Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Ark Nearing Ship Shape

Joseph Herrin (11-23-2010)

I am really blessed as I see things coming together quickly on the bus conversion the Father has directed me to undertake at this season. I have built the cabinet for the kitchen sink, with only trim work in it remaining. Following is the progress in a series of pictures.

Space where Sink and Cabinet will Go

Sink Frame Built

Sink in Place and Counter Top Added

In the above photo I have added two electric outlets, and applied a partial siding to the front of the cabinet. I decided to hang a curtain across the front to make access to the large storage area under the sink more accessible. The curtain will hang beneath the electric outlets.

You may notice the metal box under the sink with the vents on it. This is part of a heating system that works by circulating the fluid from the engine radiator through it and blowing air across it. I wanted to leave this with as much air flow around it as possible so it can serve as a heat source when driving.

There are two spools of wire under the sink. These are my 12 volt DC lines which I ran a few weeks ago in anticipation of hooking up the water pump for the potable drinking water system.

The following picture shows the interior of the bus looking from the front looking back.

Bus Nearing Ship Shape

This is quite a difference from the empty shell I began with a month ago. The Father has truly made a quick work of things so far, though there is still 2-3 weeks of work to go.

A sister in Christ (Ellen) from the Atlanta area contacted me last week and said she had a bolt of curtain material. She is a seamstress and asked if she could make the curtains for me. I sent her the measurements, and I am looking forward to the difference that having curtains will make. They will add a splash of color to the black and white scheme that dominates the interior.

Some of the work left to be completed is as follows:

●    Mounting propane tank under bus and running propane gas line to oven and stove.

●    Laying ceramic tile where the wood stove will sit.

●    Sanding the badly rusted wood stove and painting it with high temp paint.

●    Installing the wood stove, cutting a hole for the flue to be mounted through the roof.

●    Hanging the potable water tank under the bus and hooking up all the plumbing lines and 12 volt pump.

●    Finishing out the front of the bus around the driver’s area.
I am sure other miscellaneous things will come to mind that need to be done, but these are the major issues to get the bus livable. I also plan to paint the outside of the bus myself after I give it a thorough cleaning.

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Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT....... are you going to have a roof-top storage container that is air tight for bulk storage and out of season clothing?? I am very happy that all your kitchen appliances are so big. The super tiny ones would be hard to endure for a great length of time......love.....sister b.....

Joseph Herrin said...

The bus does have a large cargo deck with rails around it on the top rear section of the roof. I will be using it for storage.

Tony said...

does the guest bedroom have an on suite bathroom LOL looks really good
regards tony