Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bus Tour

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

After my recent post titled Butterfly Dreams I had a request by a reader to see the interior of the bus. I am therefore going to share some recent pictures, and a video of the bus.

Randy Simmons Visiting me Today
(Click on any image to view larger.)

Me at Work

Looking Over My Shoulder

That's home sweet home to me. We serve a great and compassionate God. He meets all our needs.

P.S. I stated in the video that it was the 2nd of February. I am a day ahead of myself. It is actually the 1st.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice, well thought out. Looks like you have utilized every nook and cranny.

How much more do you have to do before you can be mobile if need be?


Disciple of Christ said...

You are truly blessed my brother, the Spirit of Christ leads me to pray for you almost everyday. You are truly loved and quite an inspiration for the other true sons and daughters of Papa God. God bless you always.

Your brother-in-Christ,
Alvaro(Al) A. Zertuche

Joseph Herrin said...

Dear JMD,

I need to give the motor a tune-up. It was backfiring on me when I drove it to my present location. This may also be a sign that the timing belt needs adjustment or replaced. Other than that, the bus is pretty much ready to travel. However, I don't anticipate driving it across country as I did my van this past summer. I think the Father intends it more for a base camp. Lengthy stays punctuated by short trips.

I still have my van for longer trips.