Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Prophetic Word

Joseph Herrin (06-03-2018)

A few days ago I heard a recommendation for a prophetic word. The brother who made this recommendation could not make any further recommendations than this word, for he had not heard this woman before. I went out and listened to it and I was greatly challenged by it. I wrote this brother back and told him that I believed it to be a true word.

If you have read very long at this website you may note that the woman does not wear a headcovering. I shared this with the second man I had shared this word with, for he had raised the objection. I said, “I would be more surprised today if she did wear a headcovering than if she did not.” The reason is that there are so few women who recognize the headcovering as a symbol of authority. Very few indeed recognize it as a commandment of the Lord for all women when they are praying or prophesying (I Corinthians 11:2-16).

I have had women with their heads uncovered prophesy truly to me. If I only considered their words true when their heads were covered I would be a very poor man. I recognize these as two separate issues, and I pray that you might as well.

My thanks go to Randy Furman for sharing this prophecy with me. Although the following word is addressed to those who stand in the pulpits, those who support them in their places will receive a prophetic word as well. The actual word starts at 4 minutes and 8 seconds into the video.

Joseph Herrin

Kim Chadwell Hilton
"Prophetic words are taken very, very seriously. Prophetic words are not to be changed. Kim Chadwell gives you permission to copy these words in exact form. However, if it is found that you have changed, added, or altered these prophetic words, you will be pursued for copyright infringement."

Part 3: To Those Who Stand In My Pulpits – Kim Chadwell

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