Sunday, March 5, 2017


Following is the Flipbook file for Genesis. I have put the book in Flipbuilder format to make it easier to read.

Genesis - Flipbook

For those who would like to proofread the book of Genesis the above account has been made available. More will be written on this rendering of Genesis in the next few days.

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Skip said...

Will you be providing these as individual PDF files for each book, or will you only provide the books as one finished volume? I like the individual PDF idea the best, along with a final product PDF when completed. The Flipbooks are nice, but I can do a faster word search in a PDF file. That is my humble opinion, Brother Herrin.

Joseph Herrin said...

Dear Skip,

I will be doing a PDF file as well. Look for one tomorrow.


JR SiftedBeliever said...

Love it,2 big thumbs up,i trust this work will be a huge blessing to the body.