Thursday, May 18, 2017

Microsoft Access

Joseph Herrin (05-18-2017)

I received an e-mail from a brother in Christ yesterday that suggested that since I was going to revamp the Office suite that I use MS Access instead of Excel. I already have MS Access in my package of software and it is more scalable. Furthermore, I have added all the newsletters to the print run and I don’t know that I will add anymore. It will take a little over 6 years to receive all of the newsletters I have now created.

MS Access is geared more toward long runs of databases. I have noticed that MS Excel has been slowing down a bit the more I add to it. I would like to ask anyone who knows Access to please contact me if you are able to create the program for me. You can get a pretty good idea for how it is done by taking a look at the MS Excel program I have been using. I don’t think it should take long to create for it is a fairly simple program.

If anyone is an Access 2016 programmer and is familiar with Visual Basic please contact me. I would really appreciate it.

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