal cabal that controls the U.N. the W.H.O. and key positions in industry and in the governments of the world, are intending to weaponize deadly flu strains and mass inject them into the population. This will serve to meet the goals of the global elite who have declared that the world population should not exceed 500 million.

It is inconceivable to think that Baxter Pharmaceuticals could receive a sample of the H5N1 Avian flu from the World Health Organization, process it at one of the most secure facilities in the world that has stringent isolation procedures, and it “accidentally” find its way into a flu vaccine it shipped out this past year. Viruses do not “accidentally” find their way into vaccines. The vaccines have to be biologically engineered.

This vaccine that they sent out to an Austrian lab for distribution contained a viral strain known to be fatal in 60% of those who become infected. The virus was live, and was detected when the Austrian lab injected it into ferrets and they died.

An Austrian journalist, Jane Burgermeister, has filed criminal charges against Baxter, Novartis, and Pasteur Sanofi for their complicity in a criminal conspiracy to cause a worldwide pandemic. The U.S. government has contracted with each of the named pharmaceutical companies to supply vaccine for planned fall distribution. They have said they will begin with children and pregnant women first. This is a change from the normal priority of vaccinating the elderly, and one must consider the real reason for this change. To read more in this matter, I recommend the following article as a starting point.

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Anonymous said...

Shalom, Mr. Herrin:
I note that it is the left eye that is exposed, while the right eye is covered. Your thoughts?

Joseph Herrin said...

Yes! Another reader pointed out to me earlier that the Illuminati uses the left eye to represent something very specific. The following is taken from "The Dictionary of the Occult."

"Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis was called ‘Horus who rules with two eyes.’ His right eye was white and represented the sun: his left eye was black and represented the moon. According to the myth, Horus lost his left eye to his evil brother, Seth, who he fought to avenge Seth’s murder of Osiris. Seth tore out of the eye but lost the fight. The eye was reassembled by magic, by Thoth, the god of writing, the moon and magic. Horus presented his eye to Osiris, who experienced rebirth in the underworld.
-Dictionary of the Occult

You will note that the Crucell logo also uses the left eye, as well as the picture of the child. Note specifically that Horus left eye was black, and the child is a black child displaying only the left eye.

Note also that the story goes that the eye was "reassembled by magic." Pharmakeia is sorcery, and it has reassembled the eye of this aborted child by means of their "potions."

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this information. Have read your parablesblog for a week and am finding answers for many questions.

Anonymous said...

Wow... phenomenal research. Awesome (as in awesomely awful) implications. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I got half way through the article and became physically ill and could not stop crying. I have had a dream about a dangerous vaccine that put in your arm will withdraw your blood. I took this to mean that it would either kill you physically, damn your soul, or both. thank you for posting this.

Cathy Palmer said...

Agree - do NOT get a flu shot!

SON-shine (faith in the Lord Jesus Christ) and sunshine (vit D) are our best defenses against the flu.

Jag's software guide said...

wow, great article. Hatsoff for your research on such one. Great work.

Anonymous said...

praise YAH. this information is confirmation for me. i just learned about the word scorcery and what it really means.

Anonymous said...

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or you're that latest victim of a virus attack

you need Percy, Percy Six, a 22nd century box of tricks
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Anonymous said...

18 Reasons Why You Should NOT Vaccinate Your Children Against The Flu This Season:

Man from Modesto said...

Further, the man in a circle logo is actually a man inside 4 crescent moons. The crescent moon is symbol of satan's power. Sacrifices are given to satan at the waxing moon.

Also, "El" means God, as in El-Shaddai, El-ohim.

Cruc is Latin for cross. So we have a company named "Cross of God". The cross is the thing which was used to kill Jesus.

Evil, evil, evil.

Man from Modesto said...

Further, one of the reason satan loves abortions so much is that the curse of murder goes onto every person involved: the woman, everyone who allowed it, the one who drove her, the doctor, the nurses...

What about those who receive the tissues from murder?

The curse extends to the children, grandchildren, and great-children (four generations.)

These things must be broken using spiritual authority.
Luke 10:1
1 John 1:9
Gal 3:13
Isaiah 61:1
Acts 10:38
Rev 3:7-13