Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Down Time

This post is to inform the readers of this blog that I will not be posting until I can get some computer issues resolved. I had purchased a very capable laptop computer a little over two years ago and it has served me well. In recent months it began experiencing some video problems, and would occasionally freeze momentarily before displaying a message informing me that it had recovered from a video error. These occurrences were infrequent, and I was always able to continue what I was doing.

Yesterday the problem became worse after I had posted the latest blog about the fallen Papal crucifix. My computer began freezing, requiring reboots, and would take several attempts to re-start windows.

I noted that if I did certain things such as attempt to play a video in the FireFox browser that the system would lock up hard and would not respond at all.

This morning I found that the computer will not boot up into Windows. I can run diagnostics and access a command prompt, but attempting to boot into Windows causes a system lock-up. This is likely due to the fact that video drivers are loaded as Windows is loading.

I had a secondary hard drive with a good copy of Windows7 on it that had come out of this same laptop, and I put it back in just to make sure that my Windows operating system files had not become corrupted. The problem persisted, however, which points to a hardware problem which I suspect involves the video card.

Unfortunately, my laptop computer is no longer under warranty and the video card is integrated into the motherboard. It would likely cost more to repair it than the computer is worth.

Until I am ableto acquire a replacement I will be quite limited in my online posting. I am writing this update with my Kindle Fire tablet which is not very conducive to the type of writing I normally do. It has no hard drive or CD-ROM/DVD drive. It does not even have a USB port, so it is difficult to load images, work with videos, print out prisoner newsletters, etc..

I will continue to be able to correspond via e-mail, as the tablet works fine for that purpose. I anticipate using whatever down time that I have away from the computer to get caught up on some research and book reading.

Thank you for your understanding.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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