Sunday, January 30, 2011

Butterfly Dreams

Joseph Herrin (01-30-2011)

Bus Painted - Driver’s Side
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In the midst of writing blog posts and answering e-mail I have found opportunity recently to get most of the bus painted. My first step was painting the roof. I mixed ceramic additive into a gallon of white paint, and applied the mixture to the roof. The ceramic additive will greatly reduce heat absorption during sunny days.

It took about 4-5 hours to paint the roof. The platform at the rear took the most time as all the rails had to be painted with a brush. The entire bus was painted with brush and roller. As you can see from the picture above, I decided to go back with the original white and blue color scheme after so many people wrote to me and suggested that they liked it the best of the options I had posted.

It was difficult to see from photos, but the bus was in bad need of painting. In the following photo you can see remnants of all three previous lives of the bus. First it was a school bus, then a church bus, then a NASCAR fan’s mid-track viewing platform.

I scraped off the reflectors and vinyl lettering that was found across the exterior, including words like “CHURCH BUS,” and the Methodist Church logos that were on either side. Then I proceeded to paint the bus. White was applied first, then blue.

Painting a large vehicle with brush and roller gives one an opportunity to exercise the fruit of the Spirit. Patience is certainly needed. The ladder on the back of the bus had to be painted with a brush. It is tedious work, but the finished result made it worth the labor.

I spent one day painting the white on each side of the bus.


Another day was needed to paint the blue.

I waited for it to warm up to about 50 degrees each day before I started painting. I would spend the morning writing until about 11:00 A.M. or Noon, and then paint during the afternoon.

I found some butterfly decals at Walmart in the automotive section. They were on closeout, and marked down. I bought two packs. Each pack was enough to do one side of the bus.

Applying Decals

The instructions said to wet the surface with water, then peel the backing off the decals and use a squeegee to rub them into place. After letting them sit for about 15 minutes, the top film could be removed. The process went very smoothly, and I had both sides of the bus completed in less than an hour.

I am very pleased with the overall appearance of the bus now. Some people in the campground have commented on the bus’s clean lines. It does not look like it is 39 years old now. The body has been well preserved. After all, it is Body by Carpenter.

I still have to paint the nose of the bus, but I must do some patching and sanding there first. I did replace the light covers up front, and I applied the vinyl lettering that Randy Simmons gave to me.

You may wonder what the butterfly symbolizes. It is a parable of those whose lives are transformed through Christ. We all begin as the caterpillar. The caterpillar is a consumer with a voracious appetite. It has been described as a stomach with legs. The caterpillar goes through a stunning metamorphosis. The fleshly, earthbound insect becomes a heavenly creation of great beauty. Its appetites are transformed. Its mind is changed, for that which was earthbound adapts to a life lived in the heavens. When the transformation is complete, there is nothing to suggest that the butterfly began life as a lowly caterpillar.

We too must lay aside the old life to become spiritual creations. The old life is comfortable. It is familiar, and we are strongly attached to it. Yet, our Father has a plan to transform all who are willing into heavenly beings. The instrument of transformation is the cross. It puts to death the old nature that a new creation might arise.

This is my dream. I believe God can accomplish such a transformation in my life, from glory to glory. I pray that all who read these writings might also dream such dreams.

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John said...

Beautiful! Nice work, Brother Joseph.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice! I do like the paint combinations and the decals.