Thursday, August 17, 2017

Heart4God Website

Joseph Herrin (08-17-2017)

The Heart4God website has been thoroughly redone. George Young is the thoughtful creator of the website. He is my neighbor (about 2 miles away) and he has done all the work free of charge. I have given him suggestions from time to time, but all of the major work has been his own.

The tree on the homepage is something that he came up with. If you hover over the blue leaves on the tree you will see each of the various segments highlighted.

I have highlighted the Books page by moving my mouse over the leaf that is connected to it. I can click on the Books leaf and it will take me to the page. There is more than one way to get some place on the site. I can also click on the menu at the top of the page to go directly where I want to go.

There are 21 books on this page. You can click on a book and you are brought to all the options for the book.

The paperback versions of the book are for sale. I don’t set the prices on the paperbacks, and I agree they are too high. They are just there for four of the books. This was something I thought I would offer to people who were not able to read them online, or print them out themselves to read them. I made this offer many years ago. The books in paperback are The Remnant Bride, Sabbath, The Mark of the Beast, and Overcoming Addiction by the Spirit of Christ.

As far as the first three options, the Kindle option is for people who want to read them with a Kindle. They cost one dollar. Ten of the books are available as Kindle books. For all of the books, they are available as PDF and ClickBook. PDF is the simplest type of book to make available. Everyone should be able to download books as PDF. ClickBook is an added format that I have just gotten listed. They are absolutely free as are the PDF. I like the way they present the book much better than a plain PDF.

I am not sure if the ClickBooks require a download. I would appreciate if some readers would let me know with their different browsers. If it does require a download, it will be free. Just click on the right arrow to open the book and turn the page, and use the left arrow to go back. It should open in a new window, so you can just go back to the page you were formerly on at anytime.

If you click on the Articles page, you will come to the main section for standalone posts. These are all the posts divided up into Current Events/Prophecy, Discipleship/Christian Walk, and Bible Teaching/Doctrine.

I will be adding some new articles soon.

The next leaf, or menu item, is Audio.

There is a description next to every audio file offered. Click on one and you will load the audio file with its player. The player is different for various browsers, but yours will load automatically.

The next menu item at the top is for the Blog. If you click on it you will see another page load with the Parablesblog.

Then we come to the Newsletters at the top of the Heart4God page. Clicking on the leaf or the menu item Newsletter will carry you to the following page.

You can print out pages that print on both sides of the page. The content of the Newsletters is the 21 books I have written, as well as a large number of the standalone articles.

These are an excellent way to share the writings with men or women in prison, or any other person.

The next leaf or menu item is Photos. These are some photos I have taken at the various places I have been to, and the things I have done.

The photos pop-up as in the picture above (that is my daughter and I). The Lord has taken me to some beautiful places and I wanted to share some of them with you.

The next page is Contact. It provides a little information on me, and Champ when he was just a puppy (5 years ago).

The last item, of course, is Donate. Yahweh told me to “Freely give” and I would “Freely receive.” I have always had this page on my site.

You can see that I have done what the Father has said. Everything on my site is free for all to come and partake of. What a wonderful life it has been. I have been writing and giving away freely at the Father’s command since 1999. I have also gone on trips across the United States to preach the gospel of Yahshua Christ. With Yahweh’s permission I would like to give as much more to this calling as possible. You who have given know what a blessing these things have been.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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Kevin said...

I saw your website late last night and I like it! Please let George know that at least one person said a job well done very well done!

Jason Tout said...

Hi Joseph, the new design is a job well done. Glad George was brought along as a part of the body to help heart4godws. I was able to open the flip book option without a download. Blessings to you all and again well done.
Brother Jason

ByWaterAndBlood said...

Next I'll have to make your blog match your website :)