Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Food and Music

Joseph Herrin (10-4-2016)

I will give an update, as well as a direction for ministry in the coming days. Two things have been largely on my mind of late. Both of them are a direction for ministry. The first is eating. The second is music. Music is a topic I chose for ministry some time back.

The way I have gotten into these topics is interesting. As you all know, I experienced a stroke back at the first of May. As many things are, a stroke is precipitated by diet, at least mine was. I have taken a good long look at the diet that lead to mine. I will be writing about what I have discovered as I write about mine.

The second thing is music. I have had lots of time on my hands, so I have recently begun using it to investigate the subject of what music is acceptable to the Christian. You will discover that not only have I been studying music, but I have been listening to it as well. For those not aware of it, I have gotten lots and lots of music off of Ebay. I have spent less than $400 dollars on music and have acquired about 1,000 CDs. These are big name albums from an array of musical styles. I even bought 450 CDs that were all Christian from a seller on Ebay. Overall I have gotten music that is Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Folk, Fusion, Bluegrass, Country, Polka and the list goes on. It is my hope that the Spirit will guide in determining what is acceptable to Him.

For those interested in my thoughts on music, the same Spirit who has led to the discoveries that man did not go to the moon, that history is taught from the perspective of the winners of wars and the owners of the publishing houses, that the very shape of society is molded by the womens libbers and the mysogynists, that homosexuality is heralded by government leaders, and that in the end it is Satan behind all of it, the same Spirit is pleased to make known His thoughts on music. If we are not pushing for a certain musical style we will certainly know what is acceptable to Him.

These are subjects that will be addressed in coming blogs. I invite all who are interested and who will be reading them to please pray for me that I might be able to set forth my thoughts in a logical fashion.

This leads to the update on my health. I am doing fine, though not as fine as most would think from reading this. I find it a chore to find the right letters to type. Part of this is the new Dvorak keyboard I am using, but only part of it. I do have trouble still finding the correct word to use. Sometimes I  will think and think, and not being able to grasp the word I will write the sentence different. I find that my mind is sharpest when I am rested. It is with the greatest difficulty that I converse in the evenings. I am best to not be required to talk in the evening.

My other duties such as going to town to get my mail, or to go grocery shopping, must be done when I am rested also. I can drive okay. Evening hours are best spent listening to music. I continue to print newsletters every other week. There are 250 men in prison who have asked to receive them. I was able to get my printer fixed. The repairs cost $454.52 and they came out of my pocket until the insurer reimburses me.

As far as walking, I still have to use a cane, mainly for balance. I haven’t fallen in almost three months, which I consider good. I have begun to ride my recumbent trike for five miles every morning. The weather has been good. The roads out here are all dirt and it has not rained in over a month. I will have to walk a bit now until it rains and the sand in the road is packed down. I am taking a walk twice a day.

Well, that is it. Once again I ask that people only write me letters that can be answered with a minimum of writing. I very much want to thank people who have given of their finances to support this ministry. I continue to send out newsletters and my continued research does cost. My thanks go to all of you who have made my time of recovery so blessed.

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