Monday, May 8, 2017

The New Day

Joseph Herrin (05-08-2017)

Kristin and I

The above picture shows my daughter Kristin and I as I am trying out a new chair she got me for my birthday. The chair was an outdoor rocker. It fit me just right. Yesterday was a blessed day. It was right before we left for supper with Nicholas and George. Once again the weather was unusually cool for Middle Georgia. It has taken a step back from the nineties and the high was in the seventies. It is forecast to be nice today as well.

Nicholas and George are great friends to me. The Lord has allowed us to remain strong friends and we get together often to discuss things. Even our drive to the restaurant was productive. My daughter told us of her and another girl sharing with a young Hispanic girl about the Lord. They have started a Bible study together, and since the young girl didn’t seem to know much about the Bible though she has been in Catholic church all her life, my daughter started in Genesis. She told us how wonderful it was to hear the girl say she had never heard about the rainbow. Her remark was “Wow! That is where the rainbow came from? I have never heard about that.” The reason it is wonderful to hear such things is that the word of God is a new book for her. She does not know any of the stories from the Bible. She had not even heard of Moses though she is in Catholic church every Sunday.

When Kristin and I move next month George and Nicholas will only be 2-3 miles from us. Right now they are 10 or 11 miles. The move will have many positive benefits.

I hope to begin a more upright trike ride every morning. Right now I am walking a couple of miles every morning. Those who keep up with me know that I recently sold my tricycle.

Tricycle That Was Sold

I have been looking at some other trikes that are not so low to the ground. The trike above served me well until I had a stroke. I think it is too low to the ground now. I have been looking at some others. Bicycles are a bit of a challenge with their balance requirements. It will only be about 3 miles to the post office and I will have the whole town of Montezuma around. Taking a morning or evening ride the other direction will afford me a wonderful view through the countryside.

I will provide one picture of a more upright tricycle now. When I get closer to buying one I will be sure to show it.

I am not sure if this is the one I’m going to get, but it is a type of upright trike. It would certainly be good for recuperation, providing lots of exercise. I find that the more physically capable I am, the more it requires that I have something to keep me physically fit. I have enjoyed bicycling all my life, and the tricycle is the best option of the bicycle

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