Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Moving Soon

Joseph Herrin (06-28-2017)

Sometimes the moving day doesn’t happen as quickly as one thinks. I announced back around the middle of May that I would be moving. My uncertainty regarding the date was due to the family moving out of the house changing from renting to buying. I announced what there closing date was only to see it moved twice. Well, they have finally had their closing date and have told my daughter they will be out by the 9th of July. We can move over any time between the 9th and the 15th, I am guessing, since my daughter pays her rent on the fifteenth at the place we are at now. Of course, she may surprise me and extend her moving date. The owners told her she could move out any time and they would just charge her part of the rent.

I’ve got a couple things to get ready. There is no electricity where I will park my bus. My daughter says she is going to take care of that. It will require running electricity a couple hundred feet from where it goes into the house. I thought I would be responsible for that, but she has told me that she will pay to get it done. It will probably cost about $400 dollars, so that is nice. I will also have to get my Internet access switched over to her house. The same people who provide my Internet here will supply it there as well. They have not supplied it out to the bus hook up, though. I will probably have to add a wireless router to have the modem reach inside the house and out to my bus. They are about 100 feet apart.

I did get the job done that I needed on my bus to get it moved over there. My water pump had sprung a leak, and some other hoses (air) needed replacing too. Now I have gotten the parts that I need for my Toyota RAV4. Going up and down the dirt roads here has taken a toll on the car. It needs the control arms with ball joints, and struts for the front and back. I ordered the parts on Ebay and they arrived Monday. I will probably wait until I get over to the new location and have them installed.

One thing that will be nice about the new location is that there is a small gym just down the road. My daughter has been talking to me about getting a membership there. She says it probably is no more than $30 dollars a month. I am looking forward to it as it is a bit hot during the summer to take walks. I can get on a stepper, or a treadmill there every day and get my exercise in. I really sense the need of it as I am recovering from my stroke.

I will make mention of one more thing. I still have not found a good price for printing the newsletters, nor have I had much money come in for it. I would like to set-up some metal racks in a room nearby and print all of the newsletters and have them ready for mailing. I could just pull them as I need them and mail them out. They would have to be folded and have the 3 seals placed on them. Then they could be stamped and have the address attached. There are a total of 177 newsletters, and I would need a minimum of 200 each. I could use more to keep from having to print them so often. I have solicited bids from Alibaba and I am interested in any other sources.

Besides the cost of printing there is the cost of mailing which is $.70 per newsletter. The current cost of mailing is about $200 every other week. Cost of printing is about twice that. To get them printed in bulk would cost $5000.00+. Please pray with me that the Lord would show forth His supply.

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